Christmas Popcorn Recipe

By | December 4, 2012

Christmas Popcorn Recipe

Today, I wanna get all crazy with popcorn. That was a really bizarre thing to say. Let’s try this again.

Today, I want to share with you my enthusiasm for popcorn.


That’s better, huh?

Ok, so popcorn is pretty special to my family. As a kid, whenever we had family movie nights we would get popcorn and Peanut M‘n’M’s. Has anyone else ever done this? The candy coating gets kind of melted with the popcorn and you taste the perfect combination of salty sweet with each bite!

My Aunt Karee taught us this trick, and as an awkward girl who wore jumpers with hiking boots, I would brag to my friends that this was the “cool” way to eat popcorn. I clung to whatever “kernel” that was thrown my way. Get it? Hyuck, hyuck.

Even with my 80’s bangs in the 90’s, I knew my popcorn. Yah, I got the trend to catch, and if I had to have my popcorn without the chocolate accompaniment I felt gipped.

The popcorn/candy duo got even more crazy when I met the hubs.

Matt and I would “have a date” with each other’s families. My parents were old school, so we pretty much had a chaperone present at all times. Those chaperones were my younger siblings who felt entitled to hang out with Matt, and never really believed that he came to be with me.

If we were lucky, we managed to ditch them.

Matt and I would run to Blockbuster and grab a flick, pick up some popcorn and Hot Tamales, and then settle in for a romantic evening of covert hand holding and footsies.

Scandalous, I know.

Ok, have any of you ever had popcorn and Hot Tamales together? It’s simply the best.

Here’s what you do: Pop the corn, drizzle with an evil amount of butter, douse with salt, and here’s the important part—dump a box of Hot Tamales on top. You have to do this while the popcorn is still hot.

The tamales will get all soft and melty while they sit on the hot popcorn, and as you compile the perfect ratio {2 kernels : 1 Hot Tamale} the flavors of popcorn and cinnamon candy blend in exquisite harmony.

Christmas Popcorn Recipe

I know, I know. It might sound weird, but it is DELICIOUS!

Even though we didn’t start out calling this glorious concoction “Christmas Popcorn,” that is what I’m calling it today.

Guys, it totally makes sense that it’s a Christmasy food! We’re all going to be quite busy watching all ten of the best Christmas movies of all time, right? We need popcorn! But not just any popcorn…Christmas popcorn is the only kind that will do!

I can’t think of anything more Christmasy than cinnamon and butter. Those two ingredients practically scream Christmas. Popcorn is really just the vehicle to serve the butter, I’m gonna be honest.

Christmas Popcorn Recipe

Hey, want a cute little Christmas gift idea? Here ya go: Popcorn kernels (if you put them in a Mason jar people will think you’re the next Martha), a few boxes of Hot Tamales (tied with a bow of burlap, it’ll soften the processed feel of gummy candies), and a cute popcorn bowl. Print out a little recipe of this fabulousness and you’ll be the talk of the town. In a good way.


Christmas Popcorn Recipe

Christmas Popcorn Recipe


  • 1/2 Cup Popcorn Kernels
  • 1 Box Of Hot Tamales
  • An Unholy Amount Of Butter
  • Salt. Large grains of salt {name that movie}


  1. POP popcorn on the stove or in an air-popper.
  2. DUMP in a cute bowl. A big one.
  3. DOUSE with the unholy amount of butter.
  4. DUMP the box of Hot Tamales on top. You need to do it while it’s hot.
  5. SHOWER with salt. {The salt tastes good on the melty candies}
  6. Enjoy, and try not to make yourself sick. Oh, and floss after eating.


10 thoughts on “Christmas Popcorn Recipe

  1. Aleta

    I can totally see the popcorn and chocolate…. does someone sell chocolate covered popcorn now? They should!

  2. Aunt Gloria

    Side note – Costco had a road show that had chocolate covered popcorn.

    Hillary, Karee’s boys (my grandsons) have updated with Christmas Mint M&M’s

    And popcorn. I’ll have to sliip in some Hot Tamales next time. We watched

    Holiday Inn tonight but Brant and I were working on a new Gluten Free

    Version of Grandma Shirley’s cut out cookies. Yum! Definitely a keeper.


    1. hillary

      Yum! I have had someone else tell me about putting Junior Mints on popcorn so I need to try this mint thing! Also, I want the gluten free recipe–I have a friend who has a gluten free blog and Grandma’s are probably the best ????

  3. anna

    ok, i’m sold. i’m trying all the candies in my next batch of popcorn!

    1. hillary

      Junior Mints? Wow! I’ve never even thought of that combo. I’m gonna have to try that next ????


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