The Talk…

By | June 6, 2011

This weekend my in-laws came and spent two days with us. We had a great time with them as they provided free food, free babysitting, and just their general good vibes ????

Saturday morning, I was the last one up. I came out still half asleep, squeezed by the air mattress and plopped into the recliner.

Leann came up and handed me my coffee and squeezed into the couch.

Leann: “So…” (in a very serious, conspiratorial tone) “Guess what Jack and Matt talked to Coco about this morning?”

My forehead slips back into my head. Eyebrows shoot up. Suddenly I’m wide awake.

Me: “Sex? God? Death???!!!”

Startled, awkward pause.

Leann: “No! Disneyland! Good grief, Hill!”


Moms are always about twenty steps ahead of everyone else.

The Talk...

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