5 Things On My To-Do List (literally, right now)

By | May 1, 2012

I’m in New York, ya’ll! I’ve been here for two days. These two days have been packed with hustle and bustle, hotdogs and lattes (sounds sick right now), and excitement upon excitement.

I love this city. My friend used to live here and she lined out some major attractions in the East Village. I knew I would love it before I even came here. Sure enough, the East Village has my heart. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow and show you all the fun things I did. Yay!

But for now, I’m gonna unload my chest which is burdened with what feels like twenty pounds of congestion. Hold on, let me blow my nose. That’s right folks, I am sick. Sick as a dog. I don’t know where that expression comes from–you hardly ever see sick dogs. I feel more like a fly that’s been pinned down in some kids entomology collection. And he pulled my wings off.

Not to be left out, because it’s been so much fun, I wanted to hop on over at Moments That Define Life and participate in this week’s prompt: 5 Things on your To-Do List…(literally, right now). I need to prioritize the most pressing needs of the day, this last day in New York.

5 Things I Need To Do Right NOW

1. Take a steaming shower, drain the quart of fluid from my sinuses, and smear vaseline all over my nose and mouth. Huh? No really, this is a pressing thing that I need to do right now. My poor nose looks like someone took a cheese grater to it. Quality tissue here in New York. 

After this experience I’m certain I’ll be more sympathetic to Chaucer and his faucet of a nose. Poor guy. No wonder he hates it when I wipe it! Freaking hurts. What I would like right now is a warm, damp, lemon scented wash cloth. You know, the kind they have in first class. I seriously need to implement some gentler techniques with my kids. I feel their pain.

2. Find Buttercup Bakery or Magnolia’s Bake Shop. One or the other. I read that Martha Stewart gets her cupcakes there. Martha Stewart. I’m sure she doctors them up after she gets ahold of them, but still. I had no idea that Martha needed to buy cupcakes anywhere. You see why it’s so important I get one of these cupcakes? Martha Stewart, folks. Martha. Stewart. 

3. Go find Coco a rabbit. When I asked her what she wanted me to bring home for a surprise (so technically that’s not a surprise, is it?), she thought long and hard. After much deliberation she whispered in my ear, “I just want a rabbit.” 

Not a bunny, a rabbit. For fear of putting ideas in her head, I didn’t ask if she knew that rabbits could be pets, I didn’t ask who she knows that has a rabbit, and I certainly didn’t ask her what else she wanted.

Where does she get this stuff? And where am I gonna get a rabbit at this hour?

4. Drink the shot of Dayquil sitting on the table next to me. And keep it down. Ooomph. 

5. Find Barney. And Lily and Marshall. And Ted. Then give Ted some serious relationship advice. Then go sit with them and have a beer at McLarens. 

It’ll be legen….wait for it….dary.

9 thoughts on “5 Things On My To-Do List (literally, right now)

  1. hilljean

    I hope you feel better! Hope you’re able to feel well enough to enjoy NYC. I’m looking forward to seeing your post about NYC, as I’ll be going there soon ????

  2. hilljean

    Thank you for reading! If you’re going soon you DEFINITELY need to check out the East Village. That was my favorite part of it. We had so many great experiences despite being sick. When are you going?

  3. hilljean

    This list is hilarious! Sorry I’m getting to it last minute. I hope you’re feeling better!! Did the rabbit and the cupcakes work out?

  4. hilljean

    Ok, so unfortunately I got this comment after I left ???? I did get to go to Magnolia Bake Shop and it was amazing. But what you described sounds out of this world! Next time I go I wanna do a cupcake tour! Did your daughter just organize that for you or is that an actual thing to do there?

  5. hilljean

    I love cupcakes and I love making them but on my first trip to New York my daughter took me on a cupcake tour and by far, the best thing that came from the tour was stopping at Levaines Bakery for a chocolate chocolate cookie the size of Manhattan. Now, I skip the bakeries and hit the cookie shop. You won’t be sorry! I’m looking up the address now. One block from the subway. Get back to you.

  6. hilljean

    Thanks for reading! I did get ahold of one of those cupcakes…they were amazing. I hadn’t, up til that point, figured out what all the fuss was about cupcakes. I guess I was just eating the wrong ones! And I didn’t find a rabbit. I got her a doll that she doesn’t care about at all ???? Oh well. At least she’s glad I’m home!


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