What A Bad Day.

By | April 3, 2013

So yesterday was pretty much the worst.

When you have a personal meltdown by 10 am you know you’re in for it. And yah, I was definitely in for it.

It’s been a busy two weeks. Between a blog conference, visiting family, and a complete makeover on my parent’s bedroom (more on that later), oh, and an absent husband–it’s been quite the time.

What I need is a solid 48 hours where I stay in my pjs, watch New Girl, eat carbs, and hang with my husband. A babysitter would also be preferable.

What I have is two wild children, an absurd pile of laundry, no food in the house, a missing husband, and a preschooler on spring break. Gahhhh! Did I mention we live five hours from all family members?

Babysitting is expensive, yo.

Now in case your wondering where my husband has absconded to and whether or not we’re scandalously separated, let me assure you he’s been at a boring philosophy conference. I mean a riveting philosophy conference. Ah heck. A philosophy conference.

My weekend was actually pretty fantastic…just majorly exhausting. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the great influx of my #transformation pics of redoing my parents bedroom. THAT will be a fun blog post, I promise you because the before and after shots are positively breathtaking.

However, anytime you have a serious before-and-after project you’re bound to be tired. I had plenty of help from my terrific family, but I think I somehow painted the energy I have left from Blissdom into the striped walls that now shine from the new bedroom. Oh, but those stripes are sweet.

So after a whirlwind weekend of paint and Target, and more paint and more Target, I had to make the lovely trek home alone with two kids. And by lovely I mean horrendous.

Now, I’ve written a post about how to survive a road trip with small kids. Today I could write a post about how to barely survive that same trip. I’ll spare you most of the dismal details.

The party-sized bag of Aged Cheddar Pirate’s Booty that I single-handedly consumed is proportionately telling of my trials.

Also, the five hours that stretched into seven, and the wrong turn at the end that led to an extra thirty-minute detour are details enough, right?

The moment of real clarity came when I got home and attempted to replace the toilet paper roll. In slow motion–so slow I could have stopped it–this happened:

What A Bad Day.

After that I just threw in the towel and called it a day.

Except I couldn’t call it a day because I have two small wildebeests to bathe and keep alive until their father returns. Also, they were encrusted with Rainbow Goldfish, and a sponge bath was not an option.

After draining the rainbow-turned-duck-poop-colored bath which they both insisted on drinking via sucking on washcloths, (OMgosh, so gross) I herded them into bed. This is when I wish I had a dog. A sheep dog, to be precise.

I confess that there were no redeeming, sweet moments at the end of this godawful day. No, just a huge sigh of relief when the shouts of tattling and the motley requests for water, wedgie-sorting, and epistemological quandaries were finally quieted.

What. A. Day.

Next time I’m sending them with their daddy.

19 thoughts on “What A Bad Day.

  1. Elaine A.

    I am sorry, but I had to laugh at the tp in the toilet. Partly because I’ve been there, in every sense of the phrase. xo

  2. Jenny Lynn

    Awe, those babysitters they sure do cost way to much.

    Today has to be better!

  3. Tara Price

    I am laughing because you describe many an insane day for me as well ???? As much as I wish you had the soft snuggles of a loyal dog to offer you compassion, I can attest that when I have had days like you had, my sweet, elderly, deaf, blind Basset Hound would have urinated in the spot at my feet as she lay sleeping. Yup, sometimes you gotta just do what it takes to stamp this day done and look to another day.

  4. Cameron

    You had me at carbs and “New Girl”- I LOVE that show!!! My wildebeests are a bit older so it’s hard to find time to watch my DVR’d “NG” when they aren’t around!!! (not sure if I want my teen learning anything from Schmitt! Haha). Hope you made it through the rest of your day! I love your blog! So fun and so well written!

    1. hillary

      Oh thanks! yeah, Schmitt is probably not the best role model for a budding teenager. But dang is he funny!

  5. Natalia

    Oh man girl! Sounds like a rough one! Yes, send them next time! I’m sure he’d like that!

  6. Chris Carter

    Oh how I totally get those kind of days!! My hubs used to travel all the time when my littles were even littler… it was survival of the fittest. And I wasn’t fit. ???? BTW- I have done that before- dropped the toilet paper in the toilet. There ain’t nothing wetter than those dang things! Okay, now I’m talking like you! HA! You’re sweet clang is now singing your song in my head!! LOL I sure hope you made it through today and are perhaps sound asleep by now! (Snoring and grinding and all that jazz!)

  7. nicolette @ momnivore's dilemma

    Yup. Been there. When the husband had his old job and scads of late nights. Gah, I don’t know how I did it.

  8. Jenn (Student Mom)

    Oh Girl! Oh Girl!

    Gag on the face cloth issues! The bunny also did that – bletch.

    I’m happy that it’s over. Thank God for another, totally different, day!

  9. Angela@JumpingWithMyFingersCrossed

    You do make a bad day funny–I was laughing and relating (a lot). Great post, hope tomorrow is better. Hang in there mama!

    1. hillary

      I know you can relate. You have more children then me, so you MUST! Hehe

  10. Rhoda Jane

    I love the way you write. You have a great talent for making a horrible situation sound so funny! I have had days like that with my three “wildebeests” but they don’t sound nearly as funny. ???? Praying today is better for you!

    1. hillary

      I could use the prayer! So far, today is going a little better, but we have a long way to go til nap time!

  11. be-quoted.com

    Every time something ridiculous happens when it’s just me and my daughter I always think, “why hadn’t I sent her with her daddy? Why?” Andrea visiting from SITS.


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