Wordful Wednesday: I Mees You!

By | April 11, 2012

So It’s Wednesday, and I have no photos for you. I have some great Easter pics but unfortunately my computer is not letting me download them. First world problem, I know. I’ve started to put videos up on youtube–I’m gonna share the one that was my little survival kit while I was in Seattle.

Matt and I probably watched it 20 times. Each. Really, I would watch it every time the homesickness became unbearable. And then it would be even more unbearable and I would need to eat something.

I never really had trouble with “emotional eating,” but this trip definitely initiated something! When there is red velvet fudge and Molly Moons salted caramel ice-cream, it’s very easy to eat your feelings ????

Ok, done with that. Watch the video, eat some chocolate, hug your little ones.


3 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: I Mees You!

  1. hilljean

    I love him! I am sure Matt is in those looks somewhere but all I see is Hayes. I’m glad you had the time away. It is the recipe for a happier mama.

  2. Ali

    Oh I’m glad you got to Taste Molly Moons!!! It’s so bad that I live so close to one and good too! ???? I always crave salted caramel when I need to eat my emotions haha! Sorry we didn’t connect while you were here, but I’m so glad you had fun. Your kiddos are so cute!!

  3. hilljean

    AAWWWHHH!! OH MY WORD! He just melted me…it’d eat myself into oblivion too watching this! Gosh he’s so darn cute!


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