How To Share The Bathroom With Your Cat

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I feel like I’m pretty honest with you guys. Like, I make no attempt to hide the fact that most of my day is spent wiping butts and dealing with small humans. But sometimes I think I forget to mention the small non-human I have to deal with in addition to the small humans.

We have a Cat.

Capitol C Cat.

And I know people are all, “Oh, cats are no big deal. They’re low-maintenance. You’ll hardly ever see them.”

But that is not our cat.

Maybe it’s the name. What’s in a name? Well, if you name something you should know that that name shines great meaning on the type of being that name connotes. For example, our very first pet (a cat) was named Little. She was small of frame and stature.

From day one– she had to be in our business. And as newlyweds, we loved it. We cherished this pet who wanted to sleep on our bed, sit at the dinner table, and watch Netflix with us. We took her on road trips (no joke), checked her into hotels, and allowed her to be in every part of our life.

Then we had a baby. And she was like, “Um. This isn’t what I signed up for.”

She ditched us. It was horrible. She pushed the screen door off its hinges and bolted. Matt still blames me for displacing her {Ok, so I would shut the door on her after Coco was born. I didn’t want her sleeping in the bassinet with my baby! I know, right? I’m horrible.}

So we waited a while before introducing another pet into our family.

We waited for Coco’s 5th birthday. Coco was at a little crossroads in life where she had no friends, felt scarred from her school experience, and needed anything and everything that would boost her confidence. So we got her a kitten.

As soon as she saw her, Coco dubbed her the second “Little.”

I think that’s what did it. As if naming her transposed the personality of our first pet onto the second.

Fast forward to today: we have three kids and a cat who believes she is a person.

I have my work cut out for me.

Therefore, I’d love to share a few things I’ve learned about living with my cat in our apartment.

We can’t let Little roam the great outdoors. I mean, we live right off Pacific Coast Highway. She would totally love it if we did. In her secret fantasies, I’m sure she’s out gallivanting Los Angeles–prowling for the best Chinese takeout. So we have to keep her totally indoors.

…meaning she poops in our house.

Naturally, we have her use the bathroom.

I’m one of those weird people who can smell EVERYTHING. Like, I know if a banana is rotten, or if you forget deodorant, or if you switched from Downey to Snuggle. I know all the things.

Because we have the litter box in our bathroom a huge source of contention is, “Did you clean the litter box?”

It’s pretty much Matt’s job to clean the litter box. I don’t want to smell it! It’s where a lot of the poop happens in our house, and believe it or not, I can totally tell the difference.

So I”ve learned a few things:

litter box in bathroom

1.) Ok, if you’re gonna have a litter box in the bathroom it NEEDS. TO. BE. COVERED.


It’s bad enough that you have to smell *ever so slightly* the odor from your cat’s… you know.

“Covered” means that you don’t have to SEE it. This is huge, folks.

2.) You need a litter mat.

I don’t care what design it is. Where you buy it. You need something that will catch the stinky litter from your kitty’s feet! Because guess what? It sucks to wake up and step on stray cat litter.

The mat sort of acts as a little rest stop for wandering cat litter. This I like, because I do not like stepping on cat litter in my bathroom.

3.) You need Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® Ultimate Care™ cat litter. Holy heck. You don’t smell anything with this stuff! Also, Ultimate Care has two formulations for multiple cats—Scented and Unscented Hypoallergenic.  The Hypoallergenic one is great for sensitive or allergic cats and family members.

cats prde

Besides that they mailed me a lab-coat for Little…

This is what I love:

It doesn’t smell like dust. It’s 99.9% dust free which makes it easier to breathe for sensitive cats and owners, plus there’s less dusty residue to have to clean up. #idontneedmoredust

It doesn’t smell like cat poop. #idontneedmorepoop

You don’t have to think about it. #ineedabreak

I mean, you do, when it’s time to clean up (I outsource)–but other than that it’s almost out of sight, out of mind! This is a great quality CAT litter.

3 hacks

I have to mention… cats are highly sensitive to strong perfumes and added scents, which is why they often reject heavily perfumed litter. Because of its high absorbing clay, Ultimate Care doesn’t need to use heavy perfumes to control odor, which makes for a happy cat (cats can sense 100x what we do). Rather than mask odors with heavy scent, Ultimate Care quickly absorbs and eliminates odors.

So yah. This is how I deal with sharing my bathroom with my stinky cat.

Thanks to Cat’s Pride I’m hosting a giveaway for a $100 Visa gift card for one lucky reader! You can enter for a chance to win by answering this question in the comments below: What’s the most important quality for you and your cat when it comes to choosing a litter?

