I’m so tired of the way people talk about cigarette smokers

By | July 25, 2022

It just boils my blood because it’s an addiction. I’ve seen how people get when they don’t have one twitchy and annoyed yes I know. But it seems people are more worried about themselves and making fun of the smoker, they pretend to care about cancer and whatnot but just want a quick punchline for their joke most of the time

I recently saw on twitter a post saying that “Japan is considering giving their non smoking employees extra vacation days to make up for the time smoking employees waste on smoke breaks” The quotes and replies are a big circle joke of non smokers, boot licking their workplace employers saying that “it’s not fair to get so many breaks”

The reply I hated the most is “I love this, I hope it’s implemented in the us soon, why should you get to slack off because you choose to dance with cancer” the fact that op thinks that people choose to be addicted to anything is beyond me. I just don’t get why people are so cruel to people with addictions and then hide it, pretending like their “criticisms” are coming from an area of concern. It’s infuriating.

6 thoughts on “I’m so tired of the way people talk about cigarette smokers

  1. Dredka1001

    I think it’s just another thing people use to make themselves feel superior to others. I’ve never smoked, but I don’t understand some people’s hatred for smokers. It’s unnecessary and unproductive.

  2. kate

    I’m sorry but the Japan thing cracks me up! I work for a Japanese company in MI and it’s like smokers are catered to..there is a large semi-enclosed bus stop looking building outside of the cafeteria for smokers that is heated and air conditioned. It’s nice!! Anybody here can take as many breaks as they want to too, as long as your work gets done they don’t care. On a different note, it annoys me too! I don’t need people constantly telling me that I need to quit; I will quit when I am READY TO! It sucks, I started when I was 15 and wish I never did but I did and here I am. My addiction is not a joke!

  3. Peloquin Post author

    One time I was walking down the street, smoking a cigarette with my partner. This girl, who is alone with her dog, turns to her dog and says under her breath, “ewwww, look at those disgusting smokers” and laughed.

    I have never turned around quicker. I looked her in the eye and said, “excuse me, what the fuck?” She quickly walked away lol. People like to feel superior to one another. Smoking is awful, yeah, but you’re absolutely right.

  4. patrickandrachelnard

    Why do people hate cigarette smokers so much when alcohol is just as bad

  5. quwerty

    Non-smokers really don’t like the smell of secondhand or stale cigarette smoke. Alcohol really only smells if you spill it on yourself or breathe in someone’s face after drinking.

    Also, alcohol has pretty much replaced cigarettes as adult’s drug of choice. Yes, people used to still drink a lot, but the places they drank didn’t include the grocery store, the fast-food restaurant, the office, the public street, or even Disney World.


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