Pre-Valentines Sappiness

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Aww shucks, Valentines Day is approaching, and the new buzz on facebook is to post a picture of your wedding day. Well, I’m still trying to figure out my darn scanner, and once I do, I will attempt to get a picture up.

It was funny because last night Matt and I were talking about Vday, and I could not for the life of me remember last Valentines, except for the fact that Matt bought me this really creepy monkey that would whistle when I walked into the room. I hated it–and told him so. But it was funny nonetheless. So Matt played a little trick (one of his many) and gave me this HUGE guilt trip about not remembering what we did, and that he was so hurt that I wouldn’t treasure those memories, blah blah blah. Finally, the truth sets me free, and I remembered that actually we did NOTHING for Valentines last year, mostly because we had a 3 month old infant. So, all that to say, I’m kind of excited about this Valentines because Matt’s got something up his sleeve. heheeh. To get the sappiness going, I thought it would be fun to put up some oldies of our newly wed days. Our camera was super crappy, but the pictures are sweet (I think so anyways).
This is us on our way to the cruise ship! Check out my way cool sunglasses ???? and Matt’s muscly arm ????
The big boat
We look like little kids, huh?
Getting serenaded by one of the performers
Terrible quality but doesn’t he look sexy?
Vavavoom! Yah, I felt super awkward at dinner with the other Mormon couple we sat with. She was wearing a turtleneck. I ended up putting Matt’s jacket on! Hehe.
Matt getting domesticated at our first apartment.
One of the first times Matt got sick–this set a precedent for me to baby him and feed him “chicken noody” as he calls it.
This is how I learned to sleep with a snoring bear. What you cannot see are the earplugs and fan turned all the way up to drown his slumber.
I still have to smack him around from time to time. just kidding ????
Love you, babe! Happy early Valentine’s day!

One thought on “Pre-Valentines Sappiness

  1. Emily Rimestad

    Super Super cute!! I love these old pictures! I really love the one of you being serenaded by the old man, which I might add, you look like you are lovin it lol! You two are awesome!


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