Make Me A Morning Person!

By | August 25, 2012
Make Me A Morning Person!

I want to make my life easier. Don’t you?

There are things that make my life difficult. You probably have your own list as well. I have spent the last week lamenting the difficulties instead of accepting them. The nerve of me, right?

Not to get all Winnie The Pooh on you, but isn’t that what life’s about? Dealing with what’s been handed to you, finding the joy in it, and thanking God for it.

Preach it, sister.

Easier said then done.

My specific set of “difficulties” could be less complicated if I were more organized with my time. For example, I am the absolute worst person in the morning. It is SO hard for me to get moving before 9:00. I know, I know. That is embarrassing to admit. Most people are up and running by 7:30, but I am most productive late at night. I get a second burst of energy around 10 pm and love to clean my house at this time. I also get creative and crafty and then stay up far too late with my glue gun. Or I write blogs. Like this one right here.

I’ll pay for it in the morning, fo sho.

Anywho, I’m really motivated to change my life. Not in the Jenny Craig sort of way, but in the being-a-morning-person sort of way. I want to be more of a morning person. I want to be that chipper, obnoxious mom that bounces into my children’s room singing, “Good morning, good morning, good morning! It’s time to rise and shine! Good morning, good morning, good morning! Get out of bed on time!”

Cause my mom did that. I should get to do that too, don’t you agree? If Coco is the retributive justice of my own ornery childhood, then by golly I get to play the part of my mom as well. Not that she was annoying…always. Just when she sang that song. Oh, and maybe when she would say things like, “Someday you’re gonna have a little girl that does exactly what you’re doing to me right now…”

That always rubbed me the wrong way. Now I know why.

Enough about my darling Ma. Back to changing my life.

After reading some brilliant posts from Money Saving Mom on how to The Most Of Your Mornings, I think I’ve figured out what I need to do to get my butt in gear. You really should head over there and read the series. Crystal, THE mom who saves money (and makes money saving money) is like the epitome of productivity. Really, she is. So she shares some great ideas on how to transition yourself from Gremlin to Goddess in three weeks. I don’t believe she ever uses the words Gremlin or Goddess, to be clear, but that is what I envisage when I think of my current state as a non-morning person.

Here’s my plan of action:

1.) Buy some really seriously ridiculously yummy and expensive coffee. I always buy good coffee, but I think this transition calls for some nurturing from ye olde bean. I want that stuff to be strong as an ox but gentle as a doe.

I am on fire right now, aren’t I?

2.) Buy a really awesome mug. I have a lot of awesome mugs. One of these days I’ll get around to photographing my collection thus far. I bet you can’t wait to see my mugs, huh? In my book, the mug has everything to do with the way the coffee goes down. I want to commence my new ritual with the perfect mug. I will seek it as one seeks the Grail.

I’ll let you know what I come up with, assuming I don’t burst into flames upon first contact.

3.) Ok fine. I’ll go to bed a little earlier.

4.) Figure out my Top 5 Evening Must-Do’s (so far all I have is take a long bath, drink herbal tea, and watch Downton Abby…I think I’m supposed to fit housework in there as well.) Look over at Money Saving Mom for the explanation of the Top 5. Seriously, so brilliant.

5.) Suck it up. I have to just get up earlier. It’s not going to be fun. It’s going to suck, but I have to do it. They say it takes a fill-in-the-blank amount of time to form a habit. So I’m going to have to spend fill-in-the-blank amount of time subjecting myself to forming this habit.*

That is all for now. I will keep you posted on how this enterprise goes. I’m starting it on Monday because, you know, I need to buy the mug and stuff. Also, it’s 2 AM right now, so tomorrow’s not gonna work.

Are you a morning person? What helps you have a good morning? Do you sing annoying songs to your children to wake them up?

*I really don’t know what the fill-in-the-blank is. Does anyone know? I could just google it but like I said, it’s 2 AM and I need to go to bed.

28 thoughts on “Make Me A Morning Person!

  1. hilljean

    Wait…so you’ve worked on it for AGES? Crap. Any secrets you’ve uncovered to help a fellow sleeper?

  2. hilljean

    I’m not a morning person, either. I have to try really hard drink a ton of coffee!

  3. hilljean

    Oh, I have been trying for ages to becomes a true morning person! I love your thoughts on this…witty and cute…and helpful ???? Visiting from SITS and your newest follower ????

  4. hilljean

    You are hilarious! I get up at 5:30AM most mornings and always have to drag myself through my morning routine. I guess getting up early morning doesn’t make me a morning person:-) Thanks for stopping by my page. Love your blog!

  5. hilljean

    Wow! Ok, I might be motivated by what you said. That is so impressive! Do you drink coffee or anything before you go to the gym? And what time do you go to bed at night? Good for you for changing your life in such a big way! I am so inspired ????