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211 thoughts on “How To Share The Bathroom With Your Cat

  1. April V.

    The most important quality is for the litter not to be irritating to the cat via dust or chemicals or scents.

  2. Sandy Klocinski

    It is important that it has great odor control and of course that the cat likes it and will use it. I detest the smell of cat urine

  3. Becky Horn

    The most important is that it has great odor control and my cat likes it.

  4. Birdiebee

    An odor-eliminating litter is the most important quality when choosing a cat litter.

  5. Betsy Barnes

    The most important quality when it comes to choosing a litter is its ability to control the odor ????

  6. beth blair

    We have 2 bathrooms (fortunately), the bathroom Mr Spock shares with the kids and company, and the bathroom off my bedroom. Mr Spock does not share his bathroom; it is off limits to all 2 legged members of the family as long as he is in there. The door to my bathroom is never allowed to close, Spock is always in there encouraging us to take care of business faster (no matter whether it is brushing teeth, showering, or taking advantage of the toilet).

  7. heather

    The most important thing for me when picking a cat litter is dust free, scent and price.

  8. Holly B

    Odor control and clumping ability! We have 3 cats and scoop twice daily so those are super important.

  9. Ellie Wright

    The most important is odor control. I want my house to smell like I don’t have cats. Or I should say their house since they do seem to own it.

  10. Chi Shannon

    For me, it’s the smell that the most important thing. Other benefits are great, but if it smells bad, it’s not worth it! ????

  11. Karin A.

    “Smell control” is very important! — Absorbing and eliminating those nasty odors!

  12. Jessie C.


  13. Mami2jcn


  14. Gina M

    I look for good clumping litter at a reasonable price. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Kathleen

    The most important quality in choosing a cat litter would be odor control.

  16. courtney b

    the most important quality is keeping the smell away. nothing more embarrassing then a stinky cat house! lol

  17. Barbara Montag

    Most important – the cat litter has to control odor!

    The better it clumps the better this is.

    thank you

  18. Kelly D

    The most important quality is for the litter to clump well and not to track.

  19. D Schmidt

    We got our first cat six months ago and for us the most important qualities are scent and the ability to clump well

  20. Kimberly Hilbert

    The most important is odor control and 2nd most important is clumping.

  21. Stephanie Phelps

    The most important thing to us is to have the least amount of dust!

  22. hollow tree ventures

    We’re in close quarters so I’d say the most important quality is destinkification. Assuming that’s a real quality.

  23. amy pugmire

    I look for a good smelling liter that keeps the nasty smell far far away.

  24. Gail

    The most important factor for me with multiple cats is the dust factor. Down with the dust!!!!

  25. sarah hirsch

    the most important thing in a litter is the odor elimination

  26. Lisa Brown

    I look for low or no dust and one that has low or no perfume or scent.

  27. Cindy

    Clumping and it does not stick to the bottom of the litter pan.

  28. Julie Wood

    The cat litter has to be good at not having any odor during the day and after the cat uses! Also, I like car litter that does not leave dusty tracks!

  29. Debbi Wellenstein

    If her litter box does not smell perfect, Miss Kitty will not use it. Odor control is most important to both of us!

  30. Madeline

    The most important quality to me is that it doesn’t spread dust all over our basement. I used to get a litter that clumped well but it really made a mess, so I don’t buy that one anymore.

  31. Dave L

    The most important quality for me is that the litter I use is safe for my cat. I have read that clay litter can clump up inside a cat if they inhale the dust or eat it and cannot be passed causing intestinal problems. I use Swheat Scoop, which is made from wheat, so if my cat does eat some of it, it will be harmlessly digested. Thank you for the great giveaway..

  32. Susan P.

    One of my cats is bothered by litter dust so I make sure the litter has no dust or scent. I also like it to clump.


    The most important quality for me is that it is scentless..or doesn’t produce much of an odor!

  34. Jean D.

    My #1 concern in cat litter is that it’s safe for the environment for for my kitty. And of COURSE odor control is important. Nothing but the finest for my meow-er and moi!

  35. LAMusing

    I mix clumping and basic clay litter – all clumping sometimes makes for cement-like chunks that stick to the bottom, while all basic clay doesn’t absorb well enough. Half and half seems the best so far, but I want to try this new litter.

  36. Cynthia C

    To me, having a litter that is dust free is important. I don’t like it tracked throughout the house.

  37. amy rouse

    What’s the most important quality for you and your cat when it comes to choosing a litter?

