There’s Something About Girlfriends…

By | February 16, 2011

This is a repost from two years ago! We spent yesterday having a sort of “repeat” of this glorious day, so I wanted to share it with you again. I love that though the characters are a bit older, the story remains the same.

There really is something about girlfriends….

There's Something About Girlfriends...


I didn’t post on Valentines day because I didn’t want my sweet blog entry to get lost amidst the myriad of other Valentinesey-related-business. Or maybe I just didn’t have time or was too tired to write. I leave that for me to know and you to wonder.

I have decided that to make up for my absence on Vday to devote three consecutive days to LOVE. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Notice I do this after Valentines Day. That’s so all you cynical and embittered people will have already thrown your tantrums and be ready to sit back and listen to some sap. I will be heard, confound it!

Don’t worry. Fret not. It won’t all be mush.
[But I am saving a gooey post about my husband for Thursday, so mark your calendars, folks. Muahahahah]

Today I wanted to focus on friendship. *tear* (I miss all my girlfriends!)

There’s something about having a girlfriend, and I don’t mean in the romantic way. I’m talking about a girl that is your friend. Your BFF, your partner in crime, your bosom buddy, or as Anne of Green Gables would say, your kindred spirit.

I have had some great friends over the years and am so happy to say that I’ve kept up with the majority of them. We may only see each other once a year or so, but when we hang out its like nothing’s changed.

I love that.

It’s been so fun to watch my little girl start to develop friendships. We live around a TON of little kids, but there is that special friend, that bosom buddy, that BFF that she has latched onto and loves with all her might.


There's Something About Girlfriends...

Ava is one month older than Coco, and seems to be cut from the same cloth. They are both little fireballs, big sisters to baby brothers, and have tireless energy. They often show up on the playground wearing the same clothes. Sometimes I wonder if they call each other before they come out.

“Hey. It’s me. What are you gonna wear today?”

“Well, its kind of a fat day, so I’m probably gonna go with the black leggings and that new sweater from Target.”

“Oh ok. I’ll wear mine too. The leggings are dirty but I can definitely bust out the sweater.”

“Ok. See you in five.”

Not that toddlers have fat days, but these chicks key in on so much that goes on around them, I wouldn’t be surprised if they said that. I’ve heard both Ava and Coco mention that something was “from Target.” It’s hilarious how much they parrot their mamas.

If we go outside and Ava is not out, Coco does one of two things: she either has an all out cry fest and demands that Ava come out, or she runs to their door and tries to break into their house. And the fact that she knows where Ava’s house is, in a complex that has about 500 apartments, all looking exactly alike, is impressive.

When they do happen to go out at the same time, a faint song can be heard in the distance as they run in what feels like slow motion toward each other. They greet with a hug, and then hold hands and proceed in their playground activities.

Somehow, they always end up with chocolate chips. I’m pretty sure that Ava’s dad is to blame, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were able to hit up some other parents for food.

What I love about these little girls is that they already have their own little dialect. You know how girlfriends are? We hang around each other for more than five minutes and we sound the same. We all do it. Well, same with toddler chicas. When they talk to each other it’s super loud and they say each other’s names like their squawking. I wish I had taken a video because its kind of like you have to see it to believe it.

“Hi Aaaaaaaave—-UUUUUH!”


Both Ava’s mom and I have tried with no avail to ban this sort of speech outside of their time together. For obvious reasons.

They also have developed a unique speech pattern. I don’t really understand the logic behind it but its pretty dang cute. They always phrase things this way:

“I’m not (fill in the blank), I’m just (fill in the blank).”

This phrase is used across the board for a number of different messages. For instance, the other day Matt asked Coco if she was cold. She answered:

“I’m not cold, I’m just freezing!”

Alright then.

For Valentines Day, Becky, Ava’s mom, brought over some cookies and a card that she transcribed for Ava. Coco has been sick the last few days, so it was also kind of a get well gift. Apparently Becky told Ava that Coco was sick and she responded:

“She’s not sick, she’s just happy.”


Her card kind of carried the same message.

There's Something About Girlfriends...
“Dear Coco, I miss playing with you. I hope you feel better and that you’re happy. Happy Valentines Day!
From your friend,

I just loved seeing Coco light up when Ava came over. I could see that even though she’s only two years old, it made her day.

People always talk about how having little girls is hard because of all the inevitable drama. Well, that may be. But there is just something about girlfriends.

There's Something About Girlfriends...

5 thoughts on “There’s Something About Girlfriends…

  1. Amanda

    This made me think of my best BFF, the girl who lived in the apartment above us. We would play and fight and cry and do naughty stuff together. Yeah to friendships!

  2. Margo

    Loved this post! They are so cute and they remind me of you and Becky at about that age… just a little older. Thanks for sharing that one!

  3. Natalia

    Cute! So fun! It’s great to see your littles connect with a friend like that!

    1. hillary

      I know. And I think with girls theres just this extra something special. Maybe cause I view them like my own relationships ????


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