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There are few things that bring me more pleasure than a perfect cup of coffee. I’ve written odes about the stuff. I have a Pinterest board celebrating my love. Coffee is a huge part of my life and probably always will be.

Were I to add up the cost of coffee in my lifetime…Well, I bet it’s no small fortune. Good thing I’m terrible at math.

But then there are people who are good at math. Like the folks over at Statistic Brain. Collectively, we Americans spend 18 BILLION DOLLARS on coffee per year.

Holy smokes. I

f you pay any attention to the names of all the different blends on the market, you’ll notice that coffee mostly comes from places outside the U.S. Generally, our favorite coffees are grown in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Our delicious coffee is grown by farmers who have in the past been exploited for their labor. As in, giant American companies pay them pennies for what is a HUGE consumer product in the States.

Ok, so enter Fair Trade coffee. I think most of us know what this is. It’s coffee that we buy at a higher price from the grower. The middle man (big money companies) is removed and the farming community get to profit from our purchase.

Because I drink so much coffee, it’s important for me to know I’m not screwing over some farming community in another country. That’s just not cool. If I can benefit another mom in Latin America or Egypt by buying Fair Trade Certified™ coffee–I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

So I was asked to review Green Mountain Coffee® K-Cup packs. Green Mountain Coffee is a brand that strives to bring harmony into our crazy world. Their slogan says it all: “Great Coffee, Good Vibes, Choose Fair Trade”. I was sad to report back to Green Mountain Coffee that I do not own a Keurig® Brewing System, so they sent me one.

Good vibes indeed. They also sent me some of these darling K-Cup packs.

darling cups

You guys, my life will never be the same! I always thought that the Keurig route was too expensive. However, now I see that we’re not wasting ANY of the coffee we drink.

We used to be all, “Hey, you want some coffee?” “Sure, I’ll have a cup or two.” Almost always an entire cup was thrown out (usually two). That’s a waste. A waste of money, a waste of labor, and a waste of delicious coffee. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how economical K-Cup packs really are!  We brew coffee when the mood strikes, and there is no wasting. My husband has gotten a little obsessive over the Keurig. He wants to put it on his desk in our bedroom.

ready to brew

So how about the coffee? Well, Green Mountain Coffee is delicious. And I’m a coffee snob so you know it’s legit. The thing is, Fair Trade Certified coffee is better quality. Why? Because the grower actually makes enough money to invest in his own land–thus producing better coffee.

keurig cups

Instead of grabbing at the sneaky cash-offers of the middle-man, farmers are protected by the Fair Trade Certificate to actually make a profit off of their goods. And believe me, you can taste it.

To celebrate Fair Trade Month in October, Green Mountain Coffee has designed a unique blend called the Fair Trade Certified™ Three Continent Blend. As its name suggests, this blend will amalgamate coffee from three different continents to celebrate the Fair Trade Movement.

I can’t really save the world right now. I’m a mom taking care of two littles. I hardly have time to shower most days. But I do drink coffee. I do care about other people. Therefore, I’m making it a priority to drink Fair Trade Coffee. You should too. Choose Fair Trade!

Oh, and guess what? We’ve got a special giveaway to celebrate this glorious stuff!


One LUCKY winner has the chance to win a Keurig® Brewing System and a Green Mountain Coffee® gift basket!


To enter, simply answer the question: Are you a coffee drinker, and if so, would you consider buying fair trade coffee?


Sweepstakes Rules: No duplicate comments. You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods: Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: “#SweepstakesEntry”; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post Blog about this promotion, including a disclosure that you are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post, and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry. This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winner will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected. The Official Rules are available here. This sweepstakes runs from 09/19/13-10/31/13.


152 thoughts on “Keurig giveaway

  1. amber

    We are are major coffee drinkers and try to buy fair trade coffee as often as we can! Miss you!

  2. Tonya T.

    Love me some coffee! Any kind of coffee will do, but helping the little guy? Definitely the right way to go!

  3. Tricia Andrews

    We only drink fair trade coffee in this house! It’s been that way for 10 years. We have a local roaster that has been doing only fair trade for over 10 years.

