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I really wanted to be one of those people who had elaborate baby books for each of my children. I was off to a good start with my three scrapbooks I had assembled before having my kids.


I still don’t have baby books. And actually, those three scrapbooks are all still unfinished. Well, I know I’m finished with them, but they aren’t “completed” if you know what I mean. It doesn’t bother me too much, though, because they sit on some dusty shelf.

At least, I hope they sit on some dusty shelf. I tried to locate them before writing this post and I couldn’t find them. Just because I’m through with them doesn’t mean I don’t care about them. Those suckers are girded with a goldmine in stickers and die cuts.

I am done with scrapbooking (for now) and I believe I have found a terrific alternative in digital photo books and online printing.

There’s an abundance of online resources for photo printing and photo-book making. But beyond creating a lovely photo album, they don’t really inspire me that much.

I have big dreams, people. I want to write a book someday. Someday soon. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m the type of gal who is always on the lookout for practical ways to achieve my goals. I ain’t waiting for the Fairy Godmother. So when I say I want to write a book someday soon, I have a good idea in my mind of where I’ll start to make it a reality.



Have you heard of Blurb before? Blurb is a publishing platform where you can create just about anything you want in the form of a book. So–you’re like me and haven’t made your baby books yet? Blurb can solve that little riddle-dee-dee for you.

Do you dream of writing your own cookbook? Do it! At Blurb you can write, print, and SELL your own cookbook. Did I mention that you can also create eBooks for iPads with Blurb? So what’s stopping you? {I’m really hoping my sis-in-law, Candace, hops on this one–she’s a fantastic cook!}

Is your child a prodigy? Wait, let me rephrase that: do you think your child is a prodigy?  Instead of collecting all their miscellaneous artwork and creations in some random box be a super-parent and publish their work in a book. Talk about a family heirloom! Know what else? You can print multiple copies. Hello, happy grandparents!

Ok, so maybe you’re not ready to launch a novel or a cookbook. Blurb has the perfect option for everyone. You can make albums out of your Facebook, print your blog, or make a book with your Instagram photos.

You can hear me gab about my Instagram album and show you all the features in this video.

I can’t emphasize enough how thrilled I am with my Instagram book.

It took about 15 minutes to make an account, sync my Instagram, and then build my book. So easy a caveman could do it.

Blurb is quick. If you wanted to make a gift or ten for the holidays you could easily accomplish this with Blurb.


Guess what? My very. first. giveaway. ever. is a $50 gift card to Blurb! I’ve been blogging for over three years and I’ve never given anything away. I feel like kicking it off with Blurb is the best possible beginning of giveaways. I totally believe in this product and want you guys to be able to hold your very own book in your hands.

It’s a good feeling.

Ok–enter the giveaway!!!

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Blurb is a creative publishing platform that allows anyone to create, share and sell a professional quality book. Make a portfolio of your client work, an archive of your blog, a cook book of your favorite recipes, a photo book of your family pictures or a quick book of your instagram photos – the possibilities are limitless. It’s easy and quick to do – with a variety of software options you could complete your dream book in next to no time.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Blurb. The opinions and text are all mine.


42 thoughts on “Great Christmas Gifts

  1. amber

    I would make an instagram brag book for the grammas as a christmas gift.

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  3. Vanessa

    I would take all of the blog posts that I created about my daughter throughout my pregnancy and turn them into a book. I would also like to make her a first year book.

  4. Leslie

    I would make a book of my kids of course. I would probably even include a few of my second child. My poor photographically left out second child……this happens to others too right?

  5. Jo, My Gosh!

    Hi, SITStah! ???? Saw you through yesterday’s Swapfest and wanted to pop over and say hi! What a wonderful blog!

  6. Dana

    OH OH! I NEED to work on my kids baby books….um, or start them. Would absolutely use blurb to do that ????

  7. Carrie

    Same as you. I would make a book of pics of my kiddos. Gotta love ’em!!

  8. Deana

    Oh, I have four girls and I have scrapbooks for the first three and I have been woefully neglectful (or just insanely busy) in doing one for our littlest one. I would love to do a blurb for my little chickadee!

  9. Sarah

    I would be the best mommy/wife ever and make a family love book for Christmas!

  10. nicolette @ the classroom creative

    I’d make an ABC book for the kids!

  11. Stefani

    Love this idea!! I would totally use Blurb to make Christmas gifts for the grandparents…because all they want is more pictures of their granddaughter, let’s be honest.

  12. Robbie

    I would make a best friends book for my son. We moved over 1300 miles away from his first best buddy and I know he would love it.

  13. candotche

    #1. You look gorgeous. You’re lipstick=AWESOME! #2. Love the book, I WILL get on it. #3 I cried. Watching you talk, I realized HOW MUCH I MISS YOU! #4. You made me cry harder showing off the pic of Chaucer’s rolls. #5. I love you. #6 Is it Christmas yet?! #7 Make sure I get that $50 gift certificate, OK? ok.

  14. Tehila

    I would love to write a quality ebook and use Blurb to help publish it! Thank you for this opportunity!!

  15. Elena Brohmer

    Easy peasy. I’d finally put together that wedding album that’s been bugging me for almost a year! I’ve never heard of this site!

    1. hillary

      OMG, Elena. Even if you don’t win this giveaway you should SERIOUSLY look into doing something with them. Even if you just want to make a portfolio of your photography, crafts, and some stories. I actually met a brand rep at my conference and saw a large sampling of projects. You can do anything with them and the quality it top notch!

  16. alison

    So, i love Blurb too! I’ve already made a few books from my Instagram photos. They are so easy to make. I totally buy into your post and know it’s true info because IT IS!!!

    1. hillary

      Yay! Glad you know its awesome ???? I’m way impressed with the entire company.

  17. Therese

    I would make a book about the visits my grandchildren make to my house, so they can remember the fun times we have together!

  18. Stephanie

    I would make an e-cookbook! I love how your Instagram book turned out – it looks great!

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  20. Adrienne

    I love your pictures! That book looks awesome! I totally dropped the ball on this opportunity. I went out of town, and then sure enough when I got back, I had missed the deadline. Booo Hooo…

    1. hillary

      Aww bummer! I love Blurb. Haha, can’t ya tell? Try to get on the next one if they do it!

  21. Carrie

    Same as you. I would make a book of pics of my kiddos. Gotta love ’em!!

  22. Nicole D.

    I would make a book about my two kids, and give it to my husband for his birthday!

  23. Aleta

    I would love to have a blurb book and make it containing all of the wonderful pictures of our relatives so that when our son is born, he has a book of his heritage.

  24. Sandra @ The Sensible Mom

    Sounds very cool! I would also sync my instagram and make a book. ????

  25. DGMommy (Tamara)

    I would so make a baby book! Or 3… I haven’t done a thing since I only had 1 child. Poor boy hardly has a picture printed! Now I just have to figure out my Instagram and organize my pics!!!


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