By | January 10, 2010

Well, I’ve taken couponing to a whole new level in my life by only spending money where there’s a deal. Its been a good change for me, but it has perhaps made me a little aggressive ???? Last night, Matt, CoCo, and I went to El Torito for dinner. I was armed and dangerous with my free guacamole coupon, and my $5 off voucher. We had a great dinner, and I was sure it tasted better since it was cheap. We had another great surprise because my wonderful friend Miranda, her husband Steve, and brother Jonnie all came in and sat near our table. Anyways, our meal comes to an end, I promptly hand the waitress our two coupons, and then she deals the death blow by saying I can only use ONE offer. Pshh! Don’t they know I’m a newly converted tight-wad? Apparently they get my type often. She had a quick, might I add “rehearsed” response. So, we went ahead and took back our worthless free guac. Minutes later, the waitress returns and says “They got it for you,” pointing to Miranda and Steve. Humility. Wow. And here I was agonizing over the loss of guacamole. Of course we were overwhelmed by how kind that was, but later it impacted me even more. I think its a great ambition to want to save money for my family, but when I’m 90 years old I am not going to give a care about whether or not I saved $5 at a restaurant. Rather, I am going to remember kindness and generosity. I’ve hung out with Miranda on numerous occasions–she is one of my dearest friends. I’ve only hung out with Steve twice. Once we all went on a double date and he insisted on buying our dinner there, and then the other time was at their wedding. I can honestly say that each time I have hung out with Steve and Miranda I am blessed. Thank you both for being such an example of what is to be kind and generous. Thank you for having hearts that make room for everyone you come across. You guys are the best!


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  1. Miranda

    Dear Hill,
    No way to express how this touched me tonight.
    I had no idea how closely you’ve remembered all of our times together over the past few years. All I can say with true humility, is that I am so grateful for your friendship, and so happy to know Matt and to see Coco’s eyes light up when I greet her. You two are a wonderful example of what marriage is all about and I believe Coco will benefit so much for having such devoted, selfless, and loving parents. We can only give what we can to others, but it brings us more pleasure, I am sure you understand, to be generous when we can and spread joy to those we hold dear; and sometimes even strangers. Jonnie and me gave a man who is disabled and homeless a little bit of money today and brought his dog some dog chow. I know that the next time this happens, I will have pre-packaged dog chow, water, and food on hand with me at all times. It’s not enough to make things right for everyone, but I am glad to have friends like you who are in touch with reality and embrace family, friends, life, and love; after all, what else matters in the end. love to you.


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