20 things to do at the beach

By | June 27, 2013

So yesterday I was waxing contemplative. Pretty much just cause I miss my friends. I’m working on settling into this new life.

This beach life.

I know, you probably hate me–I talked all about that over here.

Well, the fact is, I get to live by the beach for at least the next five years. Score! We’ve lived here for twelve days and we’ve gone to the beach on exactly six of those days.

Every. Other. Day.

Nice, huh?

Well, my kids are in love with the ocean. My husband thinks he’s a merman.


I, however, am still adjusting to the beach. I love it, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve spent my whole life claiming to be a mountain girl. I AM a mountain girl.

But it’s time I become a beach girl.

“Little surfer, little one. Make my heart come rolling down. Do you love me, do you surfer girl? Surfer girl.”

That’s who I need to be. The little surfer girl. This should be interesting.

Anywho, I’ve broken it down into a list. A bucket list, if you will. My bucket list of things to do at the beach. I believe that by the time I’m done with it I shall be that little surfer girl. Or maybe that medium-sized surfer girl. Medium to largish. Ish.

Without further adieu:

20 things

1.) Make the most grandiose sand castle ever. Really.

2.) Swim in the ocean. Like, really swim in it. For at least an hour.

3.) Pee in the ocean. I hear it’s quite the rush.

4.) Make Matt a cloak out of seaweed and watch him dive into the water with it on his back. yes!

5.) Bury someone in the sand. Not me. Never me.

6.) Attempt to boogie board.

7.) Attempt to surf.

8.) After healing from the attempt to surf, engage in a wild frisbee match on the beach.

9.) Drink something (preferably alcoholic) with an umbrella in it. On my beach.

10.) Skinny dip in the ocean.

11.) Make smores on the beach.

12.) Rollerblade for five miles. That is, after the blisters from one mile heal. Oucheee wa wa.

roller blades

13.) Smuggle home a sand crab. Wait…what am I supposed to do with it once I get it home? Yuuuuck.

15.) Find a fully intact, un-chipped, genuine sand-dollar.

16.) Completely change out of wet clothing underneath a towel. {And not show a nasty half-b0ob like that lady did yesterday. *shudder*}

17.) Ride a beach cruiser while blasting oldies from a boombox. Bonus points if I can listen to Beach Boys.

18.) Discover which SoCal beach pier has the BEST fish and chips. I NEED to know! Do YOU know?

19.) Take a romantic walk at sunset. Awww.

20.) Jump off the pier.

Just kidding. I would NEVER. Ever. Not in my WILDEST dreams jump off the pier. Somebody dial 911 cause things just got cray cray. No. I won’t do it. Ever.

Let’s see…

20 modified.) Read an entire book series (to be determined) on the beach this summer.

That’s better.


There. I think that is it. How many of these have YOU done? Really, I want to know!!!

***have you ever skinny-dipped in the ocean??!

14 thoughts on “20 things to do at the beach

  1. Mindy

    I have done ten of those (which ten, I won’t reveal. LOL!!!)

    Now to work on accomplishing the other 10!!!

  2. Aleta

    I can imagine you doing the original # 20 and then blogging about it. Hehe.

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  4. Anne

    Call me coward if you will. The opening scene of Jaws is FOREVER etched into my psyche. No. Nighttime. Ocean. Swimming. The beach is my absolute favorite place to be, but self-preservation trumps fulfilling the bucket list. That said, I love the ideas in your bucket list! Especially #’s 9, 17, and 19.

  5. Leslie

    Haha a few of us girls went skinny dipping back in sophomore year at CBU… It was the middle of the night in January. Hahahaaaa oh good times.

    1. hillary

      Awesome! Its just the sort of thing to do when you’re in college…Oh well, I’ll have to make up for it ????

  6. Amanda

    Nope, I’ve never even SWAM in the ocean. I visit the beach several times a year though. It’s just Oregon.. where the water is like 30 degrees. Haha.

    1. hillary

      Its actually way fun to swim in the ocean! I got in for the first time in years last week and it was a blast!

  7. Jackie

    Nope… no skinny dipping in the ocean just a pool. But then again I live in Michigan.

  8. Karee Alexander

    You missed have sex on the beach! Oh wait, this is your bucket list not Matt’s. ????

  9. Lori Wescott

    I can’t wait to start checking things off this list. I’ll be there in three weeks!! Ahhhhh!!


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