  4. Ellie W

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love tea. My husband loves both, though. I would definitely consider buying Fair Trade.

  5. Margaret

    Coffee is my morning lifeline & I LOVE Green Mountain coffee! Their hazelnut is the best! I want, want, need a coffee prize!! ????

  6. Tamar

    I’m not a serious coffee drinker but I absolutely am cognizant of fair trade coffee and I think it is a very important consideration.

  7. Kim Ripley

    I am a coffee drinker (3 cups a day) and I occasionally buy fair-trade.

  8. susan smoaks

    yes i am a coffee drink and yes i would totally consider buying fair trade!

  9. theodore esteghamat

    My mother is the coffee drinker and we would consider buying fair trade coffee.

  10. Blessie Nelson

    As a avid coffee person, I would love to drink fair trade coffee as long as I can trace the source of origin as fair trade from a consumer perspective!

  11. Amanda Sakovitz

    I am a coffee drinker and I would definitely buy fair trade!

  12. Elizabeth N

    I’m not a coffee drinker (I prefer tea), but I live with a husband who is! We’d be onboard with Fair Trade!

  13. kathy pease

    I love my coffee and love trying all kinds and brands and I would buy fair trade coffee ????

  14. Lisa

    I love my coffee in the morning! And I do buy fair trade coffee beans sometimes.

  15. Harmony B

    cant live without my coffee : ). Ive already purchased fair trade kcups

  16. Becky S

    I love coffee and I would consider buying fair trade as long as it wasn’t too expensive.

  17. Wild Orchid

    I am a big coffee drinker, and I would definitely consider fair trade.

  18. Nicole Larsen

    Yes, I am a coffee-a-holic! I look forward to my coffee every morning! I would definitely try Fair Trade Coffee ????

  19. Tammy Northrup {Yours and Mine ARE Ours}

    I am a huge coffee drinker and would definitely consider trying FairTrade!

  20. Tiffany- tiffers

    Yes…yes i do love coffee and i quite enjoy the green mountain kind! My momma usually gets that kind…i love to visit

  21. Susan

    Yes, COFFEE!!! Seattle girl here, so of course!! I would totally consider other fair trade coffee, I should be more concerned with that.

  22. Premium Green Coffee Bean

    Thanks for finally writing about >Keurig giveaway <Loved it!

  23. Elena

    I am a coffee addict and I would consider trying fair trade coffee

  24. Terri Cashen

    Yes, I am a coffee drinker. I prefer a strong coffee such as Sumatra, Italian, or French. I will buy a fair trade coffee and the Green Mountain Brand Coffee to try just because I read your review!

  25. Madeline

    I am a coffee drinker and I’ve bought fair trade coffee in the past. I don’t buy it exclusively but I feel like I’m helping others when I do buy it!

  26. Mandy

    I love coffee, no day starts well without it. I also LOVE my Kuerig, I’ve never tried Fairtrade but I would like too. I definitely believe we should be paying our farmers a fair wage for their hardwork!!!

  27. Lesley Myrick

    I am a coffee drinker – but since getting pregnant I haven’t wanted it as much! I’m looking forward to having a taste for it again, and I’ve always wanted a Keurig. So fancy.

  28. Bre

    I love my Keurig. I use it every morning and brew it in my tumbler. No using styrofoam cups at work! My go-to is the Green Mountain breakfast blend. I never even knew they had fair trade cause I’m such a creature of habit.

    Awesome giveaway.

  29. Debbie B

    my family loves coffee and we would definitely buy fair trade!

  30. Katherine Newton

    I drink coffee every day and buy fair trade when I can!

  31. Valerie Smith

    I am definitely a coffee drinker!!! I love a perfectly brewed cup of coffee at the end of a long day at work to unwind and relax. I have never owned a Keurig, but I have always fantasized of owning one. I would purchase Fair Trade Coffee as I have purchased Green Mountain coffee in the past and I’ve always been very satistified.

