I send my child to daycare even on my days off.

By | July 26, 2022

My son is 3 and we’ve been sending him to daycare Monday to Friday since he turned one and I finished mat leave and went back to work full time. I do continental shifts with 12 hour days meaning I work 3 days one week and 4 days the next and rotate days to night. My husband works on average 20 hour a week but is on call to come in sometimes up to 8 hours a day. We both drive Courier on the side but those hours vary from week to week. We’ve had our daycare fees subsidize but our subsidy ended because we made more than their cap for subsidy last year. So, from now on, we’ll be paying $800/month out of pocket. Money will be tight but we can make it work. When the lady with subsidy was reviewing our file she seemed annoyed that we didn’t have him just in part time care (our provider doesn’t have part time spots available and we aren’t willing to just send our son to someone we don’t know) and also because of my husband’s constantly fluctuating schedule, we get very little notice on when he’s picking up hours and our provider can only take in so many kids at once so we may lose our spot when we need it. When I have days off during the week, I still send my son to daycare. If I’m on nights, it allows me to sleep more than 3 hours before my 12 hour shift. If I have days off, we use that to run errands, clean the house, cook dinners etc. The subsidy office seemed annoyed that we do this (keep in mind, they have terminated our subsidy since and we pay full price ourselves) but the way it was said it seemed like we were doing something wrong by sending him 5 days a week, regardless of our work schedules. My logic is this: our hours can vary from day to day with little notice, it keeps my son on a schedule and he gets to socialise with other children. I suffered a stroke last year as well as several other mental and physical health issues so I’m able to schedule doctors appointments etc for myself. I try to use that time work/child free to it’s maximum potential. He goes to bed later in the evening so, when he is home with me, we get about 4-5 hours of playtime, park time etc together. I guess I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong by sending him in even when I had days off (he goes for 6 hours a day) but in speaking with this lady, it makes me feel really guilty. Am I a bad parent? Am I taking advantage of my provider? The subsidy office kind of made it seem like we were ripping them off but they base payment off of your yearly income which they get from our tax return info. Am I doing something wrong?

3 thoughts on “I send my child to daycare even on my days off.

  1. jagdmackay

    You are right. Kids thrive on routine, and forcing your kid to adjust to your confusing and unpredictable work schedule isn’t good for him.

    Since you no longer get a subsidy, her opinion really doesn’t matter.

    FWIW, I work full time, and every now and then would take a day off and still send my kid to daycare. No regrets.

  2. Dredka1001

    You’re paying the same anyway, why would a subsidy office care?

    But I used to have every other Monday off. You bet your ass I would send my kids to daycare that day. It was my favorite day.

  3. Goodperson

    I did this, used the time to sleep, get groceries solo, mow the lawn, whatever… Then when I picked them up I could focus on them. Dinner was made/preped, laundry was done…. Just got to hang out with them and had no “guilt” about a huge to-do list.


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