Barely alive.

By | April 17, 2013

Hey guys!

I just wanted to say I’m alive over here but it has been a very yucky week. We’ve been waiting for some really big news (no not pregnancy) and were supposed to get it on Monday. Turns out we have to wait a week longer and it’s been a roller coaster just waiting. I promise I’ll get back to you on this!

Also, I’ve been sick. So yah, not fun. I had some cool stuff planned for this week but I just couldn’t make it.

Instead, I’m just gonna share this really great video one of my lovely followers on Facebook shared with me. You may have already seen it, but in case you haven’t please watch and go and get the chills and such. It really goes along with what we’ve been discussing in the BeYouBeYOUtiful posts. In case you missed those you can read the first one right here and the second one here

And now, for the lovely video.


You can watch the whole Dove Commercial here: the above clip is just a snippet of a larger project.

4 thoughts on “Barely alive.

  1. Kim

    Glad you are feeling better! Take the time to refresh-I know, easier said than done when you are a mom and a wife and a blogger and everything else. ????

  2. How Embarrassing

    […] is not for the faint of heart. I feel I owe you something bona fide and true after my week of mostly silence in all social media. Not that anyone was pounding on the mercurial wall that separates this […]

  3. Amanda

    I am crossing my fingers and praying for you. I hope you feel better and that whatever results are coming, that all will be well. Hoping good things for you.

  4. Kellie B.

    I’m sorry your week has been yucky! I am hoping for you that whatever results you’re waiting for are good ones and that the weekend brings some rest and rejuvenation. Sending positive thoughts your way!! <3


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