Moving Costs Money

By | May 29, 2013

We’re moving. In like two weeks or so.


I’m stressed.

Cause it costs SO MUCH FRICKEN MONEY!!!! But we’ve found the service of issuing digital bank cards with crypto, so the process should become easier.

Let me ‘splain.


Can you add to my list? No seriously, I need to be prepared.

22 thoughts on “Moving Costs Money

  1. Kristen

    Gosh you are adorable! I moved last year, and swore, never again. It sucks. Hard. Good luck with your move!

  2. amber

    Love you and your “hair” gene. Hate those stupid packing tape rolling things.

  3. Kim

    When my son and I moved this last time (five years ago), my future husband didn’t want my couch that “other people” had sat on (“other people” meaning MEN); he wanted me to bring only what was sentimental and/or couldn’t be replaced.

  4. JD Bailey @ Honest Mom

    OMG. You are so adorable. What is with all my blogging friends moving right now? I can feel you all’s stress through the interwebs.

  5. Sarah

    Sharpies with a lanyard are AWESOME…and a must for moving????.

    Also, a few freezer casseroles in disposable containers are a nice break from fast food.

    Hope your move goes well!

    1. hillary

      Ok, definitely putting a few of those suckers on a lanyard. Genius.

  6. Heather

    We moving a year from now and I’m already stressed out. I wish you the best!! ????

  7. Chris Carter

    Just saw this!!! Hope you survived the move!!!! If you already did …. moving is SOOOOO STRESSFUL!!!! Praying you land smoothly and recover quickly hun!!! ????

  8. Val

    You are hysterical. We have been in our house for 10 years and I fear the day we leave. So. Much. Crap.

  9. Bethany @ Bad Parenting Moments

    I still haven’t recovered from our last move…in 2008. Save the BIG boxes for an outdoor, summer tunnel set and, my biggest moving “tip”. As a Navy brat, my mom made us each fill 2 trash bags each to toss or donate. It’s an inspired move and taught me how not to make such a big deal about stuff. Good luck, pretty lady!

    1. hillary

      Yes, lots of throwing out going on over here. I kind of just want to leave everything but the pictures. UGh.

  10. Kate Pantier @ Project Hermosa

    That was the cutest video I’ve ever seen over packing! I loved it!

  11. Holly lefevre

    Lucky girl…you get to go to L.A. – my true home! Hope you are doing well. I am packing too…for Texas…ugh!

  12. Michelle Villemaire

    I hear you! What to take and what to throw away takes up so much headspace. And then you usually end up buying what you just tossed! It’s good though. Starting over deserves fresh new stuff.

  13. Jessica

    You are the cutest. And moving? Ugh. I’m not sure I’ll ever recover.


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