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I’m Thankful For My Middle ChildNov 25th

PicMonkey Collage middle child

I love my children to the moon and back. Each and every one. I love them all. But I think there are certain seasons where I “like” one more than another. Is that terribly wrong? Probably. But just as there are seasons of weather (unless you live in SoCal like me), there are seasons with […]

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#gratefulmomOct 09th

Now that I am a mom to three tiny humans, people are always telling me how busy and challenging my life must be.  I’ll admit, it’s pretty nice to be able to pull the overwhelmed-mom card now and then. I can blame my mood swings, messy house, and burnt dinner on this “trying” phase of life. […]

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Just Call Me A CowSep 04th

Its a funny thing. When you’re extremely pregnant all you can think about is what it would be like to feel normal again. The last two months of my pregnancy I felt like a cow. A cow with heartburn. My belly was huge. My boobs were huge–and leaking–and I fought the urge to moo (and/or […]

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What I ForgotSep 01st


You know, it might be the most cliche thing in the book for me to write this post. Maybe it will bore you. Guess what? I don’t care. You see, even though this is my THIRD baby, there has been a major learning curve. The gap between Chaucer and Tennyson is almost four years. There […]

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Change is ExhaustingAug 27th


You guys. I am SO not ready to be doing real life stuff yet. If I could, I would sit in my recliner (my spot), in my pajamas, all day long. I would nurse Tenny, hold him, and just wait for him to poop. Because that’s pretty much what he does all day long. Also […]

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The Birth Story: Part 3Aug 21st


You guys! I am so sorry for the ridiculous delay in posting the third and final part of my birth story. Lets blame it on exhaustion, recovering from surgery, and an adorable distraction that makes me just want to snuggle all day long. Oh, and school started, so there’s that too. Anyways. Here is the […]

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The Birth Story: Part OneAug 10th

birth story

Hi guys. I had a baby two weeks ago. An amazing, sweet, delicious baby boy. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see for yourself that he is just the absolute, most perfect newborn ever. I had things planned ahead. Like, I would blog my birth story, and throw up some funny labor/delivery posts. Maybe even […]

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Wedding Vows for Real LifeMay 27th

wedding vows

My little sister got married this weekend. The day was hot, the bride was beautiful, and I managed to pull off my pregnant-bridesmaid dress. My husband was gone all last week, so I’ve been looking forward to THIS week for awhile. After an exhausting weekend of weddingness, I was glad to come home and let […]

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Remember Your Grandma This Mothers DayMay 09th

grandma magic

No matter how cold the temperature, Grandma’s tapioca always tasted warm. Those weird little lumps could slide around your mouth like soothing, massaging medicine balls. I’ll be honest, tapioca felt iffy for many years. The funny texture, clear and lumpy like fish eyes—the fact that I could almost see the egg whites, always prompted me […]

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Shutting Up An Ugly VoiceMar 10th

No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader. ~Robert Frost For quite a while, since maybe November, in fact, I’ve felt as though I don’t have much to offer in the way of blogging. I like to make people laugh. I want to […]

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Wanted: A Samwise GamgeeFeb 24th


At first, loneliness was a foreigner to me. The unknown; a language I could not speak. Coming from a large family, I always felt my place. Sure, it was a crazy household, but I had my spot in it. The oldest girl, situated between two older brothers, two younger, and a little sister, I knew […]

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The Third WheelJan 27th

Third wheel

When people ask me about my kids, I tell them I have a girl and a boy. “Oh, perfect! One of each!” They always look a little alarmed when I tell them I’m expecting another. Why would I need another? I have my girl, and I have my boy. I just shrug and tell them […]

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Lost or Found: Mommy IdentityNov 14th

just a mom

So the other day we had a wrap-up brunch for the women’s Bible study I attend. While there were so many wonderful things to take away from our last session, I found myself stuck on the juxtaposition of two testimonies that were shared. One woman shared how she found her identity in being a mom […]

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Not BreastfeedingAug 21st

Breastfeeding pin

  Hey guys, today I’m talking about something a little different. I got to contribute to an ebook put together by MAM, the popular baby brand. MAM asked bloggers to share real, nitty gritty stories about motherhood and I was excited to get a chance to talk about something that I still think about today. […]

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More grace, please.Jul 18th


So I’ve been a really bad blogger lately. I sort of feel like the person that did a big SBD (silent but deadly) who walked away when the giant crowd started to smell it. Last week I fessed up to more personal and embarrassing stuff. It’s like I have to disgrace myself and then hide. […]

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Addiction Aftermath: Weight GainJul 08th

If I’m being honest I’ll tell you that confessing to a drug addiction was the easy part. Being quiet after the response–that wasn’t so hard either. It’s ok in circumstances like this to “plead the fifth.” But live normal life? That’s hard, yo. They didn’t tell me at the Chemical Dependency Center that I would […]

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Rheumatoid Arthritis: Where I was.Jun 30th

rheumatoid arthritis

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ok guys, those of you who have stuck with me from the beginning KNOW where I’ve come from. I mean, RIGHT? I don’t let a day pass where I don’t remember and recognize where I was just two years ago. Rheumatoid arthritis. I […]

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Coming Clean: Vicodin Addiction RecoveryMay 13th

coming clean

Let’s talk about vicodin addiction recovery. Why? A few weeks ago I came out with my darkest, most ugly, most embarrassing secret. I shared it with the world. I don’t know what I expected from such a revelation, but the outcome was better than anything I could have hoped for. Yes, it was excruciating. I […]

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