What Life is Like Right Now

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I’ve noticed that its a common trend to say “life’s crazy right now” when someone asks how you are doing. I admit, I say this a lot, and I wonder when it will be that I’ll simply say: “life is so boring right now. There is absolutely nothing going on in my life.” Based on observation, I really do not anticipate that those words shall ever trespass my lips.

I am not claiming that Matt and I lead a busier life than anyone else in the world; rather, I’m just noticing (and maybe this is nothing new) that people are always so busy and it feels as if we are all on this insane merry-go-round, just waiting to get off (boy, does that sound like a cheesy country song!). If I follow that train of thought to its logical conclusion, I end up at a very morbid conclusion with death being the only pit-stop. But really, I do not believe that life is THAT crazy, or THAT dizzying of an experience. Ever since I have experienced the joy of becoming a parent, I get reminded of how precious it is to just enjoy a moment, and savor it for all its worth. I want to squeeze out every ounce of pleasure from this short and speedy phase in Coco’s life. I am daily blown away by how much love and adoration I have for this 22 lb. being. t is absolutely mind-blowing when you consider how selfish we are, that children elicit this self-less, overflowing love.
I think that being a mom is one of the greatest ways to enjoy life. While I have great hopes and goals for a career, I really do believe that being a mom will be the greatest thing I ever accomplish. I am getting a taste of the career life with my part-time teaching job, and while I am extremely grateful for it, I do find myself speeding home to Coco just pick her up and enjoy her squirming little body try to escape me. There is something very rewarding about preparing a lesson and delivering it to a room full of eager (ha!) faces. . . but this does not even come close to the satisfaction of hearing “Mama.” Sigh. I hope to hear that from at least five different voices someday…
So, to stay on topic–life right now is crazy. However, God has given us grace in learning how to enjoy the little things. The only weekday evening that Matt and I are both home together is Friday night, and we look forward to that like a fat kid does cake! We’ve managed to figure out ways to have “quality family time” in the midst of hectic schedules. I love our occasional walks to Sprouts, sneaking a sleeping Coco into bed just to hold her, and “date-nights” at our kitchen table.
I love when I come home to my mother-in-law holding Coco on the balcony so that she can see me walk up the stairs. We are so blessed to have Leann nearby and willing to receive phone calls (often several times a month) at 5:00 a.m. just to hop into her green bug and take care of Cosette for the day. She never complains or even raises an eyebrow at our often messy, chaotic home–this is truly a gift.
I love my Tuesday adventures with Em, which always involve at least five bucks, but we get so much out of those days! I’m also grateful for the one weekend out of the month that my Mom comes down for her classes in San Diego. While I do not get a ton of time with her, it is so sweet to have her here and see Coco vie for her attention. I enjoy getting to have coffee on the couch with Mom, and hear all about her experiences as a student. This weekend in particular, allowed me to spend some wonderful time with Kirsty before she moves to San Luis Obispo. We had such a great time chatting in the morning, shopping together, and staying up late talking. Love my Sissy!
There are many other things that happen during the week that make me stop and savor this life. Yes, life is crazy–but I am surrounded with so many blessings that culminate into a wonderful, fun life! I will be glad when this semester is behind me because it will mark the completion of my first semester teaching; however, I am committed to enjoying the grace God’s given me in the mundane.

3 thoughts on “What Life is Like Right Now

  1. hilljean

    Hillary! Oh My Goodness! This made me cry too! Im so happy you wrote this though. It really puts things into perspective. I love you so so much! I miss you already!

  2. Kirsten Karee Hayes

    Hillary! Oh My Goodness! This made me cry too! Im so happy you wrote this though. It really puts things into perspective. I love you so so much! I miss you already!

  3. Margo

    Dear Hill – this one made me cry! I was saying goodbye to Kirsty (again) as I was reading it. I love the pictures and the writing. What a great remembrance you’ll (we’ll) have of this time in your lives. Got to make it into a book! Love you, Mom


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