How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

By | July 19, 2013

Everybody is complaining about the heat. I see it on Facebook, Instagram, the Twitter, the news, and me? I’m like, what’s the big deal?

You see, I’ve figured out the perfect way to stay cool:

Move to the beach. It’s what I did and it is really working for me. I know this option is probably not feasible for everybody, but it is effective.

Here’s what I do when I get hot:

1.) Drive to the beach.

2.) Lay on the beach.

3.) Get in the water when I’m slightly warm.

Boom! I’m cold.

Ok, who hates me right now? I have a solution for those of you who live in really hot locations:

1.) First, get naked.

2.) Second, stand in front of a fan.

3.) Spray yourself with a water bottle while standing in front of the fan.

Boom! You’re cold!

Trust me, it’s not nearly as sexy as you think it should be. But it gets the job done. And I’ve had those summers where this is what I had to do. It sucked, but it worked.

Even though I now live close to the beach, I do still have one first-world-problem. Our apartment is the corner apartment right. by. the. entry. gate. And our sliding doors in the living room face. the. street.

Guys, I have been seen in my underwear already. By another man. A poor man who was just trying to let his dog have his morning poop, when lo and behold he saw my bright pink chonies and ample behind. The horror!

So, we’ve been living with the blinds closed. They’re the ugly, white vertical blinds generic to all apartment living. I can’t stand them. And when they’re closed, they keep out the fresh air. Which makes our house stuffy. Which makes me open them. Which causes all of LA to be privy to my chonies. Le sigh.

I’ve got a certain style I’m trying create in our new home, so I’m gonna be picky about window treatments. I’m kind of into a beachy theme right now (who would of thunk) so I really like these Woven Wood Sliding Panels from

beach blinds


Snazzy, right?

I like that they still let the warmth of the sunshine in, but keep it from flooding the house with heat. They’re on my list: things to buy when I have money. But they’re not even really that expensive. Have you been to They got some legit stuff. Good thing I only have one set of sliding doors!


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