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If you know me at all you’ll know that I have ridiculous foot problems. I’m pretty sure when God was forming my “inward parts” he was simultaneously making a duck. Or Fred Flintstone.

Because my tootsies look an awful lot like Fred’s.

I remember the day I discovered that my feet would be the bane of my existence. I was probably only about five years old. My Aunt Gloria and Aunt Karee took me out for a special shopping date. We were going to get shoes!

We started off in glee. But after about the fifth store we realized that my feet were, well, extraordinary. And I mean that in the pejorative.

That shopping trip ended with me in tears. My aunts dumbfounded. An extra piece of See’s chocolate to smooth me over.

I’ll tell you this: while my feet have altered from their original state (9 surgeries later) they’re still a pain in my arse. I HATE shoe shopping. I especially hate trying on shoes in public. Because it’s such a freaking ordeal to fit them into things. That scene in Cinderella–the one where the stepsisters are jamming their ugly feet into the teeniest of slippers?


I totally relate to those gals.

So anyways–an opportunity came my way. I was chosen to review two pairs of the new Clarks line of Fall shoes. I was hesitant when I submitted my order. Afraid that I’d receive these gorgeous shoes and not be able to wear them.

The day came like Christmas. Two beautiful boxes from Zappos. I ripped them open and held my breath as I put on the first shoe.

It. Fit.

SQUEAL!!!! You guys have no idea what a miracle it is that they fit me perfect. AND are extremely comfortable. AND? They are THE PERFECT FALL BOOTS!!


comfortable boots


Not only are they comfy on my feet, but these boots give me the warm fuzzy feels. Like, I love them hard. I love them long time. I want to sleep in them.

Ok, I think I’m done.

Then the other pair.  Wow. I felt like a goddess.  Cinderella herself. I don’t need no glass slipper. Just set me up with some black suede awesomeness.

comfort shoes


I’ve done the comfort shoe shopping before. What a depressing market that is. Come bunions, come corns! Come diabetics, gout, and in-growns galore! {I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with the podiatrist]

They’re always ugly. Comfortable, yes. Stylish, no.

Clarks hits both marks, my friend. They’re comfy, yet sexy. Who’da thunk it? Check out my two outfits I wore with the babies. By babies I mean shoes.

photo 1-2


I’m pretending it feels like fall in LA. My imagination can only take me so far, though.

photo 1-3

I just love these shoes. I cannot wait to figure out other outfits to pair them with!

I’m only showing you two examples of Clarks shoes. You should call (800) 927-7671 or head over to to check out the rest of their products! They have something for everyone, I swear. And Zappos is awesome, because even if the shoes didn’t fit me I could ship them back for free and try a different pair. 365-day return policy? Uh, yeah. I’ll take that.


Zappos and Clarks have teamed up to offer one lucky winner a $100 Zappos Gift Card!

For a chance to win, tell me in the comments below: “What comes first when you’re buying shoes? Style or comfort?”

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The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 10/1/13 – 10/31/13.

Be sure to visit the Zappos page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!


196 thoughts on “Shoe Fairy

  1. Brandi Hammer

    I, too, have a hard time finding stylish shoes. You see, my hooves are a size ELEVEN and I have falling arches to boot. (nice pun, right?). I’d love to give these a try! I am pretty desperate at this point and maybe even a little jealous of all of the cute new styles out there!!!

  2. Amy Tong

    When I was younger, style comes first when I pick my shoes. As I’m getting more matures, I tend to lean more towards comfort. It’ll be awesome to have both and not just pick one. I love shoes from Clarks. They are so comfortable.


    Comfort always comes first for me because I spend a lot of time on my feet with my children and I want to enjoy those moments and not be in pain.

  4. KIRBY

    Comfort! Seriously since my first born (5y ago) I have no been able to rock a heel comfortably. After baby #2 and last, I’ve been kickin’ it with TOMS, Knee-high boots (no heel), flats, sandals. My feet just can not take the pain-yes, yes, yes I know beauty is pain-well not when I’m also carrying a diaper bag and a 26lb 17 month old. Yes she knows how to walk but if we are out and about with no stroller, she’s in my arms-better than those “leashes”. ????