  6. Three Wagons: Sleep, Exercise, and Diet

    […] while ago I wrote about desiring to be a morning person. I made a few lists and I actually got my butt into gear. I GOT UP in the […]

  7. hilljean

    Alright, so I am like, the anti-morning person. Always have been. Shortly after getting married 5 months ago, my sister asked my poor new husband if he had dealt with my morning wrath yet. Kinsley still makes fun of me about my mornings in college of no speaking until I had washed my face and brushed my teeth.
    That being said, once I began teaching full-time (okay, it almost always more than full-time), I no longer could do evening/afternoon workouts, and had to find a new time to get my sweat on. ???? that only left mornings. For almost 2 years now, I’ve been getting up and working out in the morning. I currently wake at 4:45 to haul my booty to the gym, and you know what? I’m no longer exhausted! It’s habit now, and I bounce into work with so much energy…plus, I sleep much better at night. I’m actually more exhausted when I choose not to go to the gym and sleep that extra hour. Weird, huh? Anyways…just my 2 cents. Hope you’re doing well!

  8. hilljean

    I’m honestly not sure what I am! I am a SAHW soon to be SAHM. My husband works on a shift schedule so when he has to be up at 4:30, I’m up too and when he can sleep in, I sleep in too! lol

  9. hilljean

    I guess the other side is certainly baffling. I can’t understand going to bed early…I think morning people really do have the upper hand in life, though. They are always more productive and put-together. Sigh.

  10. hilljean

    Well, I’ve always been a morning person so maybe I’m just wired for it but the older I get, the earlier I wake up, so be patient – it will get easier! Here’s an idea to go with the mug and awesome coffee – make a frittata the day before and then breakfast will be ready too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stop fretting about feeling fatigue. You’ll figure the formula out!

  11. hilljean

    Why thank you ???? My dad nicknamed me “Hilarious” as a child, so I try to live up to it (my name is Hillary–so it’s ripe with fun and not so fun nicknames). Shoot. I was hoping that one could become a morning person. Seems I must be wrong ????

  12. hilljean

    When your kid sleeps in its like a special greeting card from God. I am dreading that whole getting to the bus thing when my kids are older. Hopefully I will have made the great change by then :0

  13. hilljean

    I’ve always been a morning person, so this has always baffled me…staying up late? What does that mean? It’s definitely a double edged sword because by 9 I’m ready for bed.

  14. hilljean

    I like your ideas here for getting up earlier. I do have a question for you though. What would you suggest for someone in my position. My schedule is constantly shifting at work from 8a-4p, 4p-12a, or Midnight to 8am. I have a 19 month at home and we are currently trying to add another to the household. I have been paying for a gym membership for a year now and I have been once. I really want to start getting into the habit but I have had a really hard time.

  15. hilljean

    I am right there with ya! Only now I have kids in school and summer vacations is ending in 3 days and that means we have to be up to catch a bus by 7:15! I used to rely on the baby to get me up by 7, but she has slipped into all our bad habits and today she didn’t get up till 9:30! (Heaven!… NO wait!) Stopping in from SITS!

  16. hilljean

    Neither am I a morning person … unless my morning starts at 8ish. But my kids are up and roaring at 6:45 so I have gotten into the habit of getting up before them (because trying to wake up when my kids are already hoppin’ is awful) and the key is definitely going to bed at a reasonable hour. And having good coffee in the morning – and iced in the afternoon. ???? Good luck!

  17. hilljean

    I totally have afternoon coffee! It’s my favorite thing about fall and winter. In the summer I definitely have to have it iced, but it’s not my favorite.

  18. hilljean

    I’ve got this wonky morning&night person thing going. I typically only get about 5 hours a night any more than that and I wake up cranky and grouchy. My bad time is afternoons from about 2 – 5. Ugh. I droop so completely that not even fancy coffee can wake me up. My husband is convinced I exist purely on sunshine and rainbows which would be great but apparently those are both very high calorie and my hips are paying for it!

  19. hilljean

    You could join the HMC (Hello Mornings Challenge). I now roll out of bed every day, a whole lot earlier than I would normally do, and get to commiserate with some equally… energetic women… Havalook.

  20. hilljean

    If I could have an IV drip coffee into my veins BEFORE I wake up—that would be perfect. Slurp.

  21. hilljean

    I love creepy questions! Hahah! It means that readers really do want to know something and I love engaging with you. Well, I am 27 years old. I hope it gets easier as I get older. My kids will need me to get them to school on time, so I guess that’s something.

  22. hilljean

    4:30?! Holy cow! If I get UP at 8 I feel like I’ve accomplished something! Lol

  23. hilljean

    My husband gets up at 4:30 am each morning like clockwork. It’s disgusting. And if I sleep until 8am, it drives him crazy and he tells me that the morning is already gone! I’m not a morning person. At all. Lol.

  24. hilljean

    You’re a really nice wife. And yah, that will probably change when you’re little one arrives! Thank you for stopping by ????

  25. hilljean

    Oh this was hilarious! The morning now that school is back in is my personal nemesis. How to avoid wandering from room to room to avoid diving back under the covers is beyond me. If I stay on my feet, I’ve accomplished something. Saw you on SITS!! Stopping by to say hi-and if you have any crazy hairdos–feel free to share this week on my blog! Have a great one!!

  26. hilljean

    The covers feel SO good in the morning, don’t they? I’m always amazed at the texture of my sheets, the humming of my fan, and the warm haze of my duvet in the morning. It’s so romantic I just have to fall asleep again.


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