Being Meticulous

By | January 21, 2010

I remember when I was little I would keep a journal and maybe neglect it for a few days–I would rush back to it and furiously fill the pages with my very important little life. Here are some of my entries to give you an idea of how meticulously I needed to document my existence:

“Dec. 27 2006 Today was Caleb’s 9th Birthday. When we got up this morning we had some breakfast then we had a treasure-hunt (He had a treasure hunt). On each clue he had to pop a balloon to get the clue out. His first clue was hid in the “grandfather Clock” and his prize was a bike horn. His 2nd Treasure was hid in the white cabnit that we keep all art supplies in. And his prize was bandade gum. His 3rd treasure was hiding in the puzzle cupboard and it was glow-in-the-dark bugs. His fourth treasure was in the hall closet and it was a white turtleneck. his fifth treasure was in the organ pedle. Ruben came over at 2:00 and played with Caleb. then at 5:00 pm we went to Mcdonalds and played in the play place. It sure does stink in there. When we got home we had cupcakes and icecream then Caleb opened presents. These are his presents:
From: Aunt Karee and Steve–Winnie the Pooh bath supplies
From: Aunt Gloria and Uncle Ed–Toy Story army men
From: Grandma–16 dollars
From: me–5 bucks
From: Mom and Dad–Bike helmet
From: Mom and Dad–Pajamas
From: Ruben–Legos
When Caleb opened his pajama present he said, ‘Oh good! Go-together-pajamas.’ Well Happy Birthday Caleb!”
Ok, one more. I just couldn’t pass it up:
“Feb. 26, 97 Well today was a pretty fast day. We went to school, came home, and went to Awanas. Since I dont like to write alot cause it hurts my hand, I will write a short News Paper
Weather: Nice but cold.
Awanas: Red team won for the 5th time in a row.
!!!-Today is Joe’s last day of being 13!
Wierd News–Scientists are able to clone sheep”
Ok, ok. I’m done. That was merely to illustrate how much I appreciate details….And maybe a little bit for comic relief. I am sure Caleb will appreciate that I remembered his “bandade” gum, and for all of us “Red Team” alumni, what a great streak, huh? Shout out to Joe, Becky Goodell, and Brian Kitt on that one ????
Anyways, I got on today to catch up with all of our news. I had planned to blog in Hawaii but we didn’t have free wifi, and the only time I got online was to skype Coco–much more important than this! However, as everyone knows, our lives have changed yet again! Here’s the scoop on that:
I found out I was pregnant the day before we left for Hawaii, and let me just say, I was not at all surprised, but nevertheless in shock. Does that make sense? Probably not. Here’s the thing: I knew deep down I was pregnant, but I could not comprehend having TWO children on this earth! We didn’t want to tell anyone until we processed the news ourselves. So, with the exception of Amber and Maryanne ???? we kept it a secret. Hawaii did not help make it a reality to us, since Hawaii is Paradise and not a place for reality. However, we did get more accustomed to the fact and became so excited while we were there! Since I have not been to the doctor yet, I am only slightly sure of the due date, which according to the million websites I’ve gone to is between Sept. 14-15. While in Hawaii we thought long and hard about how we would break the news this time. I wanted so badly to do it in a creative way, and when the idea came to me I felt I had a breakthrough. This is what we did–we went to the beach and I had Matt build a giant sand belly on me. Now, if you remember from blogs past, I do not like the sand. But anyways, he made this giant womb of sand, and then wrote 9-15 in little white pebbles. It was really heavy, and I got the giggles, which made the sand break up. So we had to repeat the process multiple times. Finally, Matt snapped the pictures and when I looked at them I was horribly disappointed. I just looked like I had a pile of sand and rocks on me, not to mention the lopsided nature of my bikini top. *ahem* No one would have any idea what we were trying to do with that creative scheme. Then came the gross part: standing up. Sick! I had sand all over! It literally covered my body, and I about flipped out. So, it was a good idea, but didn’t follow through very effectively. And all I’m gonna say about getting buried in sand: never again! We ended up just saying smarty little things like, “Next time we go back we’ll have all four of us there” and “Yah, Hawaii was nice except for morning sickness.” How adorable. Well, no matter how you couch it, the news is always thrilling! Everyone was so excited, and we are looking forward to this pregnancy so much!
This second round of pregnancy for me is so much different than the first. I know what I am getting into as far as labor is concerned (oh boy), but I am amazed at how much I forgot in such a short period of time! For crying out loud! Coco’s only 14 months! I should know all the little details, right? Well, I don’t. And I wish I would have been a little more like my younger self in documenting the important stuff ???? This time around, I am going to do my best at keeping track of it all so that the THIRD time (good grief) I’ll be a pro.

4 thoughts on “Being Meticulous

  1. Mariah

    Yeah, the pregnancy part is totally old hat the second time around. It’s AFTER the baby comes that you find that the situation exceeds your experience. But you’re going to kick (or should I say “wipe”) butt. ;^)

  2. Margo

    Okay- this one was really funny! I’m so glad you kept a journal when you were 12 – and so glad your spelling has improved tremendously since then! I always wanted to be a writer – but you definitely are one! Thanks for the memories and laughs.


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