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Wordful Wednesday: I Could Have Been MarthaAug 17th

It’s a good thing I have RA, folks. Otherwise I would have made ya’ll look bad with my mad homemaking schools. The RA slows me down, and therefore, takes me out of the competition. Because the world only needs one Martha Stewart. Or at least that’s what God told me. A few years ago (seriously, […]

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Thrifty Thursday: Dumpster Diving 101Aug 26th

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Oh, how true are the words when you have no money and have immediate needs. Well, I guess a kitchen table isn’t necessarily a “need.” We could go Asian style and sit on our bums around the coffee-table–I’m sure it’s more eco-friendly on some level. (Boy, am I […]

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Thrifty Thursday: Picture Spruce-UpJul 08th

Short and sweet today. I promise. I have spent the last 24 hours writing a rough draft for a final paper, a rough draft of Chapter Two of my thesis, and an overview and outline of Chapter Three. All that to say—finally I don’t want to write a big old long post. But I do […]

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Lets Just All Not Wash Our HairJun 17th

I’m running out of shampoo. It sucks. I use expensive shampoo. It’s called “Enjoy” and when I have it, I do enjoy it. It costs about $25 for a 15 oz bottle. I don’t want to do the math–I know its pricey. But the nice thing is, its sulfate-free, and you only need to use […]

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Thrifty Thursday: A Lightbulb of InspirationMay 13th

I’ve decided to try a new thing on here. Every thursday I am going to post something related to the word “thrifty,” whether it be decorating, a sweet deal, or cheap meal idea. Not only will it motivate me to stay thrifty, but it may also provide some inspiration for all of you out there […]

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Weekend Makeover (on my house)Feb 22nd

Well, I feel very productive at the conclusion of this weekend. Though I did intend to do much much more, I am happy with my results. Lately, I have been seized by this urgency to redo every piece of furniture in my house. That is a huge undertaking, and I am quite sure that it […]

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GenerosityJan 10th

Well, I’ve taken couponing to a whole new level in my life by only spending money where there’s a deal. Its been a good change for me, but it has perhaps made me a little aggressive 🙂 Last night, Matt, CoCo, and I went to El Torito for dinner. I was armed and dangerous with […]

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