Uh oh, there’s that lady with her coupons again.

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Dum de dum dum DUUUUM!

Ok, so I do not want to in any way start a couponing blog (I have learned that there are a plethora of them out there), but I do want to share something that is pretty darn exciting for me. This Christmas, my family started a new tradition where we established three goals for the year, 1. Spiritual, 2. Personal, 3. Physical (more on that in the future). My sis in law, Candace, said that her goal was to be better at managing money and to start couponing. So I secretly copied her. I did a bunch of research because, believe it or not, its quite a complicated practice to get a good deal. Today, I put my research to the test and scored some amazing deals! Thank you, Candace!

I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of prices and details (thats something my Grandma would do all the time…”I got corn for .37 today! Flour is only $1 at SaveMart…blah blah blah.” haha), but I must brag a tad. Here are some of my highlights for today’s shopping: Milk @ $0.69, Laundry detergent for $2, Reynolds Wrap $0.89, Soft Soap for $0.70, five rolls of premium wrapping paper for $0.19 a pop (ok, I didn’t use a coupon, but it was 90% off at Target today!). I bought a lot more, and even earned $10.50 at CVS for my next purchase. Amazing, huh? While it is time-consuming, I think it is SO worth it! I’m going to post a few links that helped me out if anyone’s interested:
I’ve also figured out some ways to get wonderful freebies at different restaurants. Its so easy! Follow these links to get some appetizers and desserts for free:
Elephant Bar has a deal where you can get $5 off coupon just for signing up
Chili’s gives you free chips and queso just for filling out a form
TGI Fridays will give you a free appetizer or dessert and a “jump to the front of the line pass” for filling out their “give me more stripes” card
Matt and I used this tonight at Pick up Stix and had a huge dinner for cheap cheap cheap!
Also I just found this coupon on their site today
Ok, so enough with the links. But I was pretty excited! I am sure there are these types of deals all over the place–I just haven’t had the time to uncover them all. I know I will not be able to be quite as fastidious as a “real” couponer, but like Candace, I really want to be better about saving money this year. Hope this helps some of you!
I swear this isn’t me! I googled “crazy coupon people” and this gal popped up. Whats frightening is that it kinda looks like me in twenty years (or maybe 10— yikes!) I’ll have to have Matt get a picture of me at my work sometime ????

2 thoughts on “Uh oh, there’s that lady with her coupons again.

  1. Mariah

    Wow, I’m impressed! One of my new changes (I don’t do new year’s resolutions) is making and sticking to a budget… and I’ve been *relatively* good about it so far. But I’m nearly dedicated enough to do coupons!

  2. Mariah

    Okay, that was supposed to say “I’m NOT nearly dedicated enough to do coupons!” You’ll have to give me some tips though. Perhaps I can be converted. ;^)


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