DIY Keepsake Garland

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Howdy folks! I thought I’d bring back an older post that I think is pretty adorable. This post makes me miss my chubby Chaucer. But I’m thankful I still have those little footprints!

ghost garland

I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest lately. Way too much, actually. I have to say, the place is a goldmine for inspiration. Problem for me is, well, I feel this sense of pressure to actually act upon that inspiration.

What a pain. As if my life needs pressure from a social media clipboard for crying out loud!

But, this is the age we live in and I embrace it’s follies. Some of them.

I thought I’d get some craft on for Halloween. I can’t go all nutso like I did in the past with my larger apartment. I must be sensible these days. I can’t be tripping over Pinterest’s pumpkins and pedestals. (That alliteration was for you, word nerds).

I’ve seen this idea over and over. And I love it.

So I decided to do something like it myself. Instead of Christmasy stuff, I went for ghosts.

Here’s some of the pictures of our little crafty night.


That thing attached to our sink is our dishwasher. I love it with my whole heart.

I didn’t realize my kids have such clodhoppers of feet. Seriously, Matt came home and was like, “Did you do your foot too?”

Um, no. That’s your almost-three-year-old daughter’s. But in her defense, I have freakishly small (and wide) feet. Chaucer has inherited the width. Guess which ones are his!

7 thoughts on “DIY Keepsake Garland

  1. hilljean

    That’s adorable! I’m having trouble with Pinterest also. Sometimes I just can’t wait another minute to see what’s new!

  2. hilljean

    Showing Josie these pictures…cause she loves looking at pictures, and she keeps saying “hey chaucer-man” In the sweetest little voice. I miss you all! And clearly Josie does too. ????


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