I can do tomorrow, because today…

By | February 4, 2013

Hi Guys!

Wow. Last week was so fun. Telling you guys my wonderful news was way more exciting than I even imagined. Your comments are always like little trinkets that make my day better. But on that post?

Your comments were gold.

GOLD, I tell you!

I didn’t realize how many people were invested in my journey with RA until I announced my remission. I feel so honored to have such incredible family, friends, and followers. Follower-friends. You guys are my friends. Thank you for making my struggle something you cared about–and for rejoicing with me in this miracle.

Wait, did you miss something? It’s ok, go over here and catch up. I’ll wait.

So, in honor of my awesome remission, I wanted to do something a little different today. An exercise, if you will, and it will require your participation. Here’s the backstory:

When I had really, really, really bad days (and there were many) I went to my journal and wrote down a one-line entry. My hands were useless back then, so all I could really afford was about a sentence before they’d poop out on me. By the way, hands can poop out. They don’t actually poop, but they poop out. Just wanted to clarify.

Back to the journal.

This was the format I gave myself:

I can do tomorrow, because today...


I’d fill in that blank with whatever it was that really blessed me that day.

*Coco ran inside to bring me a flowers.

*Matt said he loves taking care of me.

*Betsy brought me cupcakes.

*Chaucer had a belly laugh that lasted for five minutes.

*Coco “fixed” my hands with her doctor set.

*Mom sent me a care package.

* I ate gelato. 

You get the point, right? Little things that add up to be HUGE blessings. Each one of those sentences are complete stories of love, hope, and joy. Sometimes it takes being incapacitated and broken to appreciate that random cupcakes from a friend are  an absolute blessing.

Wait, that’s kind of a bad example. When are cupcakes NOT an absolute blessing?

How about your kid playing doctor with their sick mom? What’s happening right there?

Well, a child is learning empathy and compassion. They are working to fix a problem and seeking solutions for someone they love. They’re investing in your pain and sharing in your struggle. Your kid is doing that, and that is a big deal.

There were countless times my daughter played doctor when I was laid up on the couch, and that little sentence, “Coco ‘fixed’ my hands with her doctor set,” now overwhelms me to think how much she grew in my trial. What mother doesn’t want her kid to understand compassion and actually possess empathy? Yah, I think we’ll all sign up for that.

I don’t have bad days now. I can write way more than one little sentence if I want to. But you know something? That journaling was so good for me. It forced me to find something good in every. single. day. I could have put way more than one sentence. I found that there were many good things in a day, but I kept it to one.

So here’s what I want to do, just for kicks. Could you follow this prompt and leave your one-liner in the comments? I want to hear your good things. Your absolute blessings. I know some of you are in the midst of really hard things. Some of you are sick, like I was and you are desperate for remission. I’m praying for remission for each one of you. I mean it.

But lets find that one good thing right now. It’s Monday, nobody’s favorite day, but maybe we can kick off a good week.

I can do tomorrow, because today...


Your turn.


38 thoughts on “I can do tomorrow, because today…

  1. Lori Wescott

    I can do tomorrow because today my husband is home to help nurse us back to health!!

    1. hillary

      Aww! I hope you all feel better, but I’m so glad he could take care of you.

  2. amber

    I can do tomorrow because today I was reminded of how quickly my kids are growing up. I don’t want to miss once second!

  3. Miriam Gomberg

    I can do tomorrow because I got to mentor someone at work who was as excited as I was.

  4. ilene

    I can do tomorrow because today a friend took the time to email me at 5:30 in the morning a huge message of encouragement. You gotta love friends, like you said.

  5. Kim

    I can do tomorrow because today offers a fresh slate and a fresh start, and as former Prisoner of War Commander Paul Galanti, said “There’s no such thing as a bad day when you have a door knob on the inside of the door.”