  32. Amanda

    I am ridiculously addicted to coffee! I would most certainly buy fair trade coffee, I’d love to give the Green Mountain cups a try!

  33. Erika

    I drink coffee at least every morning, and sometimes make more in the evening if the craving hits! I would buy fair trade. I don’t have a Keurig, but I think it could become my favorite kitchen appliance! ????

  34. Natalia

    Yes, I am a coffee drinker and yes I would buy fair trade coffee! I want to win this one!!

  35. Candace

    I drink more coffee than any human should probably drink. I would definitely drink Fair Trade coffee. I don’t right now simply because I haven’t found a fair trade version that I love. My current obsession is Starbucks Caramel. I see they are making KCups of it now!

  36. Rebecca Graham

    Long time coffee drinker. I will buy fair trade coffee.

  37. Laurie Fite

    I love coffee as does my husband, but we don’t like the same coffee. Kuerig is the way to go for us. And with the volume of coffee that we drink, using free trade coffee is the most responsible thing for us to do. Thanks for a chance to win this!!!

  38. Erin M

    I *love* coffee too! It soothes a little part of my soul every single morning… ???? I do already buy fair trade coffee and cocoa! It is important to me to know where my food comes from – from an ethical point of view as well as a healthy point of view. I’d be sooo excited to try a Keurig, but, alas, I am frugal, and still have the hand-me-down coffee maker that my in-laws left in the house (we moved into the house they moved out of) so I don’t even know how old it is! Looking forward for a chance to win one of these bad boys!

  39. Karen Drake

    I am a big coffee drinker and would consider buying Fair Trade coffee is the price is reasonable.

  40. Kim L.

    I love coffee…… okay, I’m a bit of an addict. And I definitely support free trade.

  41. tina reynolds

    yep I am a big coffee drinker and I would buy fair trade

  42. Kelly Massman

    I am a coffee drinker and would totally consider fair trade coffee! Thanks for a chance to win!!!! kmassman gmail

  43. Chris Noe

    My husband is the coffee drinker and we do buy fair trade sometimes.

  44. Wild Orchid


  45. Shannon W.

    Yes, I LOVE a good cup of coffee! I would defiantly buy fair trade!

  46. Felicia

    I think fair trade for all products sold should be in effect. I am a coffee drinker and would for sure buy fair trade coffee

  47. Jessie C.


  48. Carolyn Tilghman

    I LOVE coffee, and would definitely consider buying Fair Trade

  49. Chris Carter

    Pick me!! PICK ME!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE can’t live WITHOUT WITHOUT WITHOUT coffee!!! ????

  50. Donna Pyszk

    I love drinking coffee and I would like to buy fair trade ????

  51. Cathy

    My Mom has a Keurig and I’ve coveted it for quite a while (I know, coveting is supposed to be a sin but WHATEVER!). I would love to have one! And Fair Trade is the only way to go!!! I’m all about social justice and supporting workers!

  52. Lisa Kerr

    My family loves coffee, and I would love to support FairTrade!

  53. Dee

    I am a coffee drink and would definitely consider buying free-trade. Not sure if Starbucks has it but I will definitely check out Green Mountain ????

  54. Meghan

    Heck, yes and YES. I drink coffee by the boatload, and am delighted when offered Fair Trade.

  55. Ally

    I am a coffee drinker and, when I can, I do buy fair trade (:

  56. Desirae

    I do not function without my coffee, and I would definitely buy fair trade ????

  57. Katie Carberry

    Yes!! I am a coffee drinker and becoming more so each day. I would consider buying fair trade coffee and to be honest I didn’t know much about it but am learning more.

  58. AmyBond

    Coffee is essential in our home! We’ve bought fair trade before and would buy again

  59. Betty C

    Yes, I drink coffee and I would always consider fair trade.

  60. Amy Tong

    I love fair trade coffee and I drink it a lot too. ????

  61. Jessica Williams

    I LOVE coffee! And I think fair trade is awesome- I have bought fair trade coffee. ??

