Sorry I’m Still Pregnant

By | July 21, 2014

Guys, I’m getting into that late pregnancy funk. The kind where all you can think about is getting the baby out and nothing else matters.

Every twinge, every spasm makes me pull out my phone and check the clock. So annoying, because there are lots of twinges and spasms.

Also, I feel as if I’m carting a bowling ball between my legs. Part of me worries that the baby is just going to fall out while I’m in line at Target or something. I mean, I’d probably get a viral video and no hospital bill, but I don’t know if I could handle hearing “Cleanup on register 4!!”

I’m just a few days away from my due date, but I’m absolutely miserable. Sciatic nerve pain, swollen feet, and swollen hands. If you have claustrophobia, I don’t recommend pregnancy. Its like being trapped inside a bounce-house version of your own body.

I just want to say I’m sorry for not being a better blogger. But you probably wouldn’t want to read any of the things I’m interested in right now.

I keep googling images of mucous plugs and rereading all literature on early labor signs. So yah, you probably don’t want to read about that, right?

Also, I can’t call anyone without saying, “Nope. Not in labor yet.” I think I’d like to crawl into a cave with a box of donuts and just not come out until its the real deal.

So forgive my absence or sporadic posting schedule. If you want to know when things really start shaking up you should follow my Instagram

4 thoughts on “Sorry I’m Still Pregnant

  1. Leslie chui

    I will never look at flan the same, after seeing my mucous plug. So freaking nasty!

  2. Chris Carter

    I need to get on Instagram. I really really need to, don’t I?! Hang on love!! It’s almost over…

  3. Katrina

    Oh, I feel ya. Been there, at this stage, many times. It’s never easy. I have to say, though, since I know that our last one (born June 2013) is truly our LAST one….I’m a bit envious of you. Because it’s such a wonderful time, pregnancy and that first year with a new baby, and I’d do it 100 more times, if I could. Yeah, I really would. I love everything about it. Even those last few days when it feels like the baby will fall out at Target ????

  4. Jen

    Congrats on your oregnancy! I live your 365 quotes jar idea and would like to recreate it. Are you still willing to share your quotes? I signed up for your’s awesome


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