How To Be An Awesome Sister

By | July 19, 2012

How To Be An Awesome Sister

I am the middle child. The oldest girl. Sandwiched between two older brothers, two younger brothers–and one sister. Six of us in all, but I held the privileged position. Because even though I had two brothers older than me, I was definitely the one in charge.

I never really had reason to be jealous of my little sister. Oh, she was definitely a cuter little girl that I. But I’m six years older than her–it wasn’t like I wanted her toys or anything. Yes, while I was beginning the awkward stage that lasted from ages 12 to 19, she got to be an adorable little girl and preteen. So I guess you could say that sucked, but she was a sweetheart and I just wasn’t jealous of her.

While there was no jealousy she did get on my nerves. There were those years as a teenager when I had to share a room with her. She always popped in when I was having my friends over and would say “I’m getting something.” She’d hide in the closet or bathroom hoping that we forgot about her. Sometimes we did. Then I’d open the door and find her scrawny little self peeking over her shoulder at me. “I was GETTING something!” she would insist. “Get OUT!” I’d yell.

I took full advantage of our age gap. I kept her and her little friends up at night with tales of Merlis, a bald midget with a scabby scalp. I believe he also had long, curling yellow fingernails, goopy green eyes, and fanged teeth. The details are a little fuzzy.

Merlis would come out of the closet at night and hunt little blond girls. As a brunette I was safe and had the power to keep him away if I wanted to. Now this next detail is rather awkward, but I must be honest and say that I don’t think I had anything perverted in mind, but it sounds that way regardless. I asked my sister last night what it was that Merlis came to do and she said all she remembers is that he looked for little blond girls, stripped them naked, and tied them up so that their butts would get sunburned and blister. I know, I know. I was horrid. I was also like twelve years old and had an extremely gullible blond sister with two blond friends that were always around.

I give myself the creeps sometimes.

There are other things that I did as an older sister. Things like getting her drunk off of Grandma’s cooking alcohol, making her eat bizarre concoctions of food (think fish bait and mayonnaise), and my favorite activity to play with her was “maid.” She was the maid.

Ok, so I gave my sis a hard time. Some would say a really hard time. But we’re buds and it’s all good in the hood. Though if you get her started on the sister harassment tangent she’ll gladly skip down memory lane and share even worse material than what I’ve already confessed.

The tables have turned now and she has the upper hand. She’s young, beautiful, and free as a bird. If I could be anyone in my family for a day, I would be her.

Here’s why my sister is awesome and I would love to be her:

1. She’s tall, tan, blonde, and has blue eyes. Everything I am not. Short, pale, brown and brown. That’s me.

How To Be An Awesome Sister

2. Interesting things are always happening to her. I kid you not, the girl has more stories than Mark Twain! If I had her life this blog would be so much more interesting. This one time, she and her friend dressed up like guys to go and spy on their roommate on a date. They wanted to make sure the guy was  acceptable for their dear friend. They pulled it off, that is what’s so amazing. They looked like creeper guys, but they pulled it off.

3. She does cool things like ride her bike to work every day. She goes on night hikes with a group of friends. She boogie boards in the ocean. She runs half marathons (I’ll admit, it would sound cooler if it was just “marathons” but not everyone’s perfect). She rollerblades. She plays volleyball on the beach. I know, I know. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

How To Be An Awesome Sister

4. She laughs at the most bizarre things, but her laugh is infectious. She has a way of getting people to laugh–not because she’s particularly witty or clever (that’s more my thing) but because she is just all together fun, loving, goofy, goodnatured, and quirky. I think she has more opportunity to laugh in life because she can find humor wherever she goes. Or maybe it’s that she brings humor wherever she goes.

How To Be An Awesome Sister
5. She has the best feminine and masculine sides to her. I know that probably doesn’t make much sense but here’s the thing: she’s got these crazy long eyelashes and runs like such a girl. But then she smokes a pipe and enjoys a good burp now and then. It’s never really too gross when Kirsty burps because she looks so pretty you almost never believe it came out of her.

6. She’s wild and free. She’s not married yet. She has no children. The world is her oyster and I’m thrilled to watch her take it.

7. She is confident and comfortable in her own skin.

How To Be An Awesome Sister

8. She has an adorable fashion sense that I cannot begin to understand or replicate. What would look ridiculous and frumpy on me looks sporty and exciting on her.

