Little Boy Haircuts 2016

By | June 26, 2016


My little guy was in need of a new haircut. Little boy haircuts are not nearly as fun as little girl haircuts…or so I thought.

My sister is getting married in a few weeks and Chaucer is a ring-bearer. I will probably die of cuteness. As will the rest of the wedding audience. I mean, no one will even be looking at my gorgeous sister. They’ll just be intoxicated by Chaucer’s adorable hairstyle.

Ok, kidding.

My sister is going to be hecka-insane-gorgeous. Chaucer shall be a darling accessory to offset her raging beauty.

little boy haircut

Anyways, I don’t want anyone to miss out on this adorable thing we have going on over here. Also, it turns out I’m not the only one with an adorable son sporting an incredible haircut.

I asked a few of my fellow blogging mamas to show off their little dudes. Be prepared. Maybe you’re on the fence about getting your man a new do–these ought to help you out!

little boy haircutThis little man is the son of Alissa from Diary of an Addict . Isn’t he a cutie? Alissa has a beautiful site where she basically streams all of her “addictions” to beautiful things. Yeah, not meth. Think yummy food, pretty clothes, and things that make your heart go “aww.”

{She’s also the co-founder of Pollinate Media, one of my absolute favorite companies to work with for blogging. If you are a blogger, you need to sign up with Pollinate. They are an awesome team of people.}

curly hair do boyThis kid is just too much. Such a boss, right? This little dude belongs to DudeMom, one of my most favorite bloggers of all time. I think she was one of the first people I started reading regularly. Anyways, Amanda was kind enough to lend one of her fabulous photos for this post.

She calls this style: the curly mess. It’s so perfect. I wish my hair could be “messy” like that. {If you need dude style inspiration check out this post by DudeMom}

little boy haircutGet a load of this sweet boy. He’s the son of a photographer, so you can see that he’s being compliant for the pose. But underneath that little half-smile is a boy that’s planning something. Right?

This haircut is perfect for little dudes with fine hair. Not a lot of styling is necessary. Just a quick comb over and he looks precious.

This is his older brother:

em rickard 2


Now isn’t he a cheeky fellow? Gah! I can’t wait until my kids start losing their teeth! You can tell he feels pretty snazzy with that hair-do. Something tells me he asks for the hair gel. Anyways, these two cuties belong to my friend Emily, who happens to be an incredible photographer at Emily Rickard Photo. Like, if you’re in SoCal and need portraits? She’s your girl. Her photos are drool-worthy.

Emily actually is the genius behind my awkward family photos. Yes, they were on purpose.

curly hair boyOk, can we say Peter Pan? Doesn’t he look like the embodiment of magical Neverland? If your kid has curly hair LET IT GROW (sung like Elsa, please). Its just so awesome. His mommy is another one of my sweet friends (who also happens to be a phenomenal photographer).

Fun fact: Laura took Coco’s newborn pictures and baby Coco kind of sort of exploded all over her backdrop. Thank God she’s a gracious, laughter-loving lady. Definitely look at Laura’s page too. Laura K. Moore Photography is based in Tuscon, Arizona, so if you’re in the area go check her out!

little boy hipsterWatch out! This little man is the offspring of Tico and Tina, designers of an uncommon life. No really, they lead a very uncommon life. I’m not going to spoil anything–just go check them out. But also know this: they are the masterminds behind my site design. So if you need something designed–business cards, websites, videos, these are your people.

Isn’t he such a little hipster?

Tico and Tina Haircut 2This is a great photo to bookmark if you want to get your son this new trendy do. It literally is a designer do, as his parents are designers. Get it?

Now, as awesome as Chaucer looks with his hair nicely combed:

kid hipster haircutI wanted to show you that we have other options with this style:mohawk

mohawk 1You know, for special occasions and such.

Now, if you need a reference for hairstyles NOT to get, have no fear. I wrote that post a year or so ago. So fun.

What do you think? Aren’t these boys little stud-muffins?

8 thoughts on “Little Boy Haircuts 2016

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  2. Kristina

    I would love to see hipster haircut ideas for my biracial 1.5 year old. ???? I’m so over a boring fade. His personality is too big for it!:)

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  4. Margo Hayes

    Cute pictures!!! Love all the hairstyles and darling little guys. Then I went and checked out your old post of haircuts NOT to get your son and died laughing. I had forgotten how funny those pictures were. Fun post:)


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