Wordful Wednesday: 5 Things I Love About My Firstborn

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Well, this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I had to hustle my family onto a plane. No time for blogging. So instead, I’ll share this with you today ???? It came from another great prompt from Moments That Define Life

 Having a girl first is one of the best ways to start a family. The other best way is to have a boy first. Obviously.

Even in those early years of dating, Matt and I would always talk about someday having a baby girl. It was like we knew that’s how our family should start. Back in the day, we liked the name “Lexi.”

I still think it’s a cute name–but nothing compared to my Cosette.

 Cosette “Coco” Amelie. My favorite name in the world, besides Chaucer Eliot, of course.
Clearly, Coco had to start this family off for us. She sets the mood, determines the pace, and creates a standard for this little family to meet.

Here are my Five Favorite Things About My Firstborn.

1. Her sense of humor. She doesn’t just have the goofy, silly toddler humor (although she does have that “aplenty”)–Coco has a wit that will stop you dead in your tracks and think, “Did that really just come from a three year old??” She can say things in a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek sort of way that goes beyond her years.

2. Her empathy and compassion for people in pain. Coco is the best nurse to have around when I’m having a hard day with my RA. She comforts me, calls me “Sweetie” and finds ways to cheer me up.

Recently, I banged my head really hard on a cupboard. It was so awful that I literally just had to go lay down and cry. Matt told me later that Coco went to her bed and started sobbing, saying, “I don’t want Mommy to be hurt!”

3. Her hair. This might sound shallow after the first two, but really, Coco has the most beautiful hair. It actually is the source of much conflict between her and I. She hates it when I do her hair, and I hate it when her hair isn’t done. She has the kind of hair that can look amazing, but it can also make her look like a street urchin if you don’t tame it. Hence, the conflict.

4. Her logic. She must get it from her father, the logician. She has a way of seeing the world that is very cut and dry. The other day, Chaucer kept saying to her, “You OK? You OK?” Coco would say, “Yes, I’m OK, Chauce!” After repeating himself five hundred times Coco finally said in a seriously exasperated tone, “No! Actually I’m not OK now, because you won’t stop asking me if I’m OK.”

Unfortunately that logic was lost on Chaucer. “You OK?”

5. Her energy. Alright, so maybe her energy actually drives me nuts. But theoretically, I love what she is capable of doing. Someday she’ll take on the world–and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

2 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: 5 Things I Love About My Firstborn

  1. hilljean

    Haha, I love this list! I know exactly what you’re talking about with the hair – my daughter has the same kind.

  2. hilljean

    Oh your girl…she’s a force. But what a lovely, gorgeous force she is. I think she needs to be BFF’s with my girls. They’ll have a blast together. I like to surround myself with lovely people who make me laugh and I think my girls would like the same and I’m betting Coco will be just like that. Done deal. Now to get the logistics of our locations down…. ???? Thanks for linking up!! She’s a doll!


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