Sex Ed. Ducky Style

By | January 27, 2011

Things are changing around here. I’m getting to the point where I am irritated with my natural surroundings. That’s a change, you ask?

Maybe not. But if felt like a good way to introduce today’s subject.

If you religiously follow my blog, which I know you all do, you will remember that I said we had moved into Bambi’s turf. Ducks stroll about the lawns, squirrels flirt and frolic in the tree branches, blue jays chirp from my fence, yadayadayada.

Well, guess what? I’m sick of them!

In response to Mama Kat’s weekly writing prompts, I’m writing about my “pet[s].” And though I have no cat, or dog, or parakeet,  I equate the daily annoyances that I put up with to match–or probably outweigh–any irritation that have a pet would cause.

I’m just going to talk about the ducks.

Sex Ed. Ducky Style
Sex Ed. Ducky Style

Because the squirrels are hilarious, even when they’re horny, they are just funny creatures. I’ll put up with their mating practices if it means more baby squirrels.

And though the blue jay will sqwauk and poop, they are pretty creatures, and I never have to see them get it on.

But the DUCKS, on the other hand, are absolutely outrageous!

As a parent of a 2 year old and a 4 month old, I would think that the “birds and the bees” talk would be a few years off, right? As in—storks until Coco’s 12.

Clearly, the ducks would have it another way.

At the rate they’re going, Coco’s going to start asking questions SOON.

If I had any control over the universe, I’d change a few things about ducks. Here are the top five things I’d change:

1.) Their poop. It’s gooey. When you step in it, you can’t be sure if it’s mud or duck crap until you start scrubbing. Sick.

2.) Their attitude. They assume that they’re the most important creatures in the universe. Sort of like people. And like pedestrians, they waddle slowly and luxuriously in front of my car as I try to pull into our parking lot. Each day I am challenged to actually just gun it and run the freaking things over. One of these days, Alice…

3.) Less feathers. Because after you see duck poop, you want nothing to do with duck feathers.

I’m boycotting goose down for the same reasons.

4.) Their noise level. They are loud. “Quack quack!” you all say to your babies, and encourage them to learn what ducks “say.”

But do you ever have to hear a hundred of them outside your house??!


I love the book of Proverbs, and am always convicted (and mildly amused) by the metaphors of the contentious woman.

I’ll tell you one metaphor Soloman left out: “Like a lawn full of ducks…”

Because they don’t quack. No. They shriek, honk, flap, and snort.

Next time you teach your baby duck noises try to do all that at once, K?

5.) MOST IMPORTANTLY! Their mating practices.

I don’t even think you can call what they do mating.

It’s rape.

And not even just one on one rape. It’s 5+ males on one female. All. Over. The. Playground.

“What are they doo-ning, Mama?”

“Um, they’re just being weird, sweetie.”


Thirty minutes later, another orgy.

Coco (laughing): “Mama, they’re being weeyowd.”

Heaven help us. She notices.

 And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what I would change about ducks.

*This post was written in response to Mama Kat’s Weekly Writing Prompt. Head over there for some totally awesome stories! 

8 thoughts on “Sex Ed. Ducky Style

  1. Amber Kanallakan

    I think what I love the most about this post is that you created a “sex education” label for it. Does this mean there will be future posts on this subject??

  2. Rachel

    Oh Lordy – I am ever so glad my folks don’t have ducks anymore!

  3. We 2 Bees

    I love this post, made me laugh! And I completely agree! Ducks are crazy animals!

  4. Ktribe

    Reason # 804 I refuse to go to the local “duck” park! If it makes u feel any better my mom ran over a duck once.. The other ducks came running over to look at the dead duck and started flapping and squaking at her!. She kinda felt bad.. She said she thought they would move when the saw her car moving…umm not so much.. ????

  5. lisa

    I laughed hysterically at your words! Too funny (and unfortunately true). I’m gonna disagree with you about the squirrels, though… they’re quite a nuisance in my area… and try to break into my house (tore the screen on my window, too!). But yeah… your ducks are friggin’ hilarious! And I love you’re style. I’ll have to come back and be more loyal. You’ve got me as a first time customer (your title brought me! hee, hee!). Thanks.


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