  5. Nancy

    I am no fashion queen…..comfort is the most important or else I will not wear them!

  6. Stephanie

    It’s finally fall and I need some new boots! I’d say comfort comes for me first, but they have to be stylish too. It sounds like these Clarks are perfect for both! I love the ones you picked out – very cute.

  7. Smitten

    Comfort first, you can’t enjoy your shoes if your feet are killing you!

  8. Emily Morelli

    Well, I certainly stop and look at a shoe because it’s cute, but if it’s uncomfortable, I won’t buy it.

  9. April

    Comfort! I have given up most of my cute shoes since kids, hardly wear heels at all anymore.

  10. Tricia @ The Domestic Fringe

    Love those tall brown boots. Just this afternoon I said I needed a new pair. Mine are extremely worn out.


  11. Gina

    I wish I could say style comes first…it used to. But the older I get, the more comfort comes into play…

  12. Natalia

    I choose both! I love these shoes – you’re so stinkin cute! I miss you!

  13. Lesley Myrick

    Is it fair to say “both”? If I had to choose, comfort comes first (but I do own several pairs of beautiful but uncomfortable shoes), but style is a CLOSE second. VERY CLOSE.

  14. Johnlyn

    Hands down comfort! I too love Zappos. Thanks for having the giveaway!!!

  15. Devon

    I love shoes but am not super into style! So comfort first and not butt ugly and I am all set! ????

  16. jose benavides

    The styles are beautiful ….. My wife loves them as well ..

  17. sarah w

    I honestly try to walk the line, but comfort wins. Most of the time. However with a gift card I might be frivolous.

  18. Ashley Letson

    Ohhhhh ya! I so need a new pair of boots! I usually wear UGG type but these seem to be super trendy! They are adorable!!!

  19. Connie D

    Style for sure! In fact, for a wedding recently, I bought a pair of shoes based solely on style and by the end of the night I could no longer walk. The next day my feet hurt so bad. But!!!!, I got so many compliments ???? well worth it, lol!

  20. Val @ Bonbon Break

    Comfort first, with style running a VERY close second. I have a shoe problem. I love love love ’em.

  21. Susan @Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

    I usually go with style, but a lot of my favorite brands, that are available at Zappos, are pretty comfortable too!

  22. Lori

    I wish I could say that I am practical….but alas I am not. Style always wins out over comfort.

  23. Starr Greenwell

    Comfort first, but with Zappos I can always find both.

  24. Nataly Carbonell

    I’ll be honest, I’ll wear the hottest heels, even if they’re a little uncomfortable,LoL.

  25. Chrystal D

    I look at the style but if they don’t feel good on my feet then I won’t buy them.

  26. Jacob LaFountaine

    Comfort over everything. No sense buying shoes that don’t wear well on the feet.

  27. Becca B

    I love cute shoes… and cute shoes that don’t hurt are AWESOME!

  28. Kristina E.

    Like you, my feet have issues. So I usually go with the cutest version of comfortable shoes I can find (which often still leave a lot to be desired). But those boots! Girl, they are PREFECT!

  29. susan smoaks

    Comfort comes first for me when I am buying shoes. I love cute shoes but I have to be comfortable or I will not wear them.

  30. Andrina G

    Comfort comes first as I am on my feet a lot during the day.

  31. Erika W.

    If I have to choose, I’d definitely choose comfort but I don’t want my shoes to be hideous! Lol

  32. Tamar

    Comfort! I refer to reviews that say shoes are comfortable or I don’t even buy.

  33. Mary

    I think we are feet-soul-sisters! I have crazy bunions (the worst my surgeon had ever seen – they look like I’ve never had anything done, even after surgery). I also am missing three toes on one foot due to a lawnmower accident when I was two. Heading to zappos NOW – unfortunately comfort usually has to come first bc of my ‘ailments’. Oh how I wish it could be style!

