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Happy Halloween! My kids have worn their costumes all week and I know today shan’t be the last! Here’s hoping we get lots of mom-approved candy tonight. By mom-approved I mean real chocolate. In honor of this special day I thought I would tell you about a time I was truly tricked. And it wasn’t… Read More »

lame halloween

Kids make you do strange things. They make you cut hot-dogs into teeny-tiny, non-chokable pieces. They make you download that app that you would NEVER even think about if you didn’t have kids. They make you c0me up with craft ideas that will simultaneously educate and preserve their little minds. They make you scour ebay… Read More »

Kate Middleton Costume

I’ve really slacked on blogging lately. My apologies. I’ve been dealing with…well, uh, children. Anyways, I want to make it up to you. So I have some fun Halloween shenanigans planned this week. When I was a kid, costume planning landed in my hands. My mom kind of hated Halloween–I think it had something to do… Read More »