Happy Birthday, Cosette Amelie!

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My daughter turned 2 yesterday! And I know everyone says this, but OH MY WORD WHERE DID THE TIME GO??? On the one hand I can remember finding out I was pregnant with her and Matt and I barely understanding how much our world was rocked, and on the other hand, I cannot remember what life was like without her. Here are some things that I cannot imagine our life without:

1. Bananas. No matter what, Cosette really has to have her “neenas” every morning. She’s part girl, part monkey.

2. Putting my makeup on without her. Somehow, Coco knows the exact moment in my morning routine that I start putting on my makeup. She waltzes in all happy exclaiming, “Maken, maken.” And then reaches for whatever item I foolishly hand her and says, “My maken.” I know that Kirsty and I must have done this to my Mom because to this day when I’m at my parents house I have to get ready in my Mom’s bathroom–usually while she’s putting on her makeup.

3. Knowing where my cellphone is at all times. People, I’m not a flake. I swear it. Ok, I’m a bit of a flake, but for the most part–my daughter is to blame. She is ALWAYS swiping my phone and putting it places that I would never think to put it. Case in point: last week I dug it up from the bottom of our laundry hamper, and the bathroom trashcan. In the same day. Yes, I could put it somewhere high–but remember, the girl is part monkey and has an amazing, and innovative reach.

4. Her smile. I remember her little smile in the NICU the day she was born. I was crying, scared to death that something might be wrong with heart, and she looked up at me and smiled. God gave me so much grace in that moment, and since then, her smile has brightened everything in the most non-cliche-way possible.

Love it.

5. “Hold you!” This is one of my most favorite expressions ever. It must have evolved from the question, “Do you want me to hold you?” I am sure I have been asking her this since she was born—as I hear myself ask Chauceman the same thing. Now, whenever she’s hurt, whenever its time for bed, whenever she’s needy (or just plain jealous of the Chauceman)–the thing she says in a pleading voice is, “Hold you! Hold you!” I dread the day she says, “Hold me.”

6.  Timeouts. She gets those a lot. And even though she hates them, she always tries to negotiate her way out of bedtime with a suggestion of timeout instead.

7. Baby Praise. Barney. Elmo. Tarzan. That’s the order of her favorite flicks over the past year. We’re working our way up, you see. I have memorized all of them with the exception of Tarzan. Give me another week and I could write the whole script in my sleep.

8. Weirdness. What would life be like without Coco’s weirdness?

We actually could pack her in a suitcase…
Swiped: Chauceman’s pacifier and Daddy’s flipflops.
OCDness. Arranging all the DVDs in a line. She likes to do this A LOT.

9. Wall murals. That’s what I’ll call the crazy scribbling that has spread all over our little apartment. Trust me, we have reprimanded her for it–and she’s slowly getting out of the stage, but I have yet to wipe it off all of our walls.

10. Ok, last one. And its sappy. I just cannot image LIFE at ALL without her. The last two years have been full of so much sweetness all brought about by this one little girl. Though we are seeing some signs of terrible twoness, I still wouldn’t trade her for the world. I love being Coco’s mom.

Coco waiting for her special delivery from Mimi and Papa
They were a hit! She loves her “Boons!”
Making her birthday cupcakes
Yep, that got all over the floor.
Sooooo good!
Happy Birthday, Cosette Amelie!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Cosette Amelie!

  1. kirstykaree

    I remember the first time I saw her was when I got off the plane from Virginia and I couldn’t stop crying because I loved her so much. She has changed my life and Im only her aunt ????
    I love my sweet Coco.

  2. Karee Lyn

    I missed an entire night of sleep because of the words “hold you”. She captured my heart and I adored having her in bed with me all night. She was prayed for and cuddled. Love her!


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