  34. christina

    those boots are gorgeous! I would say probably comfort because I won’t buy something if it’s obviously uncomfortable, however, I also won’t just buy something ugly because it’s comfortable – Crocs, I’m looking at YOU!

  35. Jessie C.


  36. Sherrie

    This momma always needs a new pairs of real shoes! All I buy lately are running shoes!!

  37. Amber Tinsley

    This momma needs new shoes. Im pretty sure I have feet like one of freds cousins… Small…wide…high arch. And throw in being a type one diabetic on top of that…I definitely go for comfort over style. And diabetic shoes remind me of something I might see on a nun…no offense to nuns. And a nun I am not.

  38. Aleta

    Oh My Gosh!!! Those are freaking ADORABLE! I have to be honest. I HATE shoe shopping too. I have short feet, but they are WIDE in the front with a smaller heel area, so one way or the other, my feet don’t fit ???? I would never buy anything online, but after your review, I’d love to try some!!

  39. Ryan Richeal

    Comfort! After 2 kids I feel like my feet can’t handle style!

  40. Betty C

    I practically live in my unstylish sneakers because they are so comfortable. So when it comes to a special occasion I really have to search to find something stylish that is comfortable. Comfort is number ONE.

  41. BusyWorkingMama

    Lovely shoes! I pick comfort AND style…but comfort definitely comes first!

  42. Amanda

    Those boots! I love them! And may I add, you look gorgeous!

  43. Lisa Brown

    I buy shoes for style, mostly. They can hurt, but I will suffer through it to look nice.

    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  44. Rita

    Ooh, I could definitely use a new pair of shoes! I would love love love to win this sweepstakes.

  45. Debbie B

    i definitely go for Comfort! Clarks are the best! They are stylish as well

  46. Autum

    Comfort then style. Why buy a stylish shoe if it’s not comfortable and your never going to wear it. Waste of money in my opinion. I try and balance the two when I’m looking and picking shoes out.

  47. Denise A.

    comfort… they do me no good if I can’t stand to wear them!

  48. Serena Powell

    Definitely comfort. I don’t want to be in pain when I am walking.

  49. Jessie C.

    Both style and comfort are equally important to me when it comes to shoes. I look for style first however I would not get it if it is not comfortable.

    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  50. Jennifer Shelton

    I’m torn on the question. My automatic response is comfort, until I think about the last pair of shoes I bought. I had hoped for comfort, but by the end of church the other day I was miserable! Usually, my mom & grandma just pass shoes to me they’re tired of. The only shoes I buy lately are for my kids! I just can’t talk myself into blowing money on something I’m going to stomp all over the ground in! Although, if those boots come in black, I have a dress that NEEDS them.

  51. Tara

    Comfort! I won’t wear shoes that do not feel great on my feet, but they do have to look cute, too!

  52. One Frugal Girl

    Definitely comfort. Life is too short to have uncomfortable shoes.

  53. kathy pease

    I love shoes but they have to be comfortable or I cant wear them.

  54. Jennifer

    style used to come first, no matter how much pain… but as I get older, comfort comes first now! I am amazed how much shoes have changed for style and comfort and I love it!
    [email protected]

  55. Michelle

    Unfortunately comfort has to come first. But style is a close second. I may dream about those boots tonight.

  56. Tara

    Comfort! I can’t wear uncomfy shoes no matter how cute they are!


  57. Lisa Garner

    I work on my feet all day so a comfortable shoe that can make my feet feel good is most important to me when at home or out.

    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  58. Erin

    I LOVE both of these shoes. There are days i feel like it’s my life’s mission to find style and comfort all on one.

  59. Frugalistablog

    Oh praise Jesus, mama needs a new pair of shoes. Or boots!!! Me, me, me. Pick me!! Those both are gorg on you, BTW!

