Who Gives A Rat’s “Tail” About Cupcakes?

By | June 2, 2011

pas·sion·ate? ?/?pæ?Who Gives A Rat's "Tail" About Cupcakes??Who Gives A Rat's "Tail" About Cupcakes?n?t/ Who Gives A Rat's "Tail" About Cupcakes? Show Spelled[pashuh-nit] 


1. having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling; fervid: a passionate advocate of socialism.
2. easily aroused to or influenced by sexual desire; ardently sensual.
3. expressing, showing, or marked by intense or strong feeling; emotional: passionate language.

What am I passionate about?

I think I’m going to skip #2. That’s none of your business, and would be terribly awkward for everyone if I talked about that. It’s terribly awkward that I just said even that.


So, given the (two) definitions of “passionate,” what do I really care about? What am I driven by? What are my strong feelings for anyways?

Somehow, this question always manages to surface while I’m in church. It’s no surprise, really. I want to follow Christ, and in order to follow him I am supposed to love him with all my heart, my mind, and my soul. I would think that encompasses all the major areas of life. Don’t you?

Yesterday I played around on Pinterest–know what that is? This crazy addictive site where you pin all the items you love (or in my case, things I think are horrible as well). Case in point, this disgusting hair do:

Who Gives A Rat's "Tail" About Cupcakes?
I cannot fathom why on earth anyone would EVER do THIS!!!

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Pinterest. It’s another fun social media that promotes small businesses, creative people, and provides lots of helpful things for pinners (is that a term?). It also shows things NOT to do. Like that glorified rat tail.

I am interested in a lot of things on Pinterest. I am practically giddy when I find something for the hypothetical wedding I would recreate if I could. [For the record, I’d still marry Matt, but I’d like to marry him a bunch of times in order to plan tons of weddings.] I found this yesterday and I thought “Oh! this will be perfect for my…50th wedding anniversary!” That’s only 44 years away.

Who Gives A Rat's "Tail" About Cupcakes?
Wine Bottle Table Numbers. So cute.

It’s easy for me to think about what I’m passionate for when I spend a good 45 minutes “pinning” what I like. (And please, understand I am MOST passionate about my family–that goes without saying)

I get excited over organized closets, brilliantly executed decorating schemes, DIY re-purposed stuff, coupons, free stuff, clean feet, cute clothes, pretty things, humor, photography, parenting tricks tips, vacuumed floors, sleeping children, coffee, food, the Pioneer Woman, cupcakes, blogging, little girl tutus, Chaucer’s kisses, instagram, friends, chocolate, foot massages, watching shows with my hubby, clean bathtubs, spice racks, wreaths, vitamins, lampshades, body lotion…It goes on and on. And I could spend a whole day “pinning” things I like.

I’m passionate about finding things that please me.

Vanity of vanities.

I am not planning on preaching a sermon. I’m not going to say the things that my pastor, and other good teachers tell me.  I guess what I am doing is confessing. I am confessing that I let many trivial, tiresome things consume my passion. In reality, there’s nothing wrong with any of the things I’ve mentioned. But if at the end of the day my passion is a cupcake than I don’t have much, do I?

I want to channel my passion, my intense emotion, my expression towards Christ. I want to “pin” my desire on Him.

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and give ear to my cry; hold not your peace at my tears! For I am a sojourner with you, a guest, like all my fathers. Look away from me, that I may smile again, before I depart and am no more! Psalm 39:12-13

Who Gives A Rat's "Tail" About Cupcakes?

**This post was written in response to one of Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts. Head over there for some great writing!

10 thoughts on “Who Gives A Rat’s “Tail” About Cupcakes?

  1. Jessica

    That haircut is awful and I love that wedding favor, I just started using Pinterest and love it!

  2. Rissa

    This was fantastic Hill. I had a friend once say that to deny our hearts desire is to run in the opposite direction of Him. And I think this has to do with it ????

  3. Stacie

    Very entertaining… enjoyed your blogging style quite a lot. Stopped by from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party. Thanks for sharing. http://www.rileys-smile.blogsot.com

  4. gypsyroxylee

    I have yet to join the many “pinners” but just reading your post makes me want to open an account so I too can pin things that inspire passion in me. However, I think I might like to just pin the good stuff. After seeing the “rat’s tail” haircut, I’m afraid I will never be able to forget such a hideous sight! ????

  5. Kristi

    Popping by from the Email Subscribe Blog Hop. This is just a WONDERFUL post!! And so very, very true. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  6. Classy Career Girl

    It is so important to think about your passions. Thanks for the reminder. Stopping by from the tea party. Following you now!

  7. snowwhite2056

    That is one bad haircut — and sometimes we just need to share those things we can’t quite get our heads around! =) Enjoyed your blog. Praying that your RA treatments are successful. Dropping by from the tea party. Following you now!


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