Eight Cocoisms: Things My Three Year Old Tells Me

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1.) Mom, could you get outta here? I’m trying to sing.

2.) When you brush my teeth I can’t talk.

3.) Neverrrrrrrrrrr!!!

4.) But I NEED to go to Starbucks!

5.) Mama, are you making a nice face or a naughty face?

6.) Dada! Just be quiet for a minute, Ok? I’m talking right now.

7.) We have to go to Trader Joe’s to find the dragon.

8.) I didn’t hit Chaucer. I just pushed him.

**This post was written in response to one of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Prompts. Head over there for some great writing!

10 thoughts on “Eight Cocoisms: Things My Three Year Old Tells Me

  1. hilljean

    Ha ha! Sounds like she’s got a lot to say! And she’s full of good ideas! I mean, I think I NEED to go to Starbucks right now, too!

  2. hilljean

    We vacillate between honesty, seriousness, silliness, and constant cuteness–with a smidget of stinker.

  3. hilljean

    Too Cute! You are going to have your hands full once she hits her teens!

  4. hilljean

    I know! Well, I guess we already have our hands full…good grief what will I do??

  5. hilljean

    She’s already in trouble and she’s not even in preschool! Agh! Or maybe I should say I’m in trouble. Ahaha.

  6. hilljean

    I am just now seeing this… haven’t been getting alerts when you post a new entry. I love it and the pictures!!! She is just too funny… I love to laugh with her:)

  7. hilljean

    Love the photos and quotes – little miss independent at the ripe old age of 3!


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