  62. Rikki

    I absolutely love coffee and trying all the different varieties! I would most definitely give Fair Trade a chance! I would also love to experience the KCup phenomenon and all the buzz that is the Keurig! ???? Coffee = Happiness

  63. Janice Cooper

    I’m not a coffee drinker. I’m more of a hot tea or hot cocoa person. I would love to win

    this for my mother-in-law. She loves coffee and would consider buying

    fair trade.

  64. Katie C.

    yes, I am a coffee drinker and I would definitely buy fair trade. I already buy fair trade teas, so i would love to add to my collection ????

  65. Margaret Smith

    Yes, I’m a coffee drinker and yes, and would buy Fair Trade because it helps farmers get fair wages.

  66. Chris Carter

    So this is in my inbox again!! I am going to comment again for good luck! But I am not sure why it got sent again via email… just an FYI!! HUGS!! XOXOXOXO…

  67. Natasha P.

    I am an occasional coffee drinker and would definitely consider buying fair trade. I’ve tried various Green Mountain Coffees and they have all been good!

  68. Tabitha

    I am an avid coffee drinker and would love to purchase fair trade coffee. I don’t have a personal keurig, but we have one at work. We purchase green mountain k-cups here. They are definitely taste worthy.

  69. Elena Vo

    Oh yes I am! And I love my coffee. And yes to the second question– fair trade is a cause close and dear to my heart as I have spent several months overseas and now know how people earn their wages there. I live in a very small town that doesn’t usually have fair-trade coffee but when I see a bag elsewhere, I buy it.

  70. Kenia

    Yes, I drink coffee every morning and I will consider buying fair trade coffee.

  71. Jessie C.

    I am a coffee drinker and would definitely consider buying fair trade coffee.

    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  72. Ashley

    Yes I’m a coffee drinker! My husband drinks french press [certainly a coffee snob ; ) ]. Sadly our Keurig died 2 months ago. This stay-at-home Mama of two would LOVE a cup of coffee to start off my day! I would definitely buy Fair Trade Coffee. When we had our Keurig, most of our coffees were the Green Mountain Brand!

  73. Tracy L Davis

    I am a coffee drinker and would love to try fair trade coffee

  74. Keri

    I drink coffee and would definitely try fair trade coffee. Good post! ????

  75. Carolyn Daley

    I definitely drink coffee when I am low on energy and need a boost. I would like to try Fair Trade and if I like it then I will definitely buy it.

  76. Sarah Marshall

    I prefer my coffee iced versus hot. I would be happy to buy Green Mountain or any Fair Trade certified brand. It’s a great way to support those whose livelihoods depend on a fair price for their coffee bean harvest.

  77. Cassandra Eastman

    I’m a coffee drinker, I can’t start my morning without it! I would definitely consider Fair Trade, they sound like a great company and offer a great variety!

  78. Diane Delph

    I am definitely a coffee drinker and would love to try fair trade coffee. Love caramel as much as I love coffee! Would so love to have a Keurig brewer. I have the Tassimo but after tasting from the Keurig got to get one!!!

  79. crystal smith

    I am a coffee drinker and although I don’t buy fair trade coffee right now I would. Its something to consider next time I go shopping ????
    [email protected]

  80. Holly

    Yes and yes! Love my personal Keurig and will def look for Fair Trade next time I buy coffee!

  81. tammigirl

    My husband drinks the coffee. And we do buy fair trade coffee. I wish all coffee was fair trade coffee.

  82. Rigoberto

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  83. Jenna Parsons

    You bet I am a coffee drinker! Also I would definitely try fair trade coffee!

  84. Margaret Smith

    Yes, I’m a coffee drinker and yes, I would purchase Fair Trade.

    THanks so much.

  85. Emily Morelli

    I am not much of a coffee drinker but I buy fair trade items when I can.

  86. Val @ Bonbon Break

    I love love love my coffee and we buy fair trade coffee (and chocolate!). What a cool giveaway!

  87. Jacob LaFountaine

    I’m not a big coffee drinker but I would drink fair trade if it tasted the best

  88. Whitney

    I am not a coffee drinker, but I have never tried it either. I would try fair trade.


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