What I Forgot

By | September 2, 2014

You know, it might be the most cliche thing in the book for me to write this post. Maybe it will bore you. Guess what? I don’t care.

You see, even though this is my THIRD baby, there has been a major learning curve. The gap between Chaucer and Tennyson is almost four years. There is a lot I forgot in those four years.



How it’s impossible to not kiss his head every time I pick him up.

How my heart swells when he does something so basic as to track my movement with his eyes.

How I feel special when he holds my finger with his tiny fist. Maybe it’s just a reflex. I don’t care. It feels amazing.

How wriggly and stubborn he gets when I change his diaper. As if putting up a fight would change my mind.

How he snuffles and snorts when he’s impatient to eat.

How I’m at a total loss in the face of so much cuteness.

How every moment feels like it should be photographed.

How I want time to stop so I can just memorize him forever.

How tired and happy I am.

How tired.

How happy.

How tired…

OH my.



I forgot all of that, and it feels good to remember.


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