  38. Richard Hicks

    Good odor control is important as is being dust free as much as possible!

  39. Kelly Roder

    The litter for my 3 cats has to clump extremely well and it has to eliminate odors. I do not want to walk in the front door and smell anything!

  40. Heidi B

    It’s really the same to cats as it is to human. If you don’t like your toilet paper you don’t buy it, use it, toss it or switch. My cat has to like the smell, texture and feel of the litter to use her box.

  41. Denise L

    Odor control is the most important quality in choosing cat litter.

  42. Jessie C.

    All Day odor control is the most important quality when it comes to choosing a litter.

    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  43. Stephanie

    I like a litter that keeps that keeps the house smelling nice and clumps well!

  44. Becky Moore

    My most important qualities is that the cats like ti..

  45. Patricia C.

    For my cats, the most important qualities are the smell and feel of the litter. For me, how well the litter masks the smell of my cats’ business.

  46. kymi a

    The most important for me is that my cat is using it & not going somewhere else & the odor is contained for me. That’s a Paw high 5 to me.

  47. Denise S

    The most important quality is that it controls odor.

    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  48. Betty C

    My cats really didn’t care for the covered litter box. I think it tended to intensify the odor inside the box and they don’t like the smell any more than I do. The most important thing to me is odor control. With or without a covered litter box it needs to be odor free.

  49. Elle

    I like litter that isn’t too dusty but my most important needs are that it covers odor and clumps well so it’s easy to just scoop and doesn’t break apart and make a big mess in the litter box.

  50. PuffyBiggler

    The most important quality for me and my cat when it comes to choosing a litter is how it smells between cleanings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. John Stetson

    With 2 cats in the house being odor free really caught my attention.

  52. Lisa V.

    I like to find litter that clumps and is easy to remove from the box.

  53. cole

    there are a few important qualities, but i think that it deals with smell well is easy.

  54. Wanda McHenry

    The most important thing is that he’ll use it. It may sound silly, but if he doesn’t like the smell of the cat litter he won’t use it and would rather go outside.

  55. nicole dz

    The most important thing to me for my cat when it comes to selecting a litter, is that it controls odor.

  56. Janice Cooper

    Definitely the odor is the most important quality when choosing cat litter

  57. Rosanne Morrison

    It’s important that it clumps so I don’t walk on it barefoot

  58. Jerry Marquardt

    It is most important the the cat litter clumps and has odor protection before you buy it.

  59. krystal wethington

    The litter I buy must have good odor control and it must be clumping.

  60. rachel

    Smell is huge. I can’t stand having litter tracked around as well!

  61. Sydney

    Odor control is the most important thing for us in choosing a litter!

  62. Margaret Smith

    I look for a litter that keeps ordors under control. Thanks so much.

  63. Natalie

    The most important qualities that are the most important in my cat litter are its ability to mask odors and its ability to clump. I also want cat litter to be a color that hides any “presents” my cat leaves.

  64. Sarah L

    Cat litter should clump well, keep odors down and not track all over the house.

    Thanks for the contest.

  65. Annette

    I have 3 cats, so the most important quality for me and my cat when it comes to choosing a litter is the ability to control odor. Also, it can’t be too scented, because one has asthma.

  66. Leslie C.

    The most important quality is that my cats like it and use it. Only unscented ones are under consideration. ????

  67. mickeyfan

    I need something that keeps odors at bay. Now if I could just find one that they didn’t track all over the house!

  68. Fran Hanson

    With multiple cats literally having a peeing contest, hard clumping is one of two top considerations, the other being less dust! Thank you!

  69. Lisa Garner

    The biggest decision for my in choosing cat little is the way it handles odors.

  70. ginette4

    The most important thing for me is to control the strong odour of urine..nothing worse than having a cat litter that doesn’t control the strong smell of urine

  71. Kathy Pease

    I think the most important quality is odor control..especially when we have 4 cats

  72. Carole

    The most important thing to me is that my MaxCat will use it! She is very picky about litter, and if it’s not the “right stuff,” she will avoid the litter box altogether and end up with a UTI. But if she’s happy … then I’M happy!

  73. angie

    One thing that is very important to me is that it does not track. I like a very fine litter and my cats also prefer this.

  74. Melanie Comello

    My most important quality, is that it eliminates the scent, followed very closely by how well it clumps.

  75. Kathryn Cort

    for me it boils down to the dust factor (don’t need that dust!) as well as the price

  76. BusyWorkingMama

    I am most concerned about dusty litter. I don’t like it on my cats’ fur!


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