So This Is What It’s Come Down To: Mission Statement Vlog

By | November 7, 2012

I walked into Coco’s classroom yesterday and her teacher asked me about the conference. I had told her about it last week and she was sweet enough to take interest and remember. I love Coco’s teachers.

Anyways, the enthusiasm I’ve felt ever since I stepped into that conference room is still bubbling at the surface and spilling over in every thought. Like a nice, frothy beer. Or a latte.

I flashed a great, big smile and answered, “It was fabulous!”

She replied, “You look great–you look rested!”

It could have been that I was wearing lipstick and had curled my hair. But I knew better. I look rested because I did something good for myself.

If you do the math, I shouldn’t be rested. I barely slept while I was in Chicago, and being home for two days thrusted me back to full-time-mom mode {perpetually tired mode}, but I DO feel rested. Not in a “I got a bunch of sleep” sort of way, but a “my soul is happy” sort of way.

Being at the conference allowed me to really examine what my goals are with blogging. Somewhere between 2008 and now, it became a passion. Yet, when you’re constantly busy and tired, passion can be sort of foggy. I find that it stirs around the second cup of my morning coffee and resurfaces between the ungodly hours of midnight and 3 AM. But do I sit there and really think about it as passion?


I just write. And I know that writing makes me happy–makes me sane, but I don’t know that I dwell on this as a personal joy enough. I should though, cause it’s good.

I made this video to go in my About Me page so people could get the shorthand version of the journey of my blog. I’m posting it today because I want you all to see it and hear my sort of “mission statement” that came through. You’ll be seeing a lot more vlogs in the near future …hopefully you guys like them. Let me know what you think! Was the pink lipstick a little too much?

I have to send you off to Youtube to find it. And that shouldn’t be very hard. While you’re there could  you subscribe to my channel?And my I remind you that my Twitter is sadly low right now. Go give me some lovin’ over there. Purty please?

Why I Started A Blog (Video on YouTube)

9 thoughts on “So This Is What It’s Come Down To: Mission Statement Vlog

  1. Jack

    When you love to write and find it fills your passion you never look at blogging as work.

    1. hillary

      Absolutely! It is such a blessing to be able to love what i do ???? Now if I could just get paid for it. Ha!

  2. DGMommy (Tamara)

    Brilliant! Funny, gorgeous and smart!!! I see your Twitter following bursting soon! Remember to follow others, it’ll boost your numbers. ????

  3. Sue - The Spin Cycle

    Love how much inspiration you took away from the conference. Go, you!

  4. Stefani

    Very cool! I loved this post and your vlog. I love how blogging allows us all to share our stories with us and relate to each other in a completely different way. I’m a new(ish) follower and can’t wait to read more of your stories!

  5. alison

    You are an excellent vlogger!! Looked so natural too. I loved hearing you talk. do more!

  6. Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    How great it is that you have returned from the conference so full of inspiration! Love your vlog – I think that is wonderful advice you give about people telling their stories in whatever way suits them. Sharing stories is very important.

    1. hillary

      Thanks! I know–I’m still full of it ???? It was good for me cause it really showed me what I want to do with it!


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