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By | August 28, 2014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf SIMPLR™.

I’ve gotten so many wonderful things out of blogging. I get free products, I get money from time to time, I get awesome opportunities, and I get great friendships. But the thing that I get right here on this blog that always blows me away with gratitude is the encouragement from my readers.


I mean, I’m not an extraordinary person. I’m not a celebrity and I’m not super duper talented. But I have this space where I look for the “fascinating” in my life and you guys, you readers, always rise with me and say, “good job!” “Keep going!” and “I’m praying for you!”

I’ve come here healthy and I’ve come here sick, and always, always I get support.

Thank you.

Yesterday I shared about how this change (read: new baby) is kind of draining me and the comments here and on Facebook just really encouraged me. It’s not that I’m broken or anything. I’m so happy right now–truly. But I am definitely in repair mode (also hormonal mode) and need that extra pat on the back.

tenny and i

I also need people to help me deal with stuff that is just an absolute pain in the butt.

Like my vacuum that crapped out right after Tenny was born. Ok…it didn’t necessarily “crap” out on its own. I sorta had something to do with it. Remember all my nesting? (If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some ridiculous stuff) Yah, deep-cleaning a vacuum should never be on your list of things to do.

cleaning the vacuum

And now I have no vacuum ????

There’s this adorable little Pinterest quote:

Boys: noise with dirt on it.

That quote doesn’t accurately describe the little boy that I live with. If there was a definition for Chaucer it would read:

Chaucer: dirt with legs.

The child is a walking disaster. I give him one, small cracker to eat. He leaves behind a pile of crumbs that shouldn’t come from such a small cracker.

So now you can see what a tragedy my broken vacuum is. Do I have time to go to find a vacuum repair shop? No.

Fortunately, my mom stepped in and carted the broken thing off to her local repair shop. Thank heaven! Some people don’t have moms who will cart their broken vacuums for them. Some moms just don’t have time, or even know of a repair shop in existence.

I am always looking for ways to make my life easier. Simple. Simpler.



So there’s this awesome service called SIMPLR™ where you get to ensure all those things that are just a pain in the butt to fix. Like your phone, or your TV, your dishwasher, or maybe your vacuum. At SIMPLR™ you can register your belongings, ensure them, and know that SIMPLR™ will have your back.

So if your vacuum craps out on you right before you have a new baby, you can ship the thing off and they will deal with it. They’ll send it back all shiny and new and you can focus on your baby instead of scouring the yellow pages for a repair shop. Or guilting your mom into taking it for you.

If you’re a busy person, or absentminded, or just a klutz like me–I recommend you purchase a SIMPLR™ plan. SIMPLR™ covers accidental damage from handling such as drops, spills and cracked screens for beloved portable products like tablets and laptops (and vacuums).

Here’s what you do:

  • FILE an online claim
  • PACK & SHIP your product or schedule your in-home repair.
  • SMILE when you receive your repaired product, replacement, or reimbursement.

Nice, huh?

Now, SIMPLR™ is doing this nice giveaway and I hope one of you wins! How does $150 from sound? I could buy a lot of diapers with that. Or hair products. What would you buy? Please enter this because one of you will win, and maybe you can send me diapers. Or hairspray. Kidding!

Giveaway closes Sept. 4th so HURRY!

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4 thoughts on “Got Your Back+ $150 Giveaway

  1. Steph

    I am pregnant, so I totally understand the dire need to deep clean the vacuum! ????

  2. Jenn (Student Mom)

    OMH! My dishwasher died on me (well… technically it was just being a good steward and switching the lights off after we left the house… Glass half full) and before the shops closed that day I had a new one. I’d like to think it was the look of sheer panic in my eyes that induced my husband to get a new one immediately,but I think it was the recollection of Life Before The Dishwasher that motivated him.

  3. Erin

    As a mom-to-be I can see this being very helpful for those cellphone and tablet screens… Come to think of it, my vacuum has been acting funny..!

  4. Shannon

    We have 5 kids and a very busy life, I’ve never heard of this, but this is getting linked to my husband because we could use it!


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