  6. Leslie

    I can do tomorrow because today a student told me he wished I was his mommy. I cannot wait to be a mommy <3

  7. Sarcasm Goddess

    I absolutely love this! I can do tomorrow because today playing frisbee with my sweet puppy (and by that I mean, 9 yo dog) brought us both such joy!

  8. Lara

    I love this prompt! I can do tomorrow because today I got some rare one-on-one time with my little man while his twin brother napped and his sister was at school. (And as I was reading this post my daughter slipped a one-of-a-kind valentine under my door.)

    1. hillary

      So sweet! That one-on-one time is so rare and so special when there are multiple children!

  9. Angie in the Thick if It

    I can do tomorrow because today I had friends on my right and my left for several hours and the chip dip was AMAZING! Actually that was last night, but it’s true. On a day that my husband was asking me to consider a cross-country move we were blessed to have a WONDERFUL night surrounded by great friends that reminded him of why I/we love it HERE so much and perhaps why it’s worth staying. What a true blessing. I can do today.

    1. TOM

      when you just think how we are here! alive to just pray,dream and live the best we know how,there is always one who thinks that you are loved to the most and there will come a day that we wont ever have to wish! all our dreams we will be living for eternity!

  10. Rhoda Jane

    I can do tomorrow (today since I didn’t read this until Tuesday :-)) because today my husband totally surprised me with an early birthday dinner out!

  11. Keesha

    I can do tomorrow because today I taught some great combinations in my classes.

    I can do tomorrow because today when I hit myself on the head opening the door of my car, and sat on my son’s bed with an ice pack, both kids tried to kiss the pain away. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I spend way too much time thinking about what didn’t happen, instead of what did…

    1. hillary

      I think we all do– but it really helps to find that small thing that changes your whole perspective.

  12. Kim

    I can do tomorrow because today I got hugs and chocolate cake kisses from my grandsons, Seth and Russell.

  13. Sarah Bowling

    I can do tomorrow because today I weighed in and lost two pounds even after the Super Bowl party! :o)

  14. Chris Carter

    What an inspiring thing to do when you were struggling and suffering so… ahh…Phil 4:8. All that is WORTHY OF PRAISE!! Always so important to get us through… and there is ALWAYS something worthy of praise even in the midst of suffering. I know this well. I can do tomorrow because today I held my little naked boy and cuddled with him for 30 minutes after his long shower. (However, I did have to tell him to stop making out with me!) lol There will come a time when he will not want to do this with clothes on, let alone naked! So I eat it all up now… loving the innocence of mother love for and from his baby boy…growing fast. (sigh)

    1. hillary

      Aww! I know, it will be over before we know it–enjoy those cuddles now!

  15. Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    I can do tomorrow because today I got to sit and cuddle and chat with a little boy before the day had hardly started.

  16. meredith

    I can do tomorrow because today I sat in the backyard sunshine with my head on hubby’s lap while watching our two beautiful kids, one of whom was adorably naked, run around the yard.

  17. Mandy

    I can do tomorrow because today there was no yelling or fighting over doing homework!

  18. Gena

    I can do tomorrow because today my little ones (4 &5) said, thanks mommy that was a fun day! You are the best mom ever!

  19. MommyCribNotes.com

    I can do tomorrow because today Marissa hugged her naked little, post-bath body around me while I was being cranky and said, “I love you very.”

  20. Amalia

    I can do tomorrow because today I remember ‘it’s just for this life’ (the hard part) and I only get to do this once…and tomorrow will be another blessing.

  21. Sucky Week

    […] need to take my own advice and find the fascinating in the mundane. As quickly as you can figure something out, you can lose sight of what that thing is. But enough […]

  22. Amanda

    I can do tomorrow because the sun is shining, the sky is blue and we will have a dinner + play date with our neighbours and their kids (4 months, 5 and 3 years old). They always make me happy. Also, I’ll bake an orange bundt cake with buttermilk glaze.

  23. Tiffany

    I can do tomorrow, because today my mom is visiting and helping with the kids.


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