Conversations With Coco: “M” Is For Murder

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The hubs shared this on Facebook last night, but it was too good to not go up on the blog. People always say about their kids, “I don’t know where they get this!”
And that seems to be the only appropriate thing for me to say as well. Matt swears he had nothing to do with the direction of the conversation, so I guess I believe him. 


Coco: Dad, I don’t want to go to bed because I’m scared.

Matt: Ok, well let’s go to bed and I’ll pray with you.

Coco: Ok.

Matt: Repeat after me: God,

Coco: God,

Matt: Please help me not be scared tonight…

Coco: Please murder all the monsters in my room.

Matt: Uh…Thank you for helping me not be scared tonight…

Coco: Thank you for murdering all the monsters in my room.

Matt: Amen.

Coco: Amen.

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