Conversation With Coco: My Kids Drink Beer

By | August 6, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of Coco’s witticisms. There hasn’t been a lack of material, it’s more like I just have to sort through what is blogworthy (and what just needs to stay in the family).

 You might judge us after you hear this one. You might think we’re bad parents. We’re not, we just have really savvy kids that’s all…

 So the other day the kids were outside playing with Coco’s tea-set. They were taking dainty sips and chatting like little grownups to each other.

For as rough-and-tumble as Chaucer is, Coco’s done a pretty fair job at making him fit for her tea parties. While I’d like to think he was put through some rigorous My Fair Lady or Karate Kid metamorphosis in order to sit at the table with Coco, I know better. Basically, Coco will slug him if he deviates from the established tea-party etiquette.

 If my kids are going to have a tea-party the appropriate imaginary beverage is always coffee. Or it was until recently. I’ve trained them well. Leonards drink coffee, not tea.

 “So are you guys having a little tea-party?” I ask.

 “Yah,” they chime in unison.

 “Nice! Are you drinking coffee?”

 “No,” Coco responds, “We’re drinking beer.”

 “Beeyur,” Chaucer repeats.

 Oh dear.

Conversation With Coco: My Kids Drink Beer
This is the dynamic duo playing pirates. At least they don’t know about rum yet.

3 thoughts on “Conversation With Coco: My Kids Drink Beer

  1. hilljean

    Nice! I think our kids could be great friends. ???? Such a cute pic, too!

  2. hilljean

    Thanks ???? It was a little more disconcerting when Chaucer was asking for it at In n Out the other day…


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