Wordful Wednesday: Our Christmas Photos

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I’ve already confessed that I label my children, so hopefully this isn’t a huge shocker to those lucky people that receive our Christmas cards. (For the record, I apologize if you didn’t get one and want one. I really would like to receive requests for Christmas cards. It would boost my self-esteem and be totally worth the extra postage).
Anyways, I love our Christmas pictures for this year. We didn’t even have to tell Coco what her sign said for her to cooperate to the fullest. She really is such a little stinker ham. 
And Chaucer? Well, he just had to stand there looking angelic. We couldn’t really get him to look at the camera because it was such a big deal for him to hold the sign. He felt pretty special.
He then started to mess up the lettering—causing me to rethink the labels.

Coco gave us so much material it was hard for me to choose. See what I mean?

We took a few family photos too, but didn’t send them out. I figured people would rather gawk at my audacious children rather than the ones where we look all composed…except Coco. Again.

In retrospect, I kinda sorta wish I could have had this be our Christmas card. I still can’t get over how amazing it is. I am one lucky mama.

So…who wants a Christmas card??

9 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: Our Christmas Photos

  1. hilljean

    Cute pictures! But I really think the last one should’ve been the one for the cards. It’s hilarious!

  2. hilljean

    gah! I know I’m a bit behind, but OH MY GOODNESS these are adorable! Especially Coco, who seems to have grown into her “label” just a little more… very creatively done, Hil. =)

  3. hilljean

    LOVE mine. Thank you dear, yours goes in the mail today!!

  4. hilljean

    LOL, just love these – great pics all round … love the labeling!

  5. hilljean

    fabulous family photos. and that photo with santa is hilarious!

  6. hilljean

    Love the pictures! Your little girl is adorable. The Santa picture made me crack up!


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