  60. Sarah Marshall

    My biggest priority is comfort. It’s great if shoes are cute, but if they are not comfortable, they’ll just waste space in my closet.

  61. Jess

    Dare I say comfort and style?! Shoes have to be cute and fit well. I’m over wearing shoes that don’t fit well and wreck my feet!

  62. Margot C

    I take comfort seriously and I just won’t wear a shoe that is painful (why on earth!). I love a stylish shoe as much as the next gal though!

  63. Lynneu

    Those are so cute!! For me it tends to be comfort because I have loose hip joints and lots of shoes mess with them. With that said I do still like my comfy shoes to be cute! Ha! ????

  64. Kathy Swenson

    Comfort is a must for me since I have bunions! Of course I won’t wear a comfortable, ugly must also look good.

  65. Sarah Hirsch

    i think style comes first for me, because sometimes you’re not able to tell right away whether a shoe will be comfortable, but if I am able to tell during the try on, I won’t buy overly uncomfortable shoes

  66. Karen Drake

    Comfort comes first but I love finding a shoe that offers both comfort and style.

  67. Cynthia C

    I go for style but if they pinch my feet, I won’t be buying them.

  68. Kerry

    I think it depends on the occasion. But, usually comfort has to come first for me. And I always search for both in my shoes!

  69. Shelley Mitchell

    Comfort for sure – but I wouldn’t mind if comfort came with style!!

  70. Vanessa Downs

    I’ve had some foot issues in the past, so comfort always comes first when I buy shoes. Sometimes shoe shopping gets crazy difficult when I’m trying to be stylish too!

  71. Nikki Gardner

    Both. I have narrow feet and I’m at a stage in life when I demand style and comfort because yeah, I deserve both!

  72. Stacey B

    Style comes first but if I know that the shoes are for more than just one event I want something that I can wear comfortably and stylishly.

  73. Carrie

    those boots are gorgeous! I have to pick comfort first these days…but I’m not about to wear ugly shoes!

  74. mickeyfan

    I am old, errr, I mean WISE, enough to know that comfort is the way to go!

  75. Keri

    I love a beautiful pair of shoes and have often bought shoes that end up almost never being worn. But, what I actually wear day to day is comfortable shoes. ???? Super cute boots and outfits by the way…you always look adorable Hillary!

  76. crystal smith

    I used to only buy shoes based on style- I would suffer for a cute look lol…but now that Im older and have two kids to chase around comfort is number one…

  77. April G

    Comfort definitely comes first for me! I get to chase twin toddlers and a preschooler around all day, and that means my shoes have to be comfortable and good for my feet!

  78. natasha

    I always choose style first but then they have to at least be a little comfortable!!

  79. Stephanie Larison

    Comfort for sure, it doesn’t matter if they’re cute if they’re not comfy! ????

  80. Kelli

    I would have to say style. I wear tennis shoes for work, so if I’m doing some serious shoe shopping, they have to demand my attention!

  81. Susan Smith

    The shoes style is what makes me pick up the shoe and try it on but if it isn’t comfortable then I won’t buy it.

  82. villagegirl

    Well, to be totally honest. It’s always about the style initially but comfort wins in the end. But again, style is a very strong factor in the end decision! ????

    Love both pairs – they both totally suit you! I want to go order those boots right this minute.

  83. Ashley

    First off, you look adorable in both of those shoes! I personally shop for shoes based on comfort. That is probably why I only own about 5 pairs of shoes. 1 pair of athletic shoes, 1 pair of casual tennis shoes, 1 pair of black heels and because I live in SoCal, 2 pairs of flip flops. I could definitely use the gift card to get a new pair. I am thinking those boots would be amazing for when Fall actually does arrive!

  84. Carolyn Daley

    I definitely choose comfort over style. Between working retail and injuring my right foot, I cannot imagine going back to dreadful shoes that hurt my feet.

  85. Kathleen S.

    Comfort comes first for me, but they have to be stylish as well. Thanks!


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