The Chauce-Man

By | October 15, 2010

One month ago. Just one month. One month ago, today, I was experiencing the most horrendous pain of my life (sorry 8 foot surgeries, childbirth has topped you) and meeting my second-born child, my son, my second gigantic responsibility that I will worry about for the rest of my life. Just one month ago!
I feel like each week in pregnancy is like dog years, or cat years, or something that is just a lot longer than a normal human week. When you get down to the last four or five weeks you’re dealing with an exorbitant amount of time, really, because each day gets longer, heavier, more heartburny, more moody, more swollen. Tick tick tick tick tick. You can just hear that internal bomb timer waiting to go off.

And then you deliver and you have this wonderful little baby. And then all they want to do is nurse. And then time speeds up super, super fast. Bam! They’re one month old.
That’s how I’m feeling today as I reflect on how quick this little guy is growing. Therefore, an update! I’m going to try to limit myself because scrolling through previous posts I’m getting an idea of how wordy and longwinded I am. Like Owl on Winnie the Pooh.

People asked me with Coco, and they ask with Chaucer, “Is she/he a good baby?” Second time around and I still don’t know what that means. Like, what’s a bad baby? My babies cry, eat, sleep, and poop, and even when they scream for three hours, or want to eat all the time, or don’t sleep through the night, or poop on me for the fifth time in one day–I still don’t want to say, “I have a bad baby.” No, the fact is, babies are not easy creatures. But they are pretty predictable. Each day I wake up I can expect Chaucer to cry, eat, sleep, poop, and spit up multiple times throughout the day.

So, a few things about Chaucer that make him more interesting than any other baby out there. Hahah. I kid, I kid.

1.) Most of you probably saw this on Facebook, but for those of you who haven’t, brace yourself: he rolled over at 10 days. Not once. Not twice. But three times. Isn’t that crazy??? He is a strong little dude! I remember all throughout pregnancy he moved, and during labor he moved, and out of the womb he is still hopping.

2. He burps like a man. I’m serious. Really, really loud, long, deep, expressive belches from this guy. I think he gets it from his Uncle Joe.

3. He frowns when he sleeps. Probably because he can never really relax with a big sister like Coco. He’s always bracing himself for her next assault.

The Chauce-Man
It could also be because we keep giving him pink pacifiers.

4. He does NOT like when I eat spicy food. Bummer. That spicy corn chowder was so good, but so not worth it.

5. He is happy as a clam in his Moby WrapThe Chauce-Man. I love that expression. Whoever said clams were happy? I like it though. And the Moby—if you’re preggers or know someone who is, get one! My mom bought it for me as a new baby gift (thanks, Mama) and I wear this thing every day. It’s the only way I can venture out on the playground with both children, and when Chaucer is grumpy or overstimulated I just smoosh him into it and he calms down instantly. And one of the best parts about it is that it is so comfortable to wear! Geez, I should be getting paid for all this advertisement, huh? But seriously, great investment.

6. When he “roots” he looks like Don Knotts.

The Chauce-Man
Who dat?

The Chauce-Man
See what I mean?
7. He doesn’t really care for the pacifier. I think he overheard my postpartum nurse say that newborns latch better if they don’t use a pacifier. Thanks a lot, lady. We’re still trying to get him to take it, because we found with Coco the pacifier was our greatest escape route. 
8. He spits up A LOT. This became an element of concern because he wasn’t gaining weight for a little while. Fortunately, with gluttonous nursing (feed him. puke. feed him again. puke…) he packed on a whole pound in one week and we evaded the danger zone (the dr. was considering an ultrasound if he didn’t gain weight). He still spits up a lot, but I’ve stopped the glutton habit. He’s porking up either way and I know it won’t be long before he exhibits the cherubic, Chris Farley chubbiness of his older sister. 
The Chauce-Man
This was Coco at about 3 months.

The Chauce-Man
Notice the resemblance in chinnage?
9. He shares tummy time with Coco’s toy, Violet. We find Violet inhabiting the Boppy, the Swing, and sometimes Chaucer’s cradle. 
The Chauce-Man
Violet’s tummy time
The Chauce-Man
Coco also sometimes feels the need for tummy time.
10. He doesn’t have a problem with caffeine. Such a GOOD baby! I got him used to it in utero, and now it doesn’t affect his sleeping at all. That’s not to say I’m slamming 10 cups a day, but if you remember from a previous post, coffee is my whiskey. I’ve really got to patent that expression and capitalize on it. It’s brilliant. 
Well, that’s the update on the Chauce-man (that’s what we call him). He’s the coolest ever. I love watching him shake the fog of his nine-month cocoon and become a little person. 
The Chauce-Man
Love this outfit.

The Chauce-Man
He has a great sense of style.
The Chauce-Man
So Coco’s still in her pjs. I can only have one kid put together at a time, I am learning.  Doesn’t Chauc look thrilled?
The Chauce-Man
Awwwww. Coco really does love him.

3 thoughts on “The Chauce-Man

  1. Kara

    I can’t believe it has been a month either! WOW! that did go by fast! Both your kids are super cute!

  2. Ali

    He is adorable and I love your updates! He really does look like Don Knotts hahahaha!!! Glad you can still pound the coffee too!

  3. kirstykaree

    awww he’s such a cute little chunk!! In a good way of course! I just want to kiss his cheeks and hold him!!! Im glad he is gaining weight and it seems like you are getting accustomed to having tow chillins.
    Love you Hill!!


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