Wordful Wednesday: Welcoming Fall

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This weekend we welcomed Fall.

I’m talking like a big major wooptiedoo wonderful type of welcome.

I fried chicken—gasp!

I made mashed potatoes and…wait for it…gravy! Gasp gasp gasp.

The weather called for it. It beckoned me to attempt comfort food, and I think I did a pretty darned good job. Plus, the inlaws were in town so I needed to represent.

Ok, I admit. I didn’t actually fry the chicken in the literal sense of the word fry. I did it in the oven. But the result was very much fried–only not dripping in grease and gross.

I must also admit that ever since I saw The Help I can’t get Minnie’s Crisco chicken out of my head. And I’m NOT a fried chicken sort of gal.

Anyways, we pulled out a picnic table, threw a sheet on it, and had ourselves quite a spread.

Also! Actually, most important, the hubs cooked! And he didn’t just cook, he cooked PIONEER Woman style. That’s right. He looked through the cookbook, found what he wanted, and then made it. It was the third time in our marriage that he did such a thing and hopefully this time it will stick!

Oh, what did he make? Bacon wrapped jalapeno thingies. YUM. You should try them. Better yet, you should make your menfolk try to cook them and then they’ll be little Pioneer Womanites along with you!

Praise the Lord.

We had  a wonderful lunch. We all agreed that it was the type of meal, like Thanksgiving, than can only happen once a season. Otherwise we’d probably all wind up dead pretty quick.

It was fun. And the best part–besides the deliciousness and sweet memory-making, was that it rained just as we finished.

I love Fall. You can keep your summer. You can have spring, too. Fall and Winter are my absolute faves.

13 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: Welcoming Fall

  1. hilljean

    Wonderful pictures of great food and fun! I love the picture of Leanne and Jack & kids. They should frame that one! Makes me miss you all more:( Love you!

  2. hilljean

    Aww! You made my day! Thank you for your sweet words. You MUST try the bacon wrapped jalapeño thingies!!

  3. hilljean

    Um, your, not you’re. Sorry, less than 2 weeks before I have a baby. No brain power left.

  4. hilljean

    I haven’t made fried chicken in a long time. Wish you were close by, I’d teach you how to fry chicken and it wouldn’t be greasy and yuck! And mashed potatoes! Yum!! Thanks for sharing. I can smell it. Donna

  5. hilljean

    Adorable! I love ringing in a new season (especially Fall). Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  6. hilljean

    How great that you got to welcome in fall for just the weekend before the heat we had again this week. But I’ve heard this weekend is supposed to be fall-like again! Yay! And cooking anything out of the PW cookbook is reason to celebrate. And you’re signed copy, none-the-less!

  7. hilljean

    This looks fun and delicious- also, pretty sneaky to marry Owen Wilson and then never mention it on your blog!

  8. hilljean

    Hahaha! I always thought he looked like him when his hair was long like that, …..But yah, my blog would be so much more interesting if that was him, huh? ????

  9. hilljean

    It makes me smile to see you back in the kitchen doing things you love. And matt cooking?! WHAT?! I’m literally in a state of shock, that’s like my dad getting in the kitchen…ok well Matt isn’t as bad as my dad, but still. AMAZING! I love all of you and miss you terribly! Even old man and lala! LOVE!

  10. hilljean

    That moment when fall arrives is just the best time of the year. I like it better than Christmas. *GASP* Oh, also. If you fry in crisco, and drain on racks instead of paper towels, you actually end up with crispy, non greasy chicken. We do it all the time. ????

  11. hilljean

    P.S. You look so good. Skinny, stylish and just happy. I’m a tad jealous of your skinniness…I WANT a flat belly so bad. I’m over this growing bulge…that just is getting bigger, and Bigger and BIGGER. *sigh* love you hilly! ????

  12. hilljean

    Me too! The only thing that was missing was something pumpkinish. Shoot.


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