You’re Gonna Hate My New Life

By | June 21, 2013

Yo yo yo!

We moved. We made it. I love my new place.

It was very sad to leave our sweet home of almost three years. I looked out on the playground and couldn’t see much with all the tears in my eyes. Even Matt, the most unemotional person I know, got choked up. We really loved living in Davis.

However, we’re here now in sunny SoCal and life just got really fun. You’re probably gonna hate me when I say this…

I live two miles from the beach.

I’ve been to the beach just about every day this last week.

I’ve gone to bed with sand and salt water in my hair.


It’s wonderful.

My house is not yet put together. Because I keep flitting off to the beach. It’s ever so distracting.

roller blades

I promise that next week I’m gonna be a brilliant little blogger. No really, I have things planned. Just you wait.

I’m sure you all feel real sorry for me and my new problem: being distracted by the beach. It’s a tough life. I don’t know how I’ll ever manage.

palm trees

23 thoughts on “You’re Gonna Hate My New Life

  1. Wombat Central

    I have family in Davis, so I know what a sweet little town it is. That said, BEACH!! What a great distraction. Enjoy your new life! ????

  2. Angela@JumpingWithMyFingersCrossed

    Looks amazing! You are living my dream, I would love to live right by a beach. I’m so happy for you guys.

  3. Chris Carter

    Oooooh I DO kinda hate you!!! But then again, I love you – more so I won’t hate you too much. You look SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! And for that- my heart just smiles big for you. ???? YAY!

  4. holly lefevre

    Enjoy! I think you are living near my old “home.” It is a wonderful place. The beach is amazing. Congrats on the move!

  5. Keely

    Oh man, the BEACH. As a Midwestern gal currently missing the beach where SHE grew up- and ok, ok, it’s on the other coast- I kinda feel like you’re living the dream.

  6. Elena Brohmer

    Awesome! Let me know if you want to grab coffee anytime… or need a babysitter!

  7. Ashley

    Okay, have to ask. Did you get a really “nice” sock tan? P.S. Enjoy your new place!

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  9. Eli@coachdaddy

    Distractions? How about those socks? I want my next soccer team to wear those very socks.

    1. hillary

      You can see on Facebook! I don’t really want my exact location on my blog ????


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