Friday Finds: Best Baby Moccasins

By | March 6, 2015

I hesitate saying that I’m making this a thing. Because…with my track record, chances are I’m going to drop this trend like…I don’t know.

But here’s the thing.

I want to share awesome things that I find. Because when I find a good thing, I want to spread the wealth and let everyone in on the secret. I’m just enthusiastic like that.

handmade moccasins

Today’s great find: Baby Moccasins

As much as I adore my little chunky baby love, I’m always running into disappointment when it comes to finding clothes for him.

I really, really dislike clothes for baby boys. It’s like all the attention and focus goes towards dressing the baby girls. And you know what? They look goooood.

The boys?


If Tenny wasn’t naturally adorable, he’d have a hard case to make. Fortunately  for him, and me, he’s darling no matter what. However, I’ve found a few clothes and accessories go a long way in pleading my case that baby boy’s got style.

Moccasins. They are the new wave in baby footwear. And thankfully, they work for boys! The leader in baby moccs is definitely Freshly Picked. You can find her stuff at Nordstrom, and each pair is gorgeous.

However, I don’t really have a Nordstrom budget, if you catch my drift. Also, when I can, I really like to shop from small businesses. I love knowing that my purchase helps someone else out. So I turned to Etsy for my moccs search.

There are a lot of Etsy shops. There are a lot of Etsy shops that sell moccs. But I like this one:

Deerie & Co 



I like that these are 100% leather and 100% made by a mom. Also? A portion of the sale proceeds go to which helps to rescue and restore women who have been abused.

I bought Tenny the black and gold ones and I am so impressed with the quality. They are so soft, they stay on his feet, and they just add a whole new level of cuteness to his outfits.

baby boy moccasins

handmade baby moccasins

Aren’t those thighs just delicious?

eating shoe

Tenny thinks his moccs are delicious, too.

These little booties are so reasonably priced, and make such a fun gift for a baby shower or kid birthday.

My sis-in-law is having her first baby boy next month. She’s already had a blast dressing up her two little girls, so I knew it would be quite a letdown to try and find equally exciting boy clothes. Here’s the gift I put together centered around these yellow Deerie & Co moccs:

trendy baby boy clothes

The shirt is from H&M (my go-to for cheap, cute boy clothes)

Slouchy beanie is from a boutique on (I really, really love–gotten lots of great things from them!)

And then the moccs are from Deerie & Co. It was hard for me to part with them after I saw how adorable they were on Tenny. But I love my little nephew, even though I’ve never seen his face and don’t know his name (thanks to his parents keeping it a secret–grrr).


Now, this is not a sponsored post, I just really wanted to share how great this shop is. You can follow her on Etsy and Instagram for a steady feed of darling baby feet: @deerieandco. If you contact her before purchasing, she’ll give you  a 5% off discount code.

Cheers to chunky thighs and shopping small!

black and gold

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