Yep, I'm another wife/mommy blogger who feels the need to share with the cyber world the scoop on my fascinating life. I'm quirky and cynical. You have been warned.

Since You’ve Been Gone…Sep 02nd

Matt and I went to a Kelly Clarkson concert last week. It was “epic,” if that’s a word people still use to mean awesome, spectacular, great and, you should have been there. We tried so hard to get a nice selfie. I mean, a Kelly Clarkson concert is worth a selfie, right? Wait, is a […]

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Febreze In-Wash #BacktoStink GiveawayAug 20th

Back to School is coming fast, and I’m teaming up with Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator to offer a back to school giveaway. One winner will take home a $100 Walmart gift card, $50 Dicks Sporting Goods gift card plus Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator to help you expel the smell. Undo the Pee Yew So much […]

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Creating Stories With RealTimesJul 08th

Even though my memory is jam-packed with delicious images of childhood and adolescence, there are only a few home videos available for my viewing pleasure. Why? Because we didn’t have a video camera. We do have a few prized videos that are recorded on Uncle Ed’s or Mrs. Wallace’s camcorders. Watching those dodgy videos is […]

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5 Tips For Self CareJun 22nd

At 30 years of age, I’ve been all over the map as far as health goes. I have been vibrant, plump, and thriving. I have been diminished, thin, and failing. I have been pregnant and swollen. I have been post-partum and sagging. And while there is a happy medium somewhere in between all of those […]

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Summer Bucket List With Kellogg’sMay 21st

Summer is *almost* here. After Christmas break, I dreaded the coming of summer. Why? Because it meant no school, and without school, I’m left with a very busy little girl who needs constant activity. But now that it’s *almost* here, I’m excited. I’m excited to have days of relaxation and adventure in equal parts. Having […]

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Bring the Stink! $150 Giveaway!May 15th

I’m teaming up with some of my favorite bloggers to bring you a GREAT giveaway from Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator. Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator invites you to get smelly, then #BringTheStink! Now with 3x more freshening power, Febreze In-Wash is afraid of no stink! From sweat to smoke to pet smells, Febreze In-Wash eliminates the […]

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#tbt: Mother’s DayMay 14th

It’s Thursday. Lets throw it back, shall we? Mother’s Day has come and gone. And while we’ve all performed our obligatory services to our mothers, I’m still sitting here thinking. Motherhood is no easy task, yo. Like, a card? A card and flowers as a thank you? Really? We carry these babies for nine months. We […]

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3 Cheap, Easy, and Clean MealsMar 13th

clean meals

So…I started a thing last Friday, and I’m trying real hard to be a good girl and follow through. Friday’s Favorites. Today I want to share a little insight into our diet. People are starting to notice that we have…shrunk, a bit. My husband (annoyingly) has lost WAY more weight than I have. But that […]

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Friday Finds: Best Baby MoccasinsMar 06th

handmade moccasins

I hesitate saying that I’m making this a thing. Because…with my track record, chances are I’m going to drop this trend like…I don’t know. But here’s the thing. I want to share awesome things that I find. Because when I find a good thing, I want to spread the wealth and let everyone in on […]

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How To Share The Bathroom With Your CatMar 03rd

litter box in bathroom

I feel like I’m pretty honest with you guys. Like, I make no attempt to hide the fact that most of my day is spent wiping butts and dealing with small humans. But sometimes I think I forget to mention the small non-human I have to deal with in addition to the small humans. We […]

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5 Tips For Taking Your Child To The BalletFeb 25th

Parenting is a huge journey of unknowns. It’s a relationship based, in equal parts, off of love and inexperience. Even if you’re a veteran mom, each child you have will bring new ideas and new challenges. I am always pleasantly surprised by the incredible things I get to learn along the way. Ok, maybe “pleasantly […]

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myCharge RazorPlus Giveaway!Feb 21st

Did you know that the average smartphone users checks their phone 110 times per day and that 2.7 hours of that is just for fun?   Did you also know that without an available power source 77% of phone users will have a dead battery by 4pm? Whether at work or play all of these […]

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The Best Sleep Sack For Your BabyFeb 19th

infant sleep sack

It’s basically taken me three times to finally figure out what is best when it comes to all things baby. With my first baby, everything was new and I just got all click-happy on the registry. Things fell into place, largely because people were generous. Then I had my second baby. Let’s just call the […]

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Transformation Tuesday on a WednesdayFeb 18th

Ok, I don’t want to be the totally annoying person who is always talking about her diet or fitness program. I don’t. But, yesterday was Tuesday–Transformation Tuesday, and it got me thinking about my own transformation. I actually look forward to see what people post on Transformation Tuesday. Whether it’s a pregnant belly growing, or a […]

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How To Not Lose Friends While DietingFeb 09th

Dieting Mistakes

So, hey. I made it through a month of dieting. January was my Crucible. It was rough. But I had a partner–Matt starved alongside me. We’re still on this annoying journey to lose weight and revolutionize our “lifestyle” but I feel like the biggest hump has been managed. The only problem is, I fear we […]

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9 Surprising Facts About Kids And iPadsJan 29th

So…I got an iPad for Christmas. I requested an “e-reader,” yes, said just like that, because I’m a nerd. I wanted an electronic device whereby I could purchase books (at a discounted rate) and ignore my family while diving into fictitious worlds. Reasonable Christmas wish, right? I even told Matt, “Hey, I don’t want an […]

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Working on my fitnessJan 20th

Ok, so yesterday I talked about my word for the year… Abundance. That’s a pretty high caliber word, don’t you think? I picked it as a theme for my year because I believe “abundance” to be all-encompassing. I’m 30 years old, and I feel its time to grow up in certain arenas in life. I want […]

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My Word For 2015Jan 20th

Well hey! It’s been a year since I’ve posted. Hyuck. hyuck. I love corny New Years jokes. I enjoyed some time away, but in all honesty I missed blogging. No really! I had posts all ready in my head. December was going to be a full month…and then my computer died. Like, black screen of […]

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Boost Your Body: 3 WaysDec 18th

*This post is brought to you by Sara Lee® Christmas is in SEVEN days. Holy cow. Are you ready for it? New Year’s Day is FOURTEEN days away. Are you ready for that? I am. I am really ready to kick off this new year and focus on getting healthy again. I’m not just talking about […]

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