 For instance, while she shares with me a dislike for crop tops and tribal prints she has an entirely different way of dealing with it. Last month she bought a pack of mens small v-neck white tees and said it was her summer wardrobe. She wears them with cutoffs and sometimes a pair of boots. I kid you not, she looks great in them. I tried to copy her one day and it wasn’t quite the same. I think you have to be tan to pull it off.

9. She has awesome friends. I have awesome friends too, but I am always jealous of the fun lifestyle she has by living in a house full of girls. Girl talks all the time, an abundance of clothes and makeup to borrow, synchronized cycles. Wait, that’s not so good, but everything else is pretty darn fun.

10. She has me as an older sister. I mean, wow. Just, wow. How awesome is that?

I love my little sis with a fierce love. While I might tease and torment her, I allow no one else to do the same. There have been those rascally boys in her life that I’ve dealt with. I am none too kind to the misters that try and steal her heart. I mean, I would be kind if he were the right one. But whoever the lucky fellow may be, he’ll have to fight through four brothers and me, the great big sis.

How To Be An Awesome Sister

*This post was inspired by one of Mama Kat’s Weekly Writer’s Workshop prompts. Head over there for some great writing and inspiration!

18 thoughts on “How To Be An Awesome Sister

  1. hilljean

    Thank you for reading! Yah, my little sister sorta makes me look bad. I blame my boring life on the fact that I have two kids and don’t have time to rollerblade to work. Or have a job for that matter.

  2. hilljean

    I Love this post!!! I was laughing out loud reading it!!! I have a little sister too and did a lot of mean things to her too. Reading this totally brought back memories of how I tortured her. I actually pretended to be possessed once and scared the crap out of her. Oh man, little sisters are fun and sounds like yours is golden!

  3. hilljean

    That is such a sweet contribution to your sister. I grew up with only 3 brothers, so I am extremely jealous that you got to have a sister at all! And she does sound pretty dang awesome!

  4. hilljean

    Love you too, Kirsty ???? Sorry for all the tormenting over the years :0

  5. hilljean

    Oh my gosh. That first picture is an absolute treasure. Those faces are just to die for!

  6. hilljean

    She is pretty much incredible! Love that kristy kirst!

  7. hilljean

    Love this! I bet she has tons of good things to say about you too.

  8. hilljean

    Sisters are wonderful. I had four brothers and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She is a very sweet sister and she had to put up with a lot from me but I think we both have great stories as a result ????

  9. hilljean

    Sisters are a special kind of friend. No one can make me so mad so fast and no one can make me feel better so fast. And, during family drama (not that my family ever has drama) no one else gets it like they do. All I have to say is something “Mom” and they are all “I know. She’s crazy”.

  10. hilljean

    I played the possession card too! I would act like I’d gone crazy and chase her around with drool hanging out of my mouth. Good times, good times. Bahahah! Yah, she is definitely a keeper and we have a great relationship, despite all my meanness ????

  11. hilljean

    Candace, I would also be you for a day since you seem more than anyone to have your stuff together. But then, you have two kids too, and that doesn’t sound quite as relaxing as being single and free. Hahaha!

  12. Margo

    I loved this post… I could totally hear Kirsty insisting ,”I’m just getting something!” hahaha????thanks for remindinge of such wonderful memories! I love u both and am so blessed to have such crazy, beautiful girls!

  13. hilljean

    I know! She would always do that when you and I were having a sleepover. Grr. It’s a good thing we didn’t have iPhones back then. I know she would have recorded us talking about boys and gossiping. She’s never really confessed how much she heard from the closet…I’ll always wonder.

  14. hilljean

    Memories of finding little blond Kirsty hiding in the closet made me laugh out loud!! “I’m getting something” was definitely her phrase. Oh Kirsty, how I love you!!

  15. hilljean

    Thank you. Well, it would be nice if she would blog about me but I just can’t get her to blog. She doesn’t have time in the midst of all the other exciting things she does. Oh well. She put up with a lot from me over the years but we have a great relationship now–she’s one of my bestest friends.

  16. hilljean

    Yah…I don’t know that I’d call it a treasure considering that I’m the one with white jeans making the awful face while squatting…embarrassing, but it does sum up the family from back in the day ????

  17. hilljean

    Great post…as an older sister I can relate to having your younger sister become quiet fab and accomplished. She even likes to bike too…


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