Twas a Grand Day

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You know a day is wonderful when you replay it in your mind over and over again. I have been planning Coco’s birthday party for the last couple months and all of the preparations culminated yesterday in quite an extravaganza. The whole day was marvelous!

When we started thinking about her birthday, we were met with the dilemma of our small apartment and the abundance of family and friends that we wanted to invite. We explored several options for location, and then amazingly, my friend from school, Arlene, offered her home as a party site. Needless to say, I was both surprised and excited by her offer, and when we accepted Arlene was thrilled! Now, I am convinced that Arlene and her family are the sweetest people in the world! They opened their home up for 40+ people, Bob (Arlene’s husband) barbequed, and her three kids helped with corralling toddlers. I really wish I would have taken a picture of their front yard, because it looks just like the “Father of the Bride” house.
We invited a bunch of friends and family and the evening will be forever impressed in my memory as representing those who truly love our family. Only bummer is Coco will not remember…but we have some amazing photos to document the memory! Also, Matt and my gift to Coco was a plate that everyone signed. I imagine her using it one day in her own home to serve cookies or cupcakes…sigh. That’s a little tear jerker. Alright, enough of my rambling. The photos are what really matter!
In keeping with her name, Cosette Amelie, we went for a Parisian theme with pink poodles as an inspiration ????
The lovely centerpieces…Candace made them.
Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of the entire cupcake display ???? I am terribly disappointed about that, because they were fabulous! But I did catch these shots before they fell apart…these are the leftovers.
Oh, and that is the plate we got for her. Sweet, huh?
Sawyer was showing his mama the lights.
Tim caught in a domestic moment.
Some of my most favorite peeps!
This is Coco as she looks out at the party scene. She was a little overwhelmed at first, but did very well. Notice the Eiffel tower and poodle on her dress? ????

Look at little Evie wearing the outfit I got her!
They’re pretty tight.
Coco with her Grandpa, Daddy, and Great GrandPop!
This is the “We have the same birthday pose” that those related to either Hayes’ or Leonards have heard numerous times since her birth…the horse is dead, Jack. Haha! Just kidding!
Quite happy with her audience…as usual.
I love this picture! It was so wonderful to have two of my oldest and dearest friends come down! I love you, Cara and Amber!
Also of HUGE importance are my English peeps! Charles, Vanessa, Becca, and Arlene–you all are so wonderful and make school so much fun! We have quite a little nerdy community, don’t we?
Our bestest friends in Riverside! Uncle Dave and Aunt Em are a HUGE part of Coco’s life! She loves them ????
Coco stole Sawyer’s bat, and Grandma did not correct her.
Sawyer got it back on his own.
Is he not the most adorable little boy ever?? I love him!
Waiting for her cake–she has NO idea!
Yay! She saw the cake!
I must confess: she really was not that into her cake…I had to help make her look like the typical one-year old and get it all over her face. Once she tasted it though, she really liked it. She just kept looking up at me and waiting for me to say “no.”
Opening gifts. There were A LOT of them. She got so many wonderful outfits and not too many toys. However, the toys she did get were awesome! Thank you everyone!
Haha! Sorry Candace! I could not resist. You worked so hard to get that thing out of there!
She knows she’s loved.
Bob the barbequer!
This is Arlene–the wonderful hostess! Coco grabbed these pot-holders and would not let them go.
All of Matt’s family who came down! Thank you guys for making that drive! We love you!
My beautiful niece, Josie!
This is what love looks like ????
Can we say sugar high?

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