yes,I know my child should be potty trained by now, thanks

By | July 25, 2022

Our daughter is about 3 1/2. She has had constipation issues most of the years. Our pediatrician even said that with kids who are like this, she doesn’t expected be trained until 4 or later. My husband also has issues with his bowels. I wet the bed in my later years as well and still now I have issues holding my bowels in. It comes up randomly, just like hers do. Yes I am frustrated that I am still buying diapers and or pull ups at this age. But what am I going to do? She has issues. We are trying to get her to use the potty more but don’t want her to be scared of it. When people say why isn’t she potty trained yet I just say she has some constipation issues and it is hard for her. I mean it is the truth. It might not change for another year or so. Then she could be wetting the bed shortly after that. It is what it is. What I don’t appreciate is when people say well she is gonna start having to use it. You don’t want her to be 7 and still in diapers. In my head I’m like yea I know. Your kid was in underwear a long time ago. She doesn’t have a kid with these problems so she doesn’t see it as rude. Have you parents come across this with training and such?

2 thoughts on “yes,I know my child should be potty trained by now, thanks

  1. oneman

    Maybe people would respond more respectfully if you answered something like “She has some medical issues that impede potty training. We’re working with her doctor and they are confident she will eventually be successful, she just needs some extra time and support, thanks.”

    If people push further I’d just be like “I’m not comfortable discussing my child’s medical history.”

  2. dragonakai

    Let the fact that store shelves are FILLED with hygiene products for children who are your child’s age and older reassure you that any expectations put on your or anybody else’s child that they “should” be fully potty trained by any particular age are in no way grounded in reality.

    You are part of an absolutely huge global community of families with kids that take a little longer, and that is perfectly fine.


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