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Rheumatoid Arthritis: Where I was.Jun 30th

rheumatoid arthritis

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lifescript.com Ok guys, those of you who have stuck with me from the beginning KNOW where I’ve come from. I mean, RIGHT? I don’t let a day pass where I don’t remember and recognize where I was just two years ago. Rheumatoid arthritis. I […]

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Joy: Don’t stop believing.Jun 04th

The coolest you’ll ever be is when you don’t give half a hell about who is watching or what they are thinking. Can I get an amen? For the last two months I have spent a good deal of time working out. It’s been a sort of therapy for me–training my body to be better, […]

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Eating My Words: When Dieting is WrongMar 08th

Eating my words

All of my pants have shrunk. It must be this new detergent I’m using. Or maybe the dryer is extra hot these days. Also, my scale is broken. It’s like, five years old, so you know–this day was bound to come. The kids use it as a stool sometimes when they need to be 1/2 […]

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The Last Time I Was SickJan 31st

Huh. From the very moment I received my diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis I carried my illness with my identity. I am ill. I will always be ill. I am living in illness. People who do not live with something like an autoimmune disease don’t get it. They don’t understand that RA, Lupus, and Crohns are […]

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My Dark Passenger: Fear And Rheumatoid ArthritisOct 02nd

If you watch the show Dexter you know that the protagonist always has a “dark passenger” at his side. Even when he’s doing totally mundane and innocent things the passenger whispers commands and waits to pounce on a victim. I kind of have my own dark passenger. Don’t worry. I’m not some psychopath vigilante who […]

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Brag Fest and A Convo With CocoJun 08th

I’m am one accomplished little lady today. I am never, ever accomplished so I feel totally fine with bragging right now. Allow me this small pleasure and listen 😉 So…I got up with the kids this morning (usually Matt does.) We made breakfast together. (Matt usually does this, too, because I’m all curled up in […]

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Hidden HandicapsMay 24th

“So you just stand there and let him do all the work?” Those words stick in my head as the herald of last year. The man who said them has NO idea that his casual remark cost me sleep, that I agonize over my actions in light of his cruel and careless observation. We were […]

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A Dark PromiseApr 19th

rheumatoid arthritis and depression

What can a person expect with a diagnosis like rheumatoid arthritis? Today I am sharing something more dark and difficult about this disease. I hope it informs people a little better about what this RA is and what it’s like to live with it. That said, I think it can be read from the perspective […]

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Wearing Pink GlassesFeb 24th

Hi all. I don’t feel good. I want to punch my rheumatoid arthritis in the face. I hate starting the day feeling like crap. I hate waking up and needing to thaw out the stiffness before I can even brush my teeth. It’s lame. That being said, I don’t want you all to think I’m […]

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Wordful Wednesday: I Could Have Been MarthaAug 17th

It’s a good thing I have RA, folks. Otherwise I would have made ya’ll look bad with my mad homemaking schools. The RA slows me down, and therefore, takes me out of the competition. Because the world only needs one Martha Stewart. Or at least that’s what God told me. A few years ago (seriously, […]

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Surgery SucksJul 21st

Well, I made it through my NINTH foot surgery. This surgery was quite different from the previous ones. My doctor wasn’t exactly sure where I had ripped my tendon, and had a plan A, B, and C depending on where the tear was. Fortunately, he was able to go with plan A, which was the […]

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RA And Foot SurgeryJul 13th

The Eye of Sauron is upon me. He who must not b named has cursed me. I’m on the Dark Side. Ding dong the Wicked Witch is not dead. Dang it. I ran out of villains. I think I’m digging the Eye, or “He who must not be named”? What do you think? Oh, wait, […]

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My Diagnosis Of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Four Words That Changed MeMay 23rd

Its funny how all the life changing events are so concise, so brief in nature. Usually they consist of four words or less: “Can we be friends?” “You’re suspended.” “Your dad was fired.” “Your grandma died.” “Will you marry me?” “I do.” “I’m pregnant.” “It’s a girl.” “I love you.” “Congratulations.” “We’re sorry to inform…” […]

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