Rad Dads: What I’ve Learned From The Dads In My Life

By | June 14, 2012

Father’s Day is coming! I personally like Mother’s Day better, but that’s just me. I mean, guys really do have it easier when it comes to the whole “how they became a father” thing. Do I need to go into detail on that subject? No. I think not.

I have some pretty cool fathers in my life. To be clear, I only have one Daddy, but I have a terrific Dad-in-law and a wonderful husband who happens to be almost an even better dad.

These men are rad. Rad dads. Dads that are rad. Dads that are rad, not bad or sad or mad but glad to be rad dads. See Dick and Jane? See? My rhymes are better than yours.

Ok, I’m done with that. I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again, but I’ll stop for now.

The dads in my life have each taught me valuable truths. I would like to share a few lessons from each of these father figures.


Rad Dads: What I've Learned From The Dads In My Life
This is my Dad and two younger brothers. The one on the right is always goofing off.
1. Special occasions always call for Pig Cookies from Smiths.
2. In order to properly hang a picture you need a level and wall anchors. Always.
3. Hymns should be sung in a Bob Dylan voice.
4. Loading your pockets with Skittles will make church a lot more interesting.
5. Always “look” for a fart. Cupboards, doors, and underneath your shoes are usually where they can be found.
The Hubs

Rad Dads: What I've Learned From The Dads In My Life
1. It’s never too early to read your kids The Lord of the Rings
2. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are not only acceptable, but the preferred choice for all three meals of the day. 
3. Monsters don’t have to be scary. And if they are, they can be hunted.
4. Hot dogs are the greatest threat to our children and should be thrown out when Daddy is not around to supervise. True story.
5. Diaper changing is much easier when Chaucer is serenaded with “Shake, shake, shake! Shake your bootie! Shake your bootie!”
Jack (Dad-in-law)
Rad Dads: What I've Learned From The Dads In My Life
1. Red Gatorade is the only thing to drink when you’re sick.
2. It’s ok to open Christmas presents five days before Christmas. 
3. Hamburgers are actually called “Hangyburgers.”
4. Always. Always. Always mute commercials.
5. Go Steelers.
What’d I tell you? This stuff is gold. Now, if you’re stumped about what to bestow upon such rad dads I have an article written up over here to give you some gift ideas. 5 Unique and Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts should get you going if you haven’t already found the perfect gift. 
**This post was inspired by a prompt from Mama Kat’s Weekly Writer’s Workshop. Head over there for some awesome inspiration and great writing!

7 thoughts on “Rad Dads: What I’ve Learned From The Dads In My Life

  1. hilljean

    that was a fun post, I agree you have some rad dads in your life. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  2. hilljean

    Thank you! I couldn’t leave anyone out. Now they all owe me. Kidding! Sort of…

  3. hilljean

    Thank you for stopping by! It’s good we have these “special” days to reflect on those people that mean so much to us. I’m truly blessed by those three men.

  4. hilljean

    Yah, they were all too great to only talk about one. Plus this scores major brownie points in each direction ????

  5. hilljean

    I love the way you did this! Sounds like you are surrounded by some amazing men!

  6. hilljean

    I love this post! How sweet are all those things that your dad does. It makes me want to sit and think of a few things my dad and hubby always stand by. I too lucked out with some amazing “dads” in my life, us as women are so lucky to have amazing men!

  7. hilljean

    How sweet is this post. I love how you included all the men/dads in your life! I see some items in there that ring